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2010 End of Year Awards

Dec 29th, 2010 | By | Category: Articles, Awards

Welcome to my now annual award ceremony.  Yep, it just takes two of them to make it “annual”.  I had such a fun time putting together last year’s silly awards, that why not make all my bad judgement calls once again!  This time though, I elicited some help.  So although it’s still mostly my biased opinion, it’s not ONLY my opinion.  But still mostly.  (“They mostly come out at night.  Mostly.”)

This year had a lot of great memories, and I’ll try and capture as many of them as I can here.  So put your cross-field thumber away, untape your ankle that you spent 30 minutes wrapping, and pull up a comfy bean bag.  Here are the LAOUT awards for 2010!!!

awardsjawsBREAKOUT FEMALE PLAYER OF THE YEAR – Lexy “Jaws” Sinnott

She truly exemplifies this award, because be honest, unless you followed the USC women’s progam, you likely only knew Jaws from the DVD you ordered from Netflix.  But she’s a known commodity now.  She burst onto the L.A. league scene this summer, helping Dexy’s Midnight Runners to an undefeated season and a finals appearance, and then kept the momentum going as a key receiver in Metro’s Nationals run.  But it doesn’t just stop ON the field.  She’s got a killer nickname and when several Summer League captains saw her picture in the draft list, they’re like “who’s SHE?”.  Oh, and that girl can freakin’ slap the piss out of you, as I learned at the Beach League party.  That stung.


The man of a million nicknames.  Evan came out of Cal Poly Pomona, and has been in LAOUT leagues for years now, but just below the top level teams.  That’s all changing after this year, where he took a significant stride forward.  He won Summer League with Pretty in Pink, and then got a spot on San Diego’s open team, Streetgang, who earned a nod to Florida.  Also, although I shouldn’t count a tourney that happened outside L.A., he completely dominated Hats, Hops and Hucks.  There’s no doubt he was their MVP, if those hippies ever gave out such a thing.

awardsmetro2CLUB TEAM OF THE YEAR – Metro, Mixed Division

They win this for the second year in a row, but it’s more obvious this time around as they were the only team from L.A. to make it to Nationals.  But the way they made it this year was pretty triumphant.  After two previous blow-out losses to rookie team 7 Figures, Metro turned it on when it counted most, besting perennial winner Barrio of Arizona, and winning a close finals over 7 at Regionals.  More on that later.

awardshellionsCOLLEGE TEAM OF THE YEAR – USC Hellions of Troy, Women’s Division

I’m so proud to write this, because the Hellions hold a little place in my heart.  I feel like the uncle who comes to visit on holidays.  (Not the creepy one.)  I’ve been doing stats for them for years.  EXCEPT, I didn’t do it for them once this year, in their best showing ever.  Figures.  USC has been rising steadily the last few seasons, and hit their peak with a fantastic win over defending champion UCSB in the Regionals finals.  They finished 5th at Nationals, tied with UCLA, but the Regionals victory gives them the nod as the best of the best from L.A.  Hellions!  Hell yeah!!!

awardsshamwowLEAGUE TEAM OF THE YEAR – ShamWow!, Beach League

They did it again.  Back-to-back championships.  Apparently they had this 40+ game winning streak broken at Beach League (Guiness has not confirmed), but their one-loss regular season ties them with Pretty in Pink from Summer League.  Because of the A/B split this Fall, it made the regular season that much harder.  Had Dexy’s Midnight Runners finished Summer League undefeated, I would’ve given it to them, and Empire had to trudge out to Encino three times in a week to win Winter League, which was impressive under the circumstances.  But ShamWow! had the best regular season/playoffs of them all.

awardscarbomb1TOURNAMENT TEAM OF THE YEAR – Car Bomb!, Lei-Out

How about a shout out to L.A.’s most dominant squad at the Lei-Out tournament.  Oh, there’s like 104 teams competing from all over the country, so it’s kind of a big win.  Their side of the bracket was considerably harder too, making the win that much more impressive.  If only they didn’t have 25 players on their roster for a 5-on-5 beach tournament, maybe their players could’ve gotten some decent P.T.

