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15-5. Popular Score.

Mar 6th, 2013 | By | Category: Game Recaps, Winter League

AFO took down the Huck and Chuck Show Monday night by the score of 15-5, same score they won their last game by.  Here’s the first of three recaps.  This one is by Remy Schor:

A few turnovers and a couple of hand-blocks, and H&C was up on AFO 2-0.  When Jeff Landesman showed up at that point and asked how it was going, I said “Huck & Chuck has a couple points.”  He asked, “do we?” to which I responded, “no.”  Luckily, almost at that exact moment, Eric Brach made an awesome lay out catch along the sideline, about 1/2 way up the field to bail out an errant swing pass and immediately called a time out.  Coming out of the time out, in which Brach gave us a magical speech, we scored a point!  Then H&C scored.  Then us.  Then Huck & Chuck.  So, now we’re tied at 4’s.  And we have a decision to make.  Play this game neck and neck or go on a 13-1 run.  We chose the latter.  Not because we don’t like the people on Huck & Chuck or because they aren’t a great team.  Only because we needed the point diff.  Trust me, their ladies tried to stop us (shout out to Amy, Lance, and Sweas who all balled), their dudes were laying out left and right (sick bid Bennett!), and Huck & Chuck definitely got some de’s.  They were missing a handful of very good players.  Don’t sleep on H&C.

Good choice on the 13-1 run.  I hope it was unanimous.  And definitely don’t sleep on H&C.  You may play them again on Sunday.  Here’s a second recap from AFO.  This is the X Factor:

If it was a game to 4 Huck and Chuck dominated. I mean seriously dominated. They broke AFO every which way, they beat us deep and they beat us under and the destroyed the mark. Things got chippy for AFO, we didn’t fight H&C but we yelled at each other and got angry. Brach took a time out after a layout save by him, one of the better timeout uses I’ve seen. He talked less about what strategically we were doing wrong and more about our attitude as a team towards each other. It worked, it realllly worked, we took half without them scoring another point and then only let them score once more in the second half, or should I say, “I” let them score once more. My bad team. Hard to remember the highlights, I think Tigger had the best layout grab of the night, H&C broke the mark but missed the first intended target and instead tigger came up with it. Punky had a sweet flick huck to stig, are we calling them stunky or is it a different variation? I layed out once, landed on hard on my knees, that frozen balboa ground is so damn hard, remembering why I don’t layout there. Increases my respect for tigger even more. Remy had a sweeeet grab, someone hucked it to her for the score, one of the dudes came from behind layed out HARD for the D, didn’t get the disc but had some sick intimidation, Remy snagged it behind her just in time. So rare as a receiver to catch a disc you think for sure is getting tipped.

I’m not sure who won the cheer, both were vulgar, AFO’s rhymed but H&C had the element of surprise. It was basically all besek “A pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel on his belt buckle. The bar tender asks “Whats with the steering wheel?”, the pirate says “Arrrr its driving me nuts!”” It was a good game H&C spirit never broke and we were glad to play it.

So here’s the deal with the top of the bracket now for A Division.  Marshall is locked into the #1 seed.  But the next three are still up in the air, pending the outcome of the Thursday make-up game between AFO and Ninja Squirtles.  If AFO wins, everything stays the same.  AFO 2, Kong 3, Ninja 4.  BUT…. if Ninja wins that game, then all three teams are tied at 5-2, and we’d have to go to the 3-way tie-breaker of point diff. in the head-to-head games between those teams.  AFO holds a huge advantage because of their 15-6 win over Kong.  So if Ninja wins Thursday by 5 points or fewer, AFO stays #2, Ninja is 3, and Kong is 4.  If Ninja wins by 6 points or more, Ninja would be the 2 seed, followed by AFO 3, and Kong 4.

Now here’s the recap from the Huck and Chuck side.  This is Hot Sauce:

H&C and AFO met for the final tune up before the tournament.  H&C usually brings the biggest squad which arguably hurts chemistry but definitely helps legs, however tonight we would have a much smaller squad with excuses ranging from “I moved to San Diego,” “I have to go to college,” and “My shoulder hurts.”  The twelve Huck & Chuckers that were there proved valiant.

H&C’s 3-0 lead, two coming from the smallest Asian on our team, Dennis Lu, would be the largest lead of the night.  I might add, it was the largest lead that we’ve had in a loss this season.  Choke?  AFO called a timeout and regrouped.  AFO threw a zone and H&C handled it quite well playing very chilly and relaxed.  H&C lead 4-2 and from the sideline (I’m the one with the shoulder excuse) it was very fun to watch.  AFO caught up to us at 4-4 and then they were set to catch fire.  At 5-4 AFO’s lead H&C was walking up the field patiently through a zone.  It seemingly took 50 throws to get to the red zone.  At a play stoppage (pick I think) Tigger exclaimed, “Amy if I throw it to you it’s going to be super hard.”  Instead of throwing to Amy, he turfed the disc super hard.  AFO capitalized on our turnover.  4 would be all that we would score in the first half.  A Callahan would end the half.  8-4 AFO.

