Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Club Women’s

0 5th Annual Viva Poker Party

The Viva Poker Party returns Saturday, August 26.

0 Viva Night

Viva will be hosting a donation drive fundraising event at the Aviators vs. Growlers game on Saturday, July 15 at Occidental College.

0 Viva Tryouts 2017

The L.A. Women’s club team Viva announces their tryout schedule.

0 4th Annual Viva Poker Party

The fantastic Viva Poker Party that has never failed to live up to awesomeness returns again, on August 13 at 8PM. Sign up to play, or just come and partAY.

0 Viva Roster 2016

Alana “Carbo” Archer Alice Bee Chen Amy “Hoover” Lee Caitlin O’Bara Danielle “Sparky” Tran Elizabeth Harrison Emily Haranin Enway Melo Katie “Punky” Killebrew Keziah Choi Lexy “Scrappy” Roy Maggie Jackson Megan “Bacon” Prazenica Meghan “Rho” Kemp-Gee Samantha “Broccoli” Zyck Valentina “Dime” Valdez

0 Reign Roster 2016

* denotes captains “reppin’ the jersey” means they’ve purchased a jersey Name Type Returners Adair Johnson* Reppin’ the jersey R – 2015 Josie ‘Judge’ Ma* Reppin’ the jersey R – 2014 Katelyn Barrett* Reppin’ the jersey R – 2015 Abby Sarafian Reppin’ the jersey R – 2015 Carrie ‘Bubbles’ Williams Reppin’ the jersey R – […]

1 Follow the L.A. Club Teams 2016

For those of you interested in how the L.A. club season is going, here’s a section that I’ll keep updated through October so you can follow along.

1 Reign 2016 Tryouts

The LA Women’s club team Reign has released their tryout schedule, starting with the combined club tryouts on Saturday, April 2nd.

0 Viva 2016 Tryout Schedule

Viva’s tryout schedule starts with the April 2nd LA Mixer in San Pedro, and then there’s a Viva only open tryout the next day on Sunday in Glendale.

0 LA Combined Club Tryouts

The LA Club Tryout Season begins for Mixed and Women’s with a kickoff event on Saturday, April 2nd. The location has been changed to the Harbor Sports Complex.