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Summer League Registration is currently open.

0 Power Design Logo Rankings

David Reed ranked all of the Special Power logos for Summer League.

6 Summer League Mid-Season Power Rankings

Here are Alex Carey’s Mid-Season Summer League Power Rankings. Always a good read.

0 Summer League Night at LA Aviators Game

Wish you had another superpower to help defeat your fellow villain? Now you can! The Los Angeles Aviators invite all teams in LAOUT’s Summer League to see the Aviators take on the Vancouver Riptide on Saturday, July 2nd at 7:30 pm.

1 Day 8 – Like Skipping Rocks on the Water

Danzo Shimura scored a 15-9 victory Thursday night over Professor Zoom. Pictured here is Danzo’s Dominic Scarfe and Cubby. And Calvin bested Copycat 15-10. Recaps today by myself, Colin Whitman and Chris Walthers.

3 Day 7 – The Miracle Lefty Huck

Dark Phoenix survived a comeback from Clarence Boddicker Wednesday night to win 16-14. And T-1000 successfully came from behind to beat Count von Count 15-12. Pictured here is Phoenix’s Spencer Wu and Katelyn Barrett. Recaps today by Ethan Lacoe, Licious, Spike and Evan Valdes.

0 Day 6 – Pinky’s Odd Win

Quite a few interesting things happened Tuesday night when Pinky edged out Odd Job 15-13. Pictured here is Pinky’s Maggie Jackson. And Poison Ivy took down Darth Sidious 15-7. Recaps today by Joanna Whitney, John Mercer and Joy Park-Thomas.

4 Day 5 – The Johns and the Jollotas

It was a battle of brothers Monday night as Azazel topped Alpha Mimic 15-12. Pictured here is Azazel’s Deeve. And Vector handily knocked off Time Trapper 15-6. Recaps today by Reed and Dot.

3 Day 4 – Pleasing the Professor

I could have called this the Professor of Lies, and you’ll see why. I’ll leave the score to the recaps. Pictured here is Professor Zoom’s Jim Comeau. Clarence Boddicker shut down Count von Count 15-5. Recaps today by Professor Zoom, Ben Potash, Licious and Evatar.

3 Day 3 – The Dark Phoenix Rises

Dark Phoenix edged out T-1000 15-13 Wednesday night. Pictured here is Phoenix’s Derek Engdahl. Pinky also won 15-7 over Darth Sidious. Recaps today by Ethan Lacoe and Joanna Whitney.