The second half would feature Stig going deep, Remy beating a fully extended Bennett, and Alex Carey bookends.  The only score from H&C in the second half was from a poor pull and an Amy to Bennett score.

Final score 15-5.

I have to say that the score makes it seem like a decimation.  The battles were all hard fought and AFO found the small advantages to allow them to finish.  Both teams played well.  We’ve improved over the course of the season.  We left Balboa excited for the tournament.

So Huck and Huck finishes at the 7 seed, and right now, they’re scheduled for a rematch against AFO in Quarters, unless Ninja pulls a 6-point victory over AFO on Thursday.

In the B Division game, Ryan of Chalant told me “Chalant just couldn’t connect on offense. Solidarity had a dominating win of 15-5.”  The win gets Solidarity to 4-3-1.  Chalant ends at 2-5.  Neither team is locked into position yet.  There’s still options with the other games to come this week.

Also of note, the Week 2 game of Oxy vs. Let’s Get Horizontal, which was postponed due to Oxy failing to be back in school yet, ended up not getting played.  So Oxy takes the forfeit and Horizontal moves up to 5-2, and into a 6-1 and into a virtual tie with Top Shelf and Tarmac.  Top Shelf holds the head-to-head tie-breaker on Horizontal, which is the most important tie-breaker.  And Tarmac holds the tie-breaker on Top Shelf via point diff. against common opponents.  The tie-breaker between Tarmac and Horizontal goes down to overall point diff. (because they’re tied at point diff. against common opponents, since you throw out the Oxy forfeit) and Tarmac takes that one 42-41.  But all this can change on Thursday, as all three teams are in play and two play eachother.

Thursday looks to be an exciting day for the top of both divisions.  Currently there’s a 60% chance of rain though.


Two games in B.  TIE Penguins (5-1) takes on Rooks (0-7).  If the Penguins win, they’ll be 6-1 and in a 4-way tie with Tarmac, Top Shelf and Horizontal.  That would be amazing.  No division in ANY L.A. league has EVER finished with 4 teams in a tie at the top spot.  There’s a 60% chance that could happen, based on the rain forecast for Thursday.  For Rooks, they’ll be trying really hard not to get shut out, because if that happens, they’ll break the record for worst point diff. ever.

Also, Hucking in Tents (2-4-1) will play Occidental (2-4) with seeding implications on the line.

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  1. It seems wrong that Tarmac and Top Shelf had the luxury of not playing each other this season (being the most recent drop down A teams)

  2. Does this second forfeit by Occidental mean they are out?

  3. I dont wan’t to speak for Peebs, but my guess is Oxy told him in advance they would have an issue with week 2. Back when I used to TD Winter League Oxy would always ask for the first week bye and be questionable for week 2. Oxy told Horizontal about the situation in advance and they tried to set up a make-up date, but I guess they couldn’t agree on one. So he’ll probably look at it as one and a half forfeits. That’s my 2 pennies.

  4. Not to burst the “having a 4-way tie for first” bubble, but there’s also still games to be played on Friday, too; Chalant still has one more game to play, and all of the top four teams have at least one more game to play (with a head-to-head between Horizontal and Tarmac). My money’s on a Top Shelf-Let’s Get Horizontal-TIE Penguins 3-way tie, with Top Shelf getting #1 due to beating both teams and Horizontal getting a nod over TIE based on point differential versus like teams.

    Yeah, if TIE wins tonight and both Thursday and Friday get rained out, there’ll be a 4-way tie, but if that happens, I’ll eat the sweaty hat of someone who makes it to the finals. Like Cubby’s.

  5. Yeah, I’m with Andy here. Oxy had a pretty extenuating circumstance, they tried to schedule the make up. I’m giving them a pass.

  6. As for Tarmac and Top Shelf not playing…I use a random schedule generator to make the match ups. That prevents me from being accused of making a favorable schedule for my team or any one else’s for that matter. It’s just luck of the draw on match ups. Of course I would like to have seen them play, but alas….

  7. I agree with the first comment and let it be known that Tarmac mentioned to Peebs at the beginning of the season that we wanted to play Retro and Top Shelf but it was too late to change the schedule. The following is not a complaint, just a suggestion in the spirit of better competition that I’m sure you’ve already thought of Peeps. 😉

    After the random schedule generator maybe some adjustments and switcheroos can be made based on the strength of the teams? The previous year’s top four should definitely play each other. At registration the top teams should be asked if their rosters have vastly improved, more or less remained the same, or if they’ve lost key players or number of ladies and don’t expect to return as a top team that season.

    This of course would all be moot if we figured out a better way to split the divisions. I think the time has come to bring back the mixing of all the teams!

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