Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams


1 La Canada Wins Division 2 High School State Championship

Read Laura Wheeler’s recap of the Division 2 State Championship in Santa Cruz this past weekend where La Canada took home the trophy.

0 Beach Westerns Write-Up

A recap of the inaugural Beach Westerns tournament in Santa Monica this past weekend by Remy Schor.

3 LA Player Invents Throw, Gets into Ultimate Hall of Fame

Congratulations to LAOUT’s Rich Gallagher for his selection to the Ultimate Hall of Fame.

2 Eric Brach: A Biography

A great article on multi-talented baller Eric Brach, written by Dan Oettinger.

0 Surf’s up, L.A.! Point Break rides the wave to victory at Beach Nationals.

Eric Brach wrote a great recap of Point Break’s victory march to the first ever Beach Nationals Championship. The first club team from LA to win a Nationals title in any division in 26 years.

7 7 on 7 Couples Tournament Bracket

Remember last year’s Individual 7 on 7 Brackets? Well, I’m doing it again this year. COUPLE’S EDITION!!!

0 The Rain-Out That Wasn’t Rained Out

Monday night Sky Life and Kong agreed to cancel their game due to rain although the field did not cancel it. In case this comes up again, I just wanted to give you the full explanation of how this works.

6 My First Time at Nationals

With club Nationals this week, LA players past and present reflect on their first experience on the big stage.

4 The Jersey Re-Brandings

Check out this week’s poll to vote on your favorite of the new jerseys for 7 Figures, Renegade and Viva.

0 Renegade WCRR Preview

Renegade’s Cameron Westbury offers up a preview of their schedule at this weekend’s West Coast Round Robin in Puyallup, WA.