awardstrarmacB/C DIVISION TEAM OF THE YEAR – Tarmac, Winter League

I’ve gotta give a shout out to all the teams that don’t play in the top divisions.  It’s not all about the superstars guys.  Give B some love.  Anyway, this was a very close one for me.  An obvious contender was Sports Center from Long Beach, who grabbed the #1 spot in B Bracket at the Lei Out tournament, and went on to best an impressive field for the win.  But for me, Tarmac gets the slight edge because they not only went undefeated in Winter League, they blew everyone else away, to an average margin of victory of 8 points.  And then they rolled over everyone in the tournament.  And as a prize, they now get to return to A Division where they rightfully belonged in the first place.

awardsleioutTOURNAMENT OF THE YEAR – Lei-Out

Another repeat winner.  It’s hard to imagine giving this award to any other tournament.  Lei-Out didn’t start out as a monster, but it has become a damn Godzilla in size.  104 teams this year, and we’re approaching that number again for 2011.  But it’s not just size that matters.  It’s well organized, has tons of sponsors, and the party still rocks.  Brian Calle: tournament God?  😉


I think we’re at the point where we take for granted the fact that AJ will dominate a tournament, but he really deserves props for what he did at St. Pat’s Hat this year.  This was not a close finals, and it’s mostly because of how he controlled the game.  No signature amazing play stands out in my mind.  I just remember being on the sidelines, and we could all see the clear difference in his team when he was on the field vs. off.

awardsreggieTOURNAMENT SEMI-FINALS PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR – Reggie Ullrich, St. Pat’s Hat

There were no Diesel-type performances in any finals this year.  You know, when the clear MVP comes from the losing team.  But semis had it fo sho.  Reggie doesn’t live in L.A., and most of you don’t know him.  But he’s awesome.  You look at him, and you’re like, no way this big old dude can play, but Reggie gets up man.  And if you saw him consistantly sky Dugan in the Semis at St. Pat’s, you will not soon forget it.  It’s sad his team lost, cause Reggie would’ve been fun to watch on AJ in the finals.

awardsjeffAMAZING PLAY OF THE YEAR – Jeff Marvan, Summer League

I didn’t see this play at all.  But this is what I’m piecing together from what I heard.  In the quarter-finals of Summer League, Jeff Marvan’s team Garfield Orange was playing Red M&M’s.  An errant throw was hurtling out of bounds, when Marvan stumbled towards the disc, took flight horizontally AND upside down OVER a girl, caught the disc in mid-air, and Greatested it(that’s a verb) back to the girl he just leapt over (and then shot Agent Smith).  It sounds like such an impossible feat of physics, but you know the Magic Bullet theory, and that won in court, so…..


5 Ultimate deserves much of the credit for this, because they sent me a boatload of jackets with Summer League logos as an apology for screwing up the shirt order.  Score!  Can you screw up every year?  Please?  Those jackets were little pieces of entertainment gold.  Because it turns out, people will do almost anything to win jackets.  Lap dances.  Girl on girl makeouts.  Nudity.  Who knew?  Next year, I need to work out a deal with Patagonia.  God, what would you do for THAT stuff?  In fact, a couple of other awards this year came as a bi-product of the Summer League party.

awardsjamesawardsstephenOFF-THE-FIELD PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR – James Renfroe and Stephen Thies, Summer League party

So one of the contests to win a jacket was the kissing competition.  A few couples got into it, but noone wowed the crowd like James and Stephen, who must have been lovers in a former life.  Maybe it was Stephen’s thick lustrous beard that worked James into an insatiable frenzy.  All I know is these two went at it like a Van Nuys pool party.  Buttercup and Wesley were like “Damn!”

