Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Pick Up Games

0 Slacky New Year and Slacky Solstice

Slacky Solstice and Slacky New Year are back. December 21 and 28 at Eagle Rock Rec Center.

0 Slacksgiving 2015

The annual Slacksgiving event returns Wednesday, November 25 at Hahamongna Watershed Park in Pasadena.

0 XSlacks and Slacky New Year

Celebrate both Xmas and New Year’s this year with two exciting events at La Canada High School.

0 Slacksgiving 2014

12th annual event and food drive on Wednesday, November 26, starting around noon and running until dark at Hahamongna in Pasadena.


Slacksgiving Slackfest and Canfest 2013
Wednesday, November 27, from noon to dark
Hahamongna Watershed Park, Pasadena

0 Slacker Third of July

The annual slacker independence day party is back, at Hahamongna Park in La Canada/Flintridge.

0 Long Beach Pick-Up Kicks Off Thursday

Long Beach pick-up opens up again this Thursday, May 24 with a raffle and prizes.

1 Slackfest 2011 – November 23

Slackfest returns for its 10th year!!! Read all about this cool event in Pasadena.

0 LA Women’s pick-up, Saturday, August 27

The LA Revolution is hosting an all women’s pickup game next Saturday! Read the article for more details.

3 PickupUltimate.com – Global Pickup Game Finder

LAOUT is teaming up with a great ultimate community project that was designed to create a database of all of the pickup games in the world. This resource is PickupUltimate.com. The site was designed as a way for ultimate players to find pickup games, and for pickup game moderators to create and monitor their games. […]