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4 A Plea For Shenanigans

The A Division could be a little more fun. And Erick Cifuentes discusses how. Read on.

0 Kong and Snowmen win

The season is over. Kong and Snowmen each won their second titles.

1 Gesundheit – Crashers or Contenders?

If you don’t know much about the #3 seed in Winter League, you’re not alone. So are they for real, or did they just get lucky with the schedule? I try to provide a little more insight into the rookie surprise of A Division.

1 …and scene.

The Winter League regular season ends with two teams finishing 8-0. Marshall won 15-11 over Top Shelf. Abominable Snowmen won by forfeit over The Zoo. Click the pic of our awesome TD Sarah Davis-Weyman to read more.

0 Streak Busters!

Slow Children at Play edged out a 16-14 squeaker over Tarmac on Wednesday night, and with it, ended their 3 game losing streak AND Tarmac’s 3 game winning streak. In a B Division make-up game, Abominable Snowmen won 13-12 over Honey Badgers. Click the pic of Slow Children’s Hisserich sisters (Liz and Ali) to read more.

2 Two If By Seed

Empire defeated AFO 15-7 Tuesday night, and that locked them into the #2 seed behind Marshall. In the B Division game, Honey Badgers won a tight one 15-13 over Flick Tease. Click the pic of Empire’s Chris Frost to read more.

3 Arson Flames Out

Arson & Co., the struggling team from Pepperdine who were shut out twice, and failed to make it to three games, officially became the first Winter League team kicked out during a season for violating the rule on forfeits.

3 Bal-BLOW-a

Monday night was one of the windiest I’ve ever seen at Balboa field. And it made for some entertaining ultimate. Pictured here is LA Retro’s Brad Rosen facing a cup zone from the front cone. With the wind gusting diagonally, that cone saw more action than the men’s room at Rage.

0 Tarmac Flies to Third Straight Win

After starting 0-5, Tarmac has now won three straight following their 15-12 win over Awesome Express on Friday. In B Division, Fresh Pots beat Safety Third 13-9. Click the pic of Tarmac’s James Renfroe (with Bryanne Knight’s kid) to read more.

0 Eight Is Enough

The Huck and Chuck Show broke the Winter League record for most wins in a regular season with 8 after their 15-6 win over Flick You Thursday night. In A Division, Marshall clinched the regular season with a 14-11 victory atop AFO.

Click the pic of Huck and Chuck’s captain Andrew “Spazz” Grangaard to read more.