Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams


0 Reign Roster 2016

* denotes captains “reppin’ the jersey” means they’ve purchased a jersey Name Type Returners Adair Johnson* Reppin’ the jersey R – 2015 Josie ‘Judge’ Ma* Reppin’ the jersey R – 2014 Katelyn Barrett* Reppin’ the jersey R – 2015 Abby Sarafian Reppin’ the jersey R – 2015 Carrie ‘Bubbles’ Williams Reppin’ the jersey R – […]

0 Family Style Roster 2016

Alex Chin Andrew Bustle Andy Dunn Brian ‘Chicago’ Leung Charlie Capron Chris Weyers David ‘D-Shu’ Shu Elliott Davis Eric ‘Wildcard’ Owens Iman ‘Nova’ Hussain Joe Bobman Noah Tomaszewski Paul Kempler Scott Lensing Ted McClure Thomas ‘T-Tom’ Lin Deanna ‘D’ Iff Erika ‘OP’ Ye Felicia ‘Lish’ Yang Glenda ‘Shasta’ Marshall Jennifer Norris Jo Chong Joyce ‘Artoo’ […]

1 Follow the L.A. Club Teams 2016

For those of you interested in how the L.A. club season is going, here’s a section that I’ll keep updated through October so you can follow along.

0 7 Figures Roster 2016

Aaron Jacobs Adam Bronstein* Alex Carey Brandon Severson Brian Zid* (Returning) Chris Cogswell* Chris Feeney Dan Oettinger Garrett Yung* Gary Molano Jacob Bartholomew* (returning) Joe Forbes Mikey Sylvester Nathan Warden Peter “Fish” Zhou Russell “Spike” Gaskamp Ali “Q” Webster* (returning) Camille “Kailua” Wilson* Connie “Dory” Chan* Connie Wang Emma Frankel Han “Heist” Chen Kathryn “Zazu” […]

3 Gridlock 2016 Tryouts

The LA Men’s team Gridlock opens up their tryouts on Saturday, May 7 at Hahamongna Park in La Canada.

0 Family Style 2016 Tryout Schedule

The LA club Mixed team Family Style begins with an open tryout on Saturday, April 30th at the Glendale Sports Complex.

1 Reign 2016 Tryouts

The LA Women’s club team Reign has released their tryout schedule, starting with the combined club tryouts on Saturday, April 2nd.

0 Viva 2016 Tryout Schedule

Viva’s tryout schedule starts with the April 2nd LA Mixer in San Pedro, and then there’s a Viva only open tryout the next day on Sunday in Glendale.

0 Renegade 2016 Tryouts

Renegade open tryouts are on Sunday, April 10 at La Canada Community Center at 10AM.

0 LA Combined Club Tryouts

The LA Club Tryout Season begins for Mixed and Women’s with a kickoff event on Saturday, April 2nd. The location has been changed to the Harbor Sports Complex.