awardsjimOUT OF NOWHERE AWARD – James Klimek, Summer League

I like to give this award to someone who’s not that well known who really stepped up big time this year.  Jim Klimek is a member of Slow Children during Winter League.  But for one day in August, he pretty much pwned Pomona.  First, he was the concensus MVP of the finals for Pretty in Pink, with a sick handling performance.  But that was NOTHING compared to the job he did winning a jacket at the tourney party.  In the lap dance competition, it was a landslide vote for Jim after his signature move, the front flip into Powski’s lap.  I’ve never even seen a stripper do that.  (Not that I go to those places.)  But they better learn those moves, cause next time I’m at Cheetahs (which I’ve never been to) I’m asking for the “Klimek”.  Oh, and he’s also showing off mad freestyle skillz at the Disney ElecTRONica show in Anaheim.

awardsnicoleBIGGEST PLAYER LOSS OF THE YEAR – Nicole Belle Isle

I mean, what can you say?  She was a LAOUT icon.  In any other year, you’d think Barrs Lang would be a shoe-in for this.  He, Nicole, and most of L.A. it seemed moved to the Bay Area this year, leaving some big holes in the local community.  But none are bigger than Nicole, who was huge in helping to recruit women to the sport, held women’s clinics and beginner’s clinics, started the Women’s League, captained L.A. women’s teams, and above all was the designer for the old LAOUT website, and pretty much ran all the on-line data for the leagues, tournaments, and other events.  So much of L.A. ultimate has her imprint on it.  We will miss you incredibly Nicole.

awardshammieTD OF THE YEAR – Samuel “Hammie” Chen, Mixed Club Regionals

Boy this was one was tough.  Tai and Lauren threw what many considered the best St. Pat’s Hat ever, Trevor Smith took over Huck-It-Long-Beach and made it drama free for once, SDW had to do a crazy reschedule after rain drenched the Winter League tournament, and Goat did a great job adding the youth division to Beach League.  I honestly could’ve given this award to any of them, and would’ve felt completely justified.  But when I asked the panel for their votes, Hammie was the victor.  All of club regionals was supposed to be in the same location, but woops, someone forgot to secure the fields.  It sent multiple TD’s scrambling to find fields with very little time remaining.  Not an easy task.  You don’t think so?  Look into the cluster f*#k that happened in the Open division.  But Mixed went off without a hitch, and Hammie did a masterful job in his rookie season.

CONTROVERSY OF THE YEAR – Summer League Men’s Final

Sometimes things make perfect sense in your head, but then the reality doesn’t quite work out as you planned.  (See: “well, I’m already pretty drunk, but yes, I WILL take that last shot!”)  The Men’s finals between Purple Rain and Yellowbeard was scheduled on the same field as the Co-ed finals one round later, and I thought there’d be plenty of time to finish the game before the Co-ed one started.  Um…. yeah…. my bad.  So rather than cap the Men’s finals, or just move the Co-ed one, I moved the Men’s finals to an adjacent field mid-game.  Wow, if you want to have a lot of people yell at you, do THAT.  Not one of my finer moments.  The Men’s finals went into overtime and became a pretty epic game.  Not that anyone saw it, because most of the sidelines watched the blow-out that occured in Co-ed.  Yeah…  I promise, I will NEVER duplicate that mistake.

awardsfrostyboySCANDAL OF THE YEAR – The Frostyboy Kidnapping, Winter League

For those of you who don’t know, Frostyboy is the logo for Marshall that we stole… ahem, borrowed, from an Australian ice cream shop.  I had it made into a bobble-head doll, and it was viciously pilfered from my apartment during my birthday party.  I didn’t even notice he was gone.  Until weeks had gone by and I got an email from the kidnapper(s) with absurd ransom demands (Greg Preston must wear all pink, etc.)  We refused to pay the ransom.  They sent another note.  We made a video putting a bounty on their head.  It went back and forth.  Sublime silliness.  Finally, Frostyboy was returned, with no note, and noone taking credit for the heist.  Although Mark Hartford was the generally accepted thief, he swears up and down it wasn’t him, leaving this mystery still unsolved to this day.

awardsarbiter2MALE COLLEGE PLAYER OF THE YEAR – Mark “Arbiter” Elbogen, UCLA

I didn’t see a single college game this year, so I’m going off of the votes from other players.  Although I did see Arbiter play in one tournament this year, but for the life of me, I can’t remember which one.  I only recall making a point to mention him to players afterward that he was pretty amazing.  But I didn’t even know he was in college.

