Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Winter League

0 Ninja Assassinates Marshall

Ninja Squirtles took down Marshall 15-12 Thursday night. Pictured here is Ninja’s Zodiac and Cortez (at least that’s what the Facebook photo says. Hard to know.) And Skeeter bested Kong 15-6. Recaps today by myself and Spike.

0 Hydra Sinks Tarmac

Hungry Hydra won 15-10 against Tarmac Wednesday night. Pictured here is Hydra’s Thud, with Testies in the background. And Animal Style triumphed over the Night’s Watch 15-11. Recaps today by James Renfroe, DShu and Duck.

0 Rooks’ Loss is Puzzling

Sky Life put down the Rooks 15-10 Tuesday night. Pictured here is Danny Le, John Meyerhofer, Jake Janzen and Keith Gibson from Sky Life. And Retro defeated Kapow! 15-7. Recaps today by Mary Carlson, Doug Duquette and Steve Loh.

0 Hydra Wraps Up Kapow

Hungry Hydra beat Kapow! 15-6. Pictured here is Hydra’s Alex Chin. Retro topped Tarmac 15-7. Recaps by Andrew Bustle and really short one by Licious.

2 Marshall Tames Kong

Marshall held on for a 15-13 win over Kong Wednesday night. Pictured here is Marshall’s Lauren Hill and Peter Van Pelt. And Dumbledore’s Army magically dominated Ninja Squirtles 15-6. Recaps today by Seth Gillum, Trunks, Spike and Blitz.

0 The Night Belongs to the Sky

Sky Life pulled out a come-from-behind win Tuesday night against Night’s Watch 15-13. Pictured here is Sky Life’s Jim Fuller. And Animal Style brought down the Rooks 15-5. Recaps today by Duck, Doug Duquette, Joanna Whitney and Mary Carlson’s 5-year-old student.

0 Animal Devours Retro

Animal Style beat Retro 15-9 Thursday night. Pictured here is Lexi, Jeni and Johnny’s dog briefly referenced in one of the recaps. And Hungry Hydra took down Sky Life 15-8. Recaps today by Joanna Whitney, Mike Bell and Andrew Bustle.

0 It Took an Army, But Kong Falls

Dumbledore’s Army dropped Kong 16-14 Wednesday night. Pictured here is Dumbledore’s Hoover. And Skeeter stopped Marshall 15-11. Recaps today by Trunks, Orin, Broccoli, Grant Boyd and Seth Gillum.

0 Rooks Drop a Deuce

The Rooks knocked out Kapow! 15-9 Wednesday night. Pictured here is Rooks’ Andrew Willig. The Night’s Watch outlasted Tarmac 17-15. Recaps today by Courtney Hirose, Liverpool and Duck.

1 Finals Rematch

Ninja Squirtles beat their 2015 finals’ opponent Kong Thursday night 15-10. Pictured here is Ninja’s Cortez and Jade. Skeeter beat Dumbledore’s Army 15-10. Recaps today by Trunks and Spike.