Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

7 Figures Roster 2016

Jun 13th, 2016 | By | Category: Club Open, Teams

Aaron Jacobs
Adam Bronstein*
Alex Carey
Brandon Severson
Brian Zid* (Returning)
Chris Cogswell*
Chris Feeney
Dan Oettinger
Garrett Yung*
Gary Molano
Jacob Bartholomew* (returning)
Joe Forbes
Mikey Sylvester
Nathan Warden
Peter “Fish” Zhou
Russell “Spike” Gaskamp

Ali “Q” Webster* (returning)
Camille “Kailua” Wilson*
Connie “Dory” Chan*
Connie Wang
Emma Frankel
Han “Heist” Chen
Kathryn “Zazu” Fowler
Sheila “Sully” Robles*
Shereen Rabie
Sophie Hines

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