Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Free Agents

  • We often have a ‘free agent’ team.  This is organized by someone on the list who wants to play, but can’t find a team.  If that’s you, just start emailing the people who sign up here.  If you have questions, email Goat.
  • This is a Mixed league, 4-4 (2M/2W on the field at all times).  Ideal roster is about 14 players.


Please leave the following information here

  1. Name / Gender
  2. Contact info
  3. playing experience on beach
  4. playing experience on grass
  5. last L.A. beach team you played with (if any)
  6. height
  7. how much you love beach ultimate and other important information

If you have been picked up on a team, please notify Goat  LABeachUltimate at gmail (dot) com, and he will remove your information from the list.

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See you on the sand

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  1. Charlie Mullin
    Beach experience: 6 years
    Grass experience: 30+ years
    PenUltimate (several years)
    6 feet
    Playing beach is such an adrenaline rush — I need it NOW!

  2. Picked-up 8/14/17

    Emily “Nessy” Ash
    Beach Experience: Not a lot – have played in several beach tournaments, but never any leagues as I recently moved here from Ohio.
    Grass Experience: 6 years
    height: 5′ 3″
    Beach ultimate (the few times I’ve played), is so much fun!! And I’d love to get even more experience playing on it! 🙂

  3. Andrew Schwartz
    Beach Experience: not a whole lot, some pickup
    Grass Experience: 11 years, high school, college, and leagues
    5′ 9″
    I love all ultimate, just want to play as much as possible.

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