awardsuziFEMALE COLLEGE PLAYER OF THE YEAR – Mary Kate “Uzi” Hogan, USC

I should say right here that I hate ties (unless the award requires two people of course.  Stop getting so technical).  And picking between Uzi and Lindsey “Screech” Cross is nearly impossible because it’s like saying, “is the handler or the receiver more valuable?”  In a LAOUT poll I once did, not even you could figure that out.  So I’m going with Uzi because she followed up her amazing college season by getting to finals in the club season with District 5.

HECKLE OF THE YEAR – Andy “BOFA” Sammons, Santa Barbara Classic

I’m going a little outside the box with this one because it happened in Santa Barbara, not L.A.  But it was so good, and so necessary, that I’m willing to extend the award boundary a few miles west for this one.  At the S.B. Classic finals this year between Ambush Paddington and Polar Bears, Ambush had this player named Rory, who got into a little tangle with another player and you could say he, well, overreacted.  He basically taunted the other guy pretty bad, and was just a big d-bag.  So BOFA, sitting on the sidelines watching, heckled him mercilously for it.  The rest of the sidelines got into it too.  And it almost came to blows after the game ended when Rory trotted over puffing his chest up, ready to throw down like an Irishman on his 12th Guinness.  But fortunately cooler heads prevailed and no chairs were thrown.

awardsmattawardsenwayRUMOR/HOOK-UP/NICKNAME OF THE YEAR – Matt Hennessy and Enway Hsu

I’m putting this under three different categories because when the voting occurred, several people mentioned this, but when I asked for verification that they did actually hook up, noone confirmed it.  So that counts as a rumor in my book.  And I really liked the Henway nickname, so this wins for that category too.  (I really wanted to give the hook-up award to Lauren Hill for what happened at the Santa Barbara classic after the party, but she might kill me for it.  She might even kill me for merely alluding to it here.  And if so, it was nice knowing all of you.)

awardsquestionmarkFACT OF THE YEAR – Anonymous

Okay, so there’s two players who both played on the same team for Fall series and didn’t find out until after the season ended that they’re half-sisters.  How awesome is that????  This is without question my favorite piece of news all year.  I mean, what if you’re just hanging out with one of your friends and you’re like “so it’s my dad’s birthday today” and then they’re like, “yeah, that’s crazy, it’s mine too”.  And so you both call your dads to say happy birthday….. and it’s the SAME number!!!  Whoa!  No seriously, whoa.  Trippy.  I’m keeping this anonymous because of the personal nature of it.  But those of you who know who it is, it’s amazing right?  I KNOW.

awardsmarkmidori1MARRIAGE OF THE YEAR – Mark and Midori Hartford

This was a great year for Ultimate players getting hitched.  So many tied the knot it was hard to keep track of them all.  But one couple stands above the rest, not in quality necessarily, but for quantity.  Mark and Midori were married three times this year, in two countries.  Is that… gratuitous?

awardssamtaiICING OF THE YEAR – Taiala Regnier

Speaking of weddings, I was gonna put this under Off-the-Field performance of the year, but since Bros Icing Bros was such a big thing in 2010, it deserves its own category.  And I heard about some really rib-cracking ROTF LMAO ones.  But is it even possible to beat Tai’s icing of her new husband Sam during the garter belt ceremony at their wedding reception?  Oh, there’s only over a hundred of your closest friends and family staring at you.  Whatevs.  If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

awardserikaPHOTO OF THE YEAR – Sarah VanWagenen and Erika Swanson, Beach League finals

This is sick.  Just two amazing competitors going after it in a big spot.  Not only was this game between ShamWow and Old Man and the Sea one of the best finals we’ve had in years, there were a plethora of insane plays all game.  This photo taken by Spike captures a glimpse of that.  Look at SVW’s freakin’ neck muscles!  If the Swiss Miss girl could fly, and the hulk was female, and one of them was saving the world from the other, this is what I imagine it’d look like.  (Well, there’d be less clothes, but otherwise, the same.)

awardsbenbotVIDEO OF THE YEAR – Benbot, Milquetoast

I got a few videos submitted to look at, and there were a bunch of great ones.  But I will always go with the produced video over the awesomely caught moment.  And this year, the Milquetoast Winter League video about turning Ben Potash into a robot was priceless.  It only saddens me that Milquetoast won’t be back next year, because this is two straight years of great vids, and who’s gonna take up the mantle now?

