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Animal Swallows Hydra

Feb 24th, 2016 | By | Category: Game Recaps, Winter League

Last night we were finally able to make-up a game I was very curious to see the results of.  Animal Style has been undefeated, even beating Kong last week. But it would be a tragedy if they didn’t get to play Hungry Hydra, their initial tier 2 opponent, after the game got rained out in week 2.

So here’s Joanna Whitney of Animal Style to tell the epic tale:

RecapJoannaIn Greek legend, the Hydra was a very difficult opponent where when one head was cut off two grew in its place, but Animal does not know how to count, only how to bang drums in a wild manner, so he faced the Hydra without fear. It was a long and tough battle, and Animal was concerned at the first sight of regenerating heads, but he knew if he stuck to his beat he would be alright.

Animal Style came out to a shaky start. Hydra grabbed the first two points of the game rather quickly. They were athletic, fast, well organized, and obviously not letting any “off season” stop them from practicing for club with their line calls. Their mindset was definitely a serious one. Animal Style fought back to get it 3-2 in our favor. Then there was a lot of trading points. Jake had a beautiful diving catch for a score, he’s learning to love being on the ground, Johnny with a catch that dropped but a bounce up off his foot saved it, Joy d’ed a man on the other team who was much bigger than her (well I guess that last part was redundant since most men are probably bigger than Joy), Snatch with a high grab for a score, Dave swept the end zone to find the open spot for another score, and Drew threw a long huck to Gabe for one more point. In between all this though, Hydra’s Avatar grabbed a long huck for a score of their own, Jenny had a diving d on a would-be score, Tidal got taken out by a divot, Jenny got hit, I think in her face, and both teams were looking to put it long on each other. Hydra takes half 8-6.

In the huddle, Animal Style was a little shaken, we hadn’t had too many games where we had to come back from the deficit, especially not having to start the half on d. We discussed tightening up the zone defense we were playing that was forcing Hydra to make a lot of swings and that our effort was what was going to win this game. Hydra had the heart, we needed to show we did too. We take the field and run up with our zone looking sharp. Hydra only gets about a third of the way down the field when Jake showed us that white men can jump to grab the floaty swing between handlers. Chris grabs the frisbee and on a quick huck to Dave Animal gets the first point of the half. On the next point Animal runs out fast and a quick turnover lets Animal jam it in to Drew to make it 8-8. The heads were dropping, but another one kept coming back in its place.

Hydra was not going to let this keep happening. They fought back every step of the way. The points started trading so often I only had time to write down notes for every other point, so here they are as quickly as they happened: Dave throws a hammer to Goh 10-10, Dave toes the line to get a falling catch 11-11, Eugene hucks to Snatch who power knee slides in the end zone, 12-12.

This is where Animal picked up a book, and he learned that the the old Greek tale has Iolaus helping Heracles defeat the Hydra by burning each spot where a head is chopped off so another one cannot grow. Animal Style notches it up just one more level. Joy gets another d by making herself the tallest she’s ever been with her hands straight up in the air to keep a guy from Hydra from grabbing a tipped disc, Animal Style picks it up, swings it to Jeni for a give and go to Elliot, Jeni for the score 13-12. Hydra calls a time, both teams are getting tired. Out of the huddle, Animal gets the d, and Snatch hucks it to Jake 14-12.

The final point battle was the toughest because it was the one that required cutting off the middle and final immortal head. Eugene gets a solid d which looks like the final blow, but some mistakes on Animal’s part and solid defending on Hydra’s renders that feat useless. Animal fights back with some man defense to get it back not too far down the field. Animal puts it up to Gabe in the end zone who is pretty open, but has a Hydra man poaching some and coming in hard as the disc is put up. All I see from the sideline is Gabe running for the score and as she runs to where my sight of her is blocked by someone on the sideline, Eugene comes and grabs it making it seem like for the third game in a row where one of our guys grabs a score out of our ladies hands, but what I see as we walk on to the field was that Gabe actually took a hard hit by the defender as she went for the score, but she kept on smiling. She’s tough, said it didn’t hurt. And Eugene is redeemed by being the savior of the point rather than one of those lame- o’s who doesn’t let Nahall get a catch. Animal Style wins 15-12. Both teams left the game smiling and only a little injured. Animal lives to see another day and another mythological creature next week on his odyssey.

Nice reference to the upcoming Hydra/Kong game.  Actually, bunches of nice references in here that I had to look up to verify.  Would hate to think Joanna was mixing her Greek facts in an effort to confuse all of us mortals, but it all checks out.

Animal Style continues to roll and remain undefeated.  At 6-0, their final game will be their toughest opponent yet.  They’ll play Ninja Squirtles (3-2) next Tuesday.

Hungry Hydra falls to 4-2 in the loss.  Next Wednesday they’ll take on Kong (0-5).

On the other field, it was a rematch between Tarmac and Rooks.  Tarmac won the game 15-13.  Here’s the visual recap from the Rooks’ side from Jeremiah Boncha.



If you’re not seeing this, this is the link.


I don’t know how you could say it any better than that.  A picture is worth a thousand words, and a gif is a million, right?

Tarmac is 3-3 now after the win.  They will finish their season with a rematch against Night’s Watch (3-2) next Tuesday.  Rooks is 1-5.  Their final game is a rematch against Kapow! (0-5) next Wednesday.


Two rematches tonight.  Skeeter (4-1) plays Marshall (3-2).  When they played in week 3, Skeeter won it 15-11.

And then there’s the rematch of the Ninja Squirtles vs. Dumbledore’s Army game that happened three weeks ago.  Remember that one, where Dumbledore blew Ninja away 15-5?  That was so surprising and unexpected that this game almost begged to be replayed.  I’m not saying Dumbledore won’t win again.  I’m just saying I can’t believe the margin of victory was so wide.  I’m expecting it to be much closer when they play tonight.

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