Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Summer League

4 Day 5 – The Johns and the Jollotas

It was a battle of brothers Monday night as Azazel topped Alpha Mimic 15-12. Pictured here is Azazel’s Deeve. And Vector handily knocked off Time Trapper 15-6. Recaps today by Reed and Dot.

3 Day 4 – Pleasing the Professor

I could have called this the Professor of Lies, and you’ll see why. I’ll leave the score to the recaps. Pictured here is Professor Zoom’s Jim Comeau. Clarence Boddicker shut down Count von Count 15-5. Recaps today by Professor Zoom, Ben Potash, Licious and Evatar.

3 Day 3 – The Dark Phoenix Rises

Dark Phoenix edged out T-1000 15-13 Wednesday night. Pictured here is Phoenix’s Derek Engdahl. Pinky also won 15-7 over Darth Sidious. Recaps today by Ethan Lacoe and Joanna Whitney.

4 Day 2 – When a Contact Sport Means Contact With the Ground

A rookie learned a hard lesson Tuesday night as Poison Ivy won 15-7 over Odd Job. Pictured here is Poison Ivy’s Meghan Ruff. And Vector snagged a 16-14 victory from Alpha Mimic. Recaps today by Chris and Joy Park-Thomas, John Mercer, Klepto and Brian Kuhn.

1 Day 1 – The Year of the Bad Guys

Summer League got underway Monday night. Danzo Shimura edged Calvin 15-13. Pictured here is Danzo’s Carissa Dorson. And Azazel won 15-11 over Time Trapper. Recaps today by David Reed and myself.

7 Summer League 2016

Registration has closed for Summer League. You can sign up for the waiting list if you like at this point.

0 The standings are final

Grape Ape finished out the Summer League season with a 15-7 win over Grape Ape in Men’s. Pictured here is Grape’s James Renfroe. And in Co-ed, Yellow Submarine tied Red Cross at 13’s. Recaps today by James and DShu.

0 The Streak Is No More

Blue Sage ends Fei’s winning streak at 24 with a 15-14 win over Platinum OG Wednesday night in Co-ed. Pictured here is Blue’s Ace. In Men’s, Midnight Toker bageled the first half on the way to a 15-7 win over Black Bart.

0 Purple Party

Purple Urkle took it to Black Mote, 15-4 in Co-ed Tuesday night. Pictured here is Purple’s Chuck LaForte. In Men’s, Golden Leaf pulled the 15-12 upset over White Russian.

0 White Grabs the Final First Round Bye

White Haired Lady stopped Rose Marie 15-11 in Co-ed Monday night. Pictured here is White’s Meg Hofner. Also in Co-ed, Laughing Grass took down Green Goddess 15-2. In Men’s, Blue Sky Blonde nicked Red Dirt 17-16. Recaps today by Joy Park-Thomas, myself and Thies.