INNOVATION OF THE YEAR – Sideline hat D’s, St. Pat’s Hat

I wish someone would step forward and take credit for coming up with this idea.  Because they are a genius.  And I need to hug them.  While semi-finals was going on at St. Pat’s, one of the loser’s bracket games allowed anyone on the sideline to throw their hat at any airborn disc.  And the result was A-plus comedy.  We tried to get it approved for the finals, but to no avail.  However, it did make its way out to the finals of Hats, Hops and Hucks when it became an almost necessary equalizer since Evan Valdes’ team was obliterating the other team.  Sideline hat D’s was the only thing that helped make the game close.  Creator, make thyself known.

awardsslowJERSEYS OF THE YEAR – Slow Children at Play

Call me crazy, I know there were some good jerseys on fall series teams, but I personally really like the implementation of the popular street sign into an ultimate design.  And I also particularly like their name change to Slow Children at Playa when they’re on the beach.  C’mon, that’s just clever.  Give ’em props.

awardschad1HAIR OF THE YEAR – Chad Woodard

OMG, Chad has gone beyond the realm of acceptable with his fiery red locks.  Elmo does not have this much red hair.  This was a category George Van Pelt owned and trademarked for the last year, but Chad came out swinging for the fences, with a fleece that even Carrot Top would envy.

awardsrobBEST PRE-GAME RITUAL – Rob Severson, Summer League

Rob’s team was Garfield Orange.  And one of my favorite, and probably sweetest moments of the year was watching Rob read Garfield comic strips to his team before games.  They intently listened to each one, and you gotta love that spirit.

awardspunkyCOSTUME OF THE YEAR – Katie “Punky” Killebrew, Summer League

Words cannot even express.  Just look at it.  Soak it in.  I’ll wait.  ……..  Punky played on Forest Moon of Endor this summer, which as you probably know was a reference to the film Return of the Jedi, with all the Ewoks.  Oh yes.  What a beautiful example of incorporating theme.  She looks all cute and cuddly, but I’m just saying, don’t ride your speeder bike near her.

awardsbrachremy1NEW CUTE COUPLE OF THE YEAR – Eric Brach and Remy Schor

And speaking of cute and cuddly, that brings us to one of my favorite categories.  I am a huge fan of ultimate players getting together and living happily ever after.  (Although, don’t get me wrong, I’m just as excited when they only hook up, and then have months and months of awkward drama.)  There were several big contenders for this year’s crown.  Very narrow 2nd place finishers were Spike and Criqet, but the forum selected Brach and Remy, who had been friends for quite some time but first got together shortly before the Santa Barbara classic.  I think what put them over the top was that they competed in the couples kiss competition at the Summer League party.  That always wins you points.  (Just something to keep in mind, future couples.)

awardschuckBEST NEW MALE PLAYER IN TOWN – Chuck “Big Easy” Kindred

So I mentioned L.A. lost a lot of players to the Bay Area.  But we gained a couple too.  And Chuck Town was the biggest.  A former Revolver player, this man earned his “Big Easy” nickname because of his playing style.  You know how when you’re in a Lamborghini on the Audobon and you think you’re cruising along at 90 but then you look down at the spedometer and it says 140?  (Like you haven’t done this.)  That’s how he plays.  He will appear to be putting in little effort, and then he’s beating you.  But then he’ll play Mozart on the violin.  So it’s cool.

awardsmaBEST NEW FEMALE PLAYER IN TOWN – Mary Ann “M.A.” Polityka

M.A. was the captain of San Diego’s Safari and has played for them for like ever.  She is a baller.  There were some votes for Angie “Taz” Sanan in this category, and there’s no doubt she’s a worthy choice, but I find it difficult to give her this award because she went to school in L.A.  So she’s not really new to town.  But also, M.A.’s body of work in the club scene earns her the check mark flat out.


