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And here they come down the stretch

Mar 5th, 2013 | By | Category: Game Recaps, Winter League

The final week of the season.  Just trying not to get injured.  (Well, when you’re my age, that’s kind of a goal.)  The seeding for A Division is pretty close to done.  There’s one more regularly scheduled game plus a make-up game between AFO and Ninja Squirtles on Thursday.

Last night Marshall played Abominable Snowmen, a recap of week 2.  Things went much the same as the first week.  Marshall took half 8-4, and then won the game 15-5.

Highlights were:  Cubby caught a pass behind his head.  Seth was breaking everybody.  Someone actually D’d Copti…. but then she called a foul, so….. it didn’t happen.  JP threw an amazing laser hammer.  It didn’t hit anyone, but it WAS amazing.  The AJ / B-fuego match-up was pretty fun to watch.  B-fuego had a sweet catch over AJ, but AJ hand blocked him.  (Those happened on two different points, but it sounds cooler when you don’t mention that.  Don’t read this.)  Rice made a confusing sideline call by putting two fingers in the air.  It was meant to signal score, like when you put two hands up, but the two fingers just caused complete cluelessness.  (The throw went back.)  Criqet showed up and drank coffee.  MER and I got Iced by a dog from the other field.  That just doesn’t seem fair.  Tucker and Dan guarded eachother in the battle of knee braces.  Tai has played two games this season, and they were both Abominable Snowmen.  MER is doing her first crossfit this week.  And the waitress at the Robin Hood gave Seth a special goodbye.

I’ve got two recaps from Snowmen.  The first one is from JP:

Well our last game of the season was against a familiar team, Marshall. The game started out very spirited with Seth just conceding the flip to the snowmen as a sign of good faith. Seeing as how we are 0 for the season, we did a quick drill and then just went ahead and had some fun with a greatest circle before the game. I think it helped greatly. Marshall came zone on the first point, and despite a good break throw through the cup, we dropped it, and Marshall quickly scored 1-0. The next point however, we countered, 1-1. Then something crazy happened. We got a D. I forget who, but it was one of our ladies i think. Lets just say all the ladies got the D. We played some chilly O, with some great handler movement and break throws, and took a lead 2-1! One of our few leads this season. But then it happened again! another D. And then I think Andy Novak hit James lumsden in the endzone to go up 3-1! One of our biggest leads yet. Marshall countered with a quick score, but more chilly O, ending with a hammer from Sam Messe to Leah DK made it 4-2. I think the greatest circle really did something to our mentality. And for a brief moment, I thought maybe this was the game where we shock the world. Well, my dreams were quickly deflated. I think Nicole Copti caught 2 scores in a row for Marshall, I think maybe Greg Preston and AJ caught scores. I dunno. It was very quickly 8-4 Marshall. The next 3 points of the second half were all Marshall as well, some bad throws and drops on the part of the Snowmen. We put it a few back, but it wasn’t enough. Highlights from the second half include Greg Preston making some ridiculous behind his head willy mays style catch. A point later, he broke free and busted deep for a huck. Then the unthinkable happened. Sam Messe tracked him down and got a D. The entire sideline for both teams was shocked. I think we had a 5 minute discussion about how he always brings it down. In the end, it was a well played, fun, spirited game. I think Seth and I even hugged it out at one point on the field. I dont have any tourney info yet, but Im pretty sure there is going to be a snow-marshall re-match in game 1. Get ready.

He’s right.  It does look like Marshall and Snowmen will play eachother in quarters Sunday, for the third time this season.  Also, Seth’s willingness to concede the flip was because Snowmen set up the field.  He’s turning that into a thing.  And yes, I forget Sam ran down Cubby.  As I mentioned on the field, 42 year old Greg Preston is just not the same as the 40 year old Greg Preston.  Here’s another recap from Julie Groth, written at the Robin Hood:

We were up 4-2 and then we all blacked out and I’m pretty sure we won the game.

> Also DK caught a sweet hammer.

>> At half time Brady discovered that JP is not the boss of him.

>>> Morgan had an awesome “foul” D.

We cheered “good game Marshall again”

And then we all dreamed about taking tequila shots before we face Marshall again on Sunday.

That pretty much sums it up.  So Marshall finishes 6-0.  That’s no guarantee of any tournament success.  Marshall previously went undefeated twice and lost both times in Semis.  In fact, the #1 seed has been knocked out in Semis each of the last three years.  Snowmen finishes 0-7.  I’m no Nostradamus, but I think they might be moving down a division next year, after twice moving UP a division.

On the other field, Kong went up against Ice Ice Baby.  Here’s Ice’s Snatch with the recap:

Score was 15-10 kong. Both sides played hard and the game was close for most of the night. Ice was definitely missing people and we started to feel it by the end of the night. About half of our players were coming off of the Vegas tournament and may or may not have still been drunk. Regardless, it was a fun game and kong showed us that you don’t have to be the sexier team to win.

Well played sir.  Well played.  Kong finishes 5-2.  Ice Ice ends at 2-5.  And these two are currently lined up to rematch eachother in quarters on Sunday.


The final regularly scheduled game in A pits AFO (4-1) against the Huck and Chuck Show (1-5).  This is another match-up that could very likely happen again in Quarters on Sunday.  AFO won this game 15-6 last year.

In B, Chalant (2-4) will play Solidarity (3-3-1).  Solidarity won this battle last year 15-13.

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