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Buttercup dominates to win Women’s League

May 24th, 2011 | By | Category: Women's League

Women’s League ended with a battle of the Super Powers.  In the end, the semis proved more exciting than the finals, with Wonder Woman (RED), who was up 10-6, playing universe point vs. Princess Leia (WHITE) at 11-11 to have Princess Leia pull it off it in end with a deep shot to Morgan Poppe in the end zone.  Butter Cup (GREEN) quickly finished their semi game vs Super Girl (YELLOW) (13-7?) and then had some time to watch the competition and rest before the finals.  In the end, it was Buttercup (GREEN Power Puff Girl) vs. Princess Leia (Star Wars character with a strangely sexy ear muff hairstyle) who made it to the finals.  Princess Leia’s light saber was no match for the flying Power Puff girl with an attitude, especially since Buttercup had no newbies show up and a much smaller roster than white (by my memory Green had ~ 5 players & white had what felt like an army, when you play 4-on-4, but was likely ~ 8 players.)  Since Princess Leia had just come off from a massive come back vs. Wonder Woman in the semis, they ran out of gas in the final but had a great fight with the final score of 12-6 Buttercup! 
Overall, Women’s League was a huge success with 72 women signed up and at least 10 newbies who all caught the bug we call Ultimate.  I wanted to personally thank all the new players who came out and played with us and gave this sport & us ladies a chance.  I hope you all had as much fun as I did, and we hope to see you out there again soon!  I also wanted to say thank you to all the returning players, who payed it forward and put in the mentoring hours and passed to the new players b/c you remember being there!  Thanks for  another great year of sharing this sport with MORE ladies and promoting the love & spirit of ultimate. 
~ Crissy Vega & Ines Noto

Buttercup was just 5 players strong, but it was enough to win the title.Wonder Woman came into the tournament as the #1 seed, but lost a tight semis to Princess Leia.

Wonder Woman came into the tournament as the #1 seed, but lost a tight semis to Princess Leia.