Ben became first known to L.A. when he applied to be a member of the UPA board, despite not even playing the sport.  That’s commitment to your kids.  And now he’s the LAOUT Youth Coordinator and he’s been instrumental in bringing a youth division to Beach League, as well as to Lei Out in a few weeks.  Cliff Towne has been THE guy in the youth scene for years now, and still continues to be.  Ben is just mixing that group with the adults with big success.

awardsshaiMOST SPIRITED PLAYER – Shai Shwartz

This was one of the awards that someone else suggested, and they nominated Shai, and then everyone else backed the selection.  And I do too.  Shai’s a freakin’ rock star.  He’s played on good teams, bad teams, whatever.  He always keeps the same positive attitude.  This year he made it to Nationals with Le Tigre, but declined to go because the trip was costly and he needed to keep the money for his family.  So on top of being spirited, he’s also selfless.  God, I hate him.

awardskeeganHERO OF THE YEAR – Keegan Uhl

I gotta give the big man some love, cause he endured a lot this year.  Actually, both he and Martha have endured a lot.  Between his mono and her migraines, health has not been kind to them.  I think Buzz was fine though.  It did make for a difficult Fall Series run with Metro, since Keegan is such an integral part of that team, but he was simply unable to play for most of the season.  He finally came back in time to gut it out through Regionals and onto Nationals, which was just a testament to will overcoming adversity.  Totally a New England thing.

awardshomersEND OF AN ERA AWARD – Homer’s Disc

Every year there’s probably gonna be some team that ends a long run.  This year we had several.  Monster was the last L.A. open team to go to Nationals, and sadly did not come back after six years I believe.  She Sells Sea Shells was the winner of the first three Beach Leagues, but did not return for their sixth season.  Those were big losses.  But now that the Winter League rosters have come out, there were two very noticable absenses.  The Barrel and Homer’s Disc saw their last games in 2010.  The history of these teams in Winter League goes back technically to 1999 when they were one united team, Penultimate.  In 2002, Penultimate split into two, creating Deviant Discs and West Side.  The following year Deviant Discs changed their name to Homer’s Disc and West Side became Flying Guillotines.  The next year Flying G’s became Good Hurt, which became Barrel of Hurt, and then finally The Barrel.  Homer’s big claim to fame was upsetting defending champions Damn in 2003 interrupting what would have been a four year championship run.  Homer’s was also a fantastic party team, and some of their stories are literally the stuff of legend.  It’s sad to see all these teams go.  But unlike Chuck Aramaki’s playing career, all things must eventually end.


Okay, this is the last of the emotional categories.  I promise.  There weren’t really any tournaments cancelled in L.A.  The closest I guess would be Winter League, although that got rescheduled, if not ideally.  So I wanted to include the heart breaking sadness of Lucky 7’s skipping a year.  After last year’s hotel party eviction, TD Eric Wolfe promised me he’d contribute to the party this time with tourney funds.  OMFG.  But then the fields were being reseeded or some nonsense and that was that.  Just get yourself ready for the madness that will happen in 2011.

COMEBACK OF THE YEAR – Black Monday, Summer League

My biggest regret last year was failing to include Slow Children’s impossible comeback in the Winter League B Division finals over Caltech.  I think they were down 14-7 in a game to 15 and won.  It was insane.  This year there was no such individual game comeback that could compare.  Instead, this award goes to the impossible turnaround by Men’s League team Black Monday, who started the season 0-5, but won their final 6 games to become the only league team in L.A. ever to start so poorly and still finish with a winning record.  It completely went against the inspiration for their team name, however. Black Monday is a reference to the 1987 stock market crash.  Guys, you’re supposed to win the games first and THEN lose.  No appreciation of history.

awardschad2RE-CAPPER OF THE YEAR – Chad Woodard

I encourage you guys to write recaps after games.  And many of the captains in Summer League did.  But noone stepped up to the plate more than Chad.  Particularly with his Front of the Stack articles for Beach League.  He recapped B Division games that he didn’t even see!  I hope in 2011 more people feel inspired to come out to the field every once in awhile to watch a game and then write a little something about it.  Remember, any article is entertaining.  (Even if it’s god awfully long like this one.)

