Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Meet the Board Members

AndyAndy Bandit – President
Andy has been running tournaments (and tournament parties) since 2003.  He has been the LAOUT President since 2004. That means he’s held this position longer than FDR was president of the country.  And we’re not even at war.  Mic drop.
remyRemy Schor – Vice President, Club Liaison
Remy has been playing Ultimate since 2000, when she started playing summer league in Chicago. Remy is the VP of LAOUT, the President of the new USA Ultimate California State Board Organization, and she is the National Mixed Director for Club Ultimate for USA Ultimate. She sits on USAU’s Competition Committee & Club Working Group, helping to organize and plan each upcoming club season with an emphasis on big picture growth for the future of our sport. When not at the office, she’s probably playing Ultimate, organizing Ultimate, or Crossfitting.
JoyAs a veteran of the sport, Joy brings a range of experience from college nationals to women’s club, and has captained co-ed summer leagues in both Boston and Los Angeles. Passionate about fostering spirit of the game both on and off the field, she looks forward to serving the needs of the ultimate community in general and new women in particular with more learning clinics planned for the coming year.
RussRussell Gaskamp – Treasurer, Web Liaison
‘Spike’ was introduce to ultimate at Pepperdine University at a pickup game that was run by Law School professors. Playing barefoot and being amazed at the first player he met that could throw a hammer, he instantly found a replacement for the sports he played in High School. He moved to Austin, met Gary Breaux (aka – the Andy Bandit of Austin) and helped form the Ultimate Players League of Austin (UPLA).Spike moved back to Los Angeles 18 months later and has played his way across Club teams such as Merge, BCBC, Renegade, 7 Figures and was most recently the captain of Point Break (Mixed Beach Nationals Champions 2015). Spike wants to help create an organization that is self sustaining and has the potential to introduce new people to the sport that changed his life.
RussChris Ludwig – SecretarySnatch has been playing some form of frisbee since he was a kid but his first ultimate tournament was in 8th grade. Since that moment, he has played every moment he could through college and especially in LA. His love of diving to the ground is realized best by playing ultimate and he will continue to do so as long as he can! When not playing ultimate, he works at the Natural History Museum and helps people learn about our world!
RussColin Whitman – League DirectorColin began his playing career 15 years ago during a cross country practice. He instantly fell in love and went on to convert to ultimate in college. He started a team in high school and later played for Florida State University, making it to regionals. He’s been a member of the LAOUT community for the last 10 years. While his work in entertainment absorbs most of his time, his experience in LA includes playing in the various leagues, captaining a men’s club team to regionals, and most importantly fostering development by creating a beginner-friendly/developmental team. Colin’s primary interests on the board are growing the LAOUT community and making its leagues and events accessible to all ages, genders, and skill level. And he’s also open to suggestions.
JuliaJulia Johnson – Marketing / Events Coordinator
Hallo, my name is Julia, and I am obsessed with ultimate frisbee and pandas. I’m in the midst of my third year playing with the USC Hellions, and I try to contribute by managing all their cash money and travel things, and maintaining our social media presence across all platforms as Treasurer, Logistics Coordinator, and Social Media Chair. It all began two and a half long years ago when my hallmate dragged me out for late night co-ed IM frisbee, and after my team subsequently won every game that month, I was hooked. That summer, I couldn’t get enough and founded a second LA Women’s Team, Reign, so I could ball out all summer long in addition to LAOUT’s summer league with #GoldRoom. Since then, I’ve played a summer with Viva and have attempted to become the go to profile pic taker for many a LA ultimate player. While I regretfully hail from a state that lets college kids carry guns #hotlanta, I’m happy to be on the West Coast makin movies, taking care of puppies, and eating sushi. In my spare time off the field I pursue a BFA in Film and Television Production and a Minor in Business Law at USC. Hit me up on @USCHellions or @GNOME_mercy to analyze the future of LA ultimate, and follow me on Instagram @jsquared18 to see the life of a 21 year old 3,000 miles away from her parents.
GrantGrant Boyd – LAOUT Youth Director; SCYU Executive Director
Grant currently coaches King Middle School in Los Feliz and has coached at Windward and Marshall High School. Grant also plays for the pro ultimate team in LA – the LA Aviators – and is the current captain of the Condors, the longest running club team in the world. Additionally, Grant runs several clinics every year with his company Level Up Ultimate. When he’s not on the ultimate field, Grant is an actor, most recently in a film called Mi America.
janeJane Carlen – Women’s Coordinator
Jane learned to play Ultimate at Haverford College and fell in love with the sport and its nerd-jock culture. She has since played in leagues and on club teams in New York, Portland, Oregon, and now here in Los Angeles. With the LAOUT board she is looking to expand women’s playing and skill-building opportunities and strengthen the community-within-a-community of women’s ultimate players. She thinks the name of the sport should be changed to flatball.
chuckChuck Bender – Field Director, Pickup Liaison
Chuck is a multinational Ultimate player having competed throughout Europe for 7 years playing with Germany’s Team 42 Dreieich, Ars Ludendi Darmstadt, Feldrenner Mainz and Landeier Hamburg. Back in the good ‘ol USA he continued his love of the game, conducting extensive conversations with the City of Santa Monica, LA Parks and LAUSD – championing for better fields than the dirt and rock common to many Los Angeles Ultimate games. Fields such as: the turf field at Playa Vista Park, Airport Park in Santa Monica, the Mar Vista Park’s turf field, Santa Monica High’s turf field. All firsts (with permits) thanks to these efforts. Further, Chuck’s 8 years of good relations with the Rangers at Will Rogers State Historic Park preserved the weekly Saturday Ultimate Pickup Game.