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Winter League

0 Winter League 2018

Sign ups for winter league are happening. You can sign yourself and your team up.


5 Winter League 2017 Signups are open!

Winter League registration for 2017 is now open. There’s some new rules regarding women, and a membership part this year, so please read to learn about everything.

0 Kong Smashes Hydra

Kong defeated Hungry Hydra 15-11 Wednesday night. Pictured here is Kong’s Eric Kirkham. Also, Retro beat Sky Life 15-12 and Kapow got their first win 15-11 over Rooks. Recaps today by Andrew Bustle, Doug Duquette, Liverpool and Cuda.

2 Ninja Hands Animal Their First Loss

Ninja Squirtles beat Animal Style 15-10 Tuesday night. Pictured here is Ninja’s Q. And Night’s Watch stopped Tarmac 15-7. Recaps today by Joanna Whitney, Spike and Duck.

0 Kong Holds Back Sky Life for First Win

Kong finally got a win with a 15-13 triumph over Sky Life. Pictured here is Kong’s Dylan Patton And Retro defeated the Night’s Watch 15-11. Recaps today by Tim Armstrong and Duck.

0 Topsy Turvy Standings

Wednesday night Marshall and Ninja Squirtles both got revenge. Marshall beat Skeeter 15-12, who previously had beaten them. And Ninja avenged their 15-5 loss to Dumbledore’s Army with a 16-14 win. Pictured here is Ninja’s Husayn Carnegie. A great recap today by Spike, and piddly recap by myself.

0 Animal Swallows Hydra

Animal Style got a narrow win 15-12 over Hungry Hydra Tuesday night. Pictured here is Hydra’s Tidal with an ankle injury from a gopher hole. Even narrower win for Tarmac, 15-13 over Rooks. Recaps today by Joanna Whitney and Jeremiah Boncha.

0 The Kids Are Alright

Marshall beat their potential parents Retro 15-10 Thursday night. Pictured here is Marshall’s Gary Molano. And Skeeter topped Ninja Squirtles 15-11. Recaps today by myself and Spike.

1 Retro Video 2016

In advance of tonight’s Retro vs. Marshall game, Retro has put out another amazing video. Give it a look.

0 Kong Falls… Animal Style

Animal Style brought down Kong 15-11 Tuesday night. Pictured here is Animal Style’s Nahall Esteghamat. And Dumbledore’s Army beat Hungry Hydra 15-8. Recaps today by Joanna Whitney and Rho.