MOST ANTICIPATED GAME WHERE THE RESULT WAS INSIGNIFICANT – 7 Figures vs. Fork in the Road, Mixed Club Sectionals

It was just a little bet that Seth Gillum made with AJ, and it became a bigger deal than anyone expected.  Seth, it seemed, put together a team for the express purpose of winning a beer when he bet AJ that his team could score at least 6 points against 7 Figures.  Simple premise, but it got muddled when the bet grew to purportedly involve all players on both teams.  Which would be cool if all the players on both teams agreed to it.  A little hazy.  Add in the rumor mill fanning the flames and suddenly this minor contest became one of the most talked about games at Sectionals.  A case of beer on the line?  Who doesn’t want to see that play out?  Well, in the end Fork in the Road easily covered the spread.  (It was actually the most points scored against 7 Figures in the tournament.)  But other than AJ buying Seth a beer, I’m not sure any other alcohol exchanged hands.  Hurt feelings abounded.  Drama ensued.  Classic mountain out of molehill stuff that’s worthy of an award.

UPSET OF THE YEAR – White Zombie over Simply Red, Summer League

What makes a great upset?  How about a last place team beating a first place team?  That’s pretty rare, right?  How about if they do it twice???  Ladies and gentlemen, Men’s League.  When White Zombie beat Simply Red in week 3, it didn’t seem so shocking at the time.  But by week 9, it stood out like a woman at a NAMBLA rally.  Red was undefeated save for that one loss.  And that was White’s only win.  The two met again in Week 10.  It couldn’t possibly happen again, could it?  Do wood chucks chuck wood?  Count it.  White did win another game, but still finished in last place.  Those two losses were Red’s only blemishes in an otherwise dominating season.

awards7metroGAME OF THE YEAR – Metro vs. 7 Figures, Mixed Club Regionals Finals

This game was considered for both biggest upset, and best play.  It rightfully belongs here.  Most of you already know the story.  7 blew out Metro in two previous meetings.  3 LA teams made it to Semis, and the winner of this game would get the ticket to Sarasota, with the loser having to win a consolation game to earn the trip.  7 was the unquestioned #1 seed, but Metro had the experience of going to Natties the year before.  Metro pulled out a heretofore unseen hucking game, and emotionally won the affair early on when Ryan “Trogdor” Hunt got a layout Callahan that proved to be the turning point.  Metro won the region, and 7 ended up losing to defending champ Barrio.  I’m certain this is a game many will continue to talk about for years.

awardsbcPOWER COUPLE OF THE YEAR – Andy and Cheyanne Sammons

They essentially locked up this award by March when they won Lei-Out with Car Bomb!, and then won Winter League with Empire.  A semi-finals appearance in Summer League, and the #1 seed with 7 Figures in Fall series proved they were the best of the many married Ultimate players in L.A.    Impressive they won this without even playing Beach League this year.  All that being said, it’d be nice if either of them were on Facebook so I could find a better picture of them.

awardsmishFEMALE PLAYER OF THE YEAR – Michelle “Mish” Andrews

There were a lot of people to consider for this, but I put it out to a vote, and Mish was the clear winner.  She went to Semis in Winter League with Kong.  And then won Summer League with Pretty in Pink.  And followed that up with her second straight Nationals tour with Metro.  And she was a big part of every team she played on.

awardsscottMALE PLAYER OF THE YEAR – Scott Mahr

This I feel was a landslide.  Scott had a sick L.A. season.  Went to finals in Winter League with AFO.  Went to Semis in St. Pat’s Hat.  His Summer League team Simply Red set records in Men’s League, and you could make a strong argument the reason they didn’t win the tournament was because of his absence.  He went to Nationals with Metro.  And then won Beach League with ShamWow!  Take that.  Booyah!

Well, that’s it.  Hope you enjoyed reading this half as much as I enjoyed writing it.  And thanks everyone for a great 2010 year.  I can’t wait to see what 2011 brings.  I’m ready for it!!!

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  1. LAOUT rulez! awesome stuff Bandit! as someone who always said “meh” to tourney parties it was so fun to witness the shenanigans at the Summer League party. for those of you that dont go you’re really missing out, dudes. also, much love to Homer’s Disc for being such awesome and spirited players for so many years. they definitely taught me how to play with respect and spirit while still having a blast and not taking things so seriously.

    p.s – hey Klimek, you look like a real champion wearing a hot pink jersey instead of a black and yellow one. just sayin…

  2. not mentioned is the award for the most outstanding representative of the overall embodiment of an ultimate player, which goes to none other than our very own andy banditt.

    to his skill level, anyone who has watched andy’s game over the last decade, he has gotten better and better every single year. while he might say he was better when he was a little younger, i would disagree. sure, he could make a more athletic play then, but his desire to improve thru working out and studying the game and improving his throws helped him become the player he is today competing at a high level on an elite team. i used to play games and think, “sweet, i can shut this andy guy down.” now i look across the field and think, “crap, i’m across from banditt.”

    to his party level, most everyone needs no refresher on this. he is a legend! look for him two-fisting it at any party. he knows everyone so he’s at every single frisbee event. and his ability to let loose and be a frisbee free spirit knows no real bounds.

    and lastly, the total sum of energy he gives back to the sport and his total love of all things and people ultimate related is probably not matched by anyone i’ve known in my 20+ years of ulty. so andy, thanks to you for everything you do from all of us in LAOUT.

    kudos, my friend, kudos.

  3. I had a ton of fun reading this last year, and it was a blast again. So many great moments I missed out on. Guess I need to play more often.

    I was thrilled to make the list this year as a member of Black Monday. Black, Black, Black Attack!

    Mark Baker

  4. Great article Andy! I love that you enjoy making this for all of us.

    Special shout out to Frankie as my personal runner up for hero of the year. A new dad, coach of USC’s very successful ladies, Summer League finalist, Metro strategist. Pretty strong.

    Also acknowledging Deg as a significant loss to LA. Come back and visit Deg!

    I think 7 Figs got stiffed for jerseys this year.. I mean collared polos? Come on. But I too can appreciate a good pun.

    What were the runner’s up for photo of the year? Any have any awesome shots that they can post?

  5. Great Aliens reference Andy. Also the article was very entertaining.

  6. Fantastic job Andy Bandit! Once again above and beyond the call of duty. And just for the record… Sideline hat D’s, that was me.

  7. I can honestly say that coming up with “Slow Children at Playa” may be the proudest accomplishment of my life. I don’t have a child yet, but I think it’s probably like this.

  8. Andy, “Awesome” in every way and sense. And thank you for the mention. Plus a special thanks to all LAOUT who express their spirit by contributing so much to the Youth Division. It is very appreciated and I am humbled (especially by the mention that I have never played the sport before, when I have actually been playing since 1980 — guess I need to work on my flick) LOL.

  9. And best synopsis of 2010…our own Andy Bandit. Andy, you rock. I marvel at how you find the time to do so much for ultimate.

    Can’t speak to all of the awards, but as a Simply Red player who experienced the Upset of the Year, I have to agree that Scott Mahr would have made the difference in preventing that tragedy. But maybe that’s the unfortunate evidence we need to confirm someone really is a great player.

    On that theme, I’ve got to agree with you about A.J.–his team always steps up when he steps onto the grass. And I second that big-boy Reggie definitely got game.

    I hope 2011 is as colorful as 2010. Thanks, Andy.

  10. My bad, Ben. I think I confused your UPA board application with the one from the guy who applied to be the Southwest coordinator. This is why I was fired from my college’s news radio station. I did not research my facts that well. Sorry about that.

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