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Day 6 – Pinky’s Odd Win

Jun 15th, 2016 | By | Category: Game Recaps, Summer League

Before I start with the recaps, I wanted to mention that the new Standings system (courtesy of Sports Press) allows you to keep track of halftime scores, so I’m very happy that everybody’s been giving us halftime scores.  It’s awesome.

You can click on any individual game, and it will show you the first half and second half score.  I can also add recaps to the games, which I’ll start doing shortly.  The only problem is you can’t comment on the recaps.  I asked Sportspress if they can find a way to add comments, but so far they haven’t responded.

And I’m going to add rosters to the individual teams also, but right now they come out in no particular order, and I don’t know yet how to add sexes to the players, and alphabetize them.  Might add other stats like age, height, position, lefty/righty.  The kind of stuff everyone inputs on their registration.  Would be interesting to see that on the team pages.  But I have to figure out how to do it first.  Patience.  I’m getting there.

Okay, now onto the first recap, between Odd Job and Pinky.  Here’s Joanna Whitney of Pinky:

RecapJoannaPinky played Odd Job, so I’ll keep this short. Ha, get it?.

Pinky won the flip and started off on O, even though most of the team asked to start on D. I’m looking at you Dan. But it worked out this time and Pinky took the first point. Having heard Odd Job scored 7 points their first game, we expected a bit of a repeat of last week, but Odd Job proved they are capable of doing work. Points were traded back and forth. Pinky would pull ahead by a few, Odd Job would catch up. Pinky was keeping with their flow and new found love of long throws. The hucks that made it to the end zone didn’t always connect, but the ones that fell just short always connected for a few short follow up passes for scores, but we could see something wasn’t quite the same. We had less subs than last week, and playing the extra points was already wearing on both teams. That fact only compounded after taking half 8-6 when Method Man, from Pinky, pulled his hamstring and was sidelined.

After half, Odd Job started on O looking a little rested. They get the first point out of half and we could feel them coming for us. Again, I just want to point out I always like coming out of half on O whether we are up or not. Not pointing fingers, but…. A lot more trading of points with the same results. Long hucks only working once in a while for both teams, but exhaustion deceiving everyone into thinking it was the best choice. The exhaustion really started to play a factor when Pinky created more turnovers for themselves than were truly forced by Odd Job. At a critical juncture (score is something like 10-9), we look around and realize Ed Wu is gone. Darth Sidious has taken him away for a marathon point that didn’t even work out for them. They really are victims of the dark side. But their revenge from last week wasn’t enough. We held onto our lead however small it was.

It was getting late in the game. Both teams had double digit points and no one had called their super powers yet. Pinky had missed a great opportunity to call it in the second half when we got stalled out at 2/3 of the field, but came back to use it at a critical time a few points later. Zazu was dealing with the plight of the night which was stagnant and/or concurrent cuts, neither of which work by the way, in case you didn’t know. She held up her pinky for effect and centered the disc. But it didn’t work this time and the disc was thrown away leading to Odd Job’s point. At 13-11, or something like that, Odd Job pulls out their hats and take the field on O. One player catches the disc and loses his head covering, but those tricksters hadn’t actually called their power yet and got to play on for a pretty handily achieved score. Now it was their turn on D to call their power. The sideline team members were ready with their caps. Their power had a side effect of also moving the sideline in about ten feet in the excitement, but no worries, Pinky kept it away from all the slicing brims and got an easy score in the end zone never even getting a scratch from a hat. Final point of the night was a hard fought one, but we brought back our flow when Ed Wu holstered an upline pass to me because his defender took away the strike too well. With a sweeping cut around the back Zazu got the dump and swung it past everyone over to the far break side letting me finish what I had tried to start with Ed, ending one long game.

Final score 15-13 Pinky. Exhausted and humbled, the team headed to Robin Hood to gather ourselves for our never ending battle of taking over the world one villain at a time. Narf!

I really hope Narf is incorporated into cheers.  That’s really one of the best trademark monosyllabic utterances, up there with “D’oh!”, “Zoinks”, “Bam!” and “Ayyyyyy”.

Let’s get Black’s take on the game.  Here’s captain John Mercer:

RecapJohnMTuesday night featured a great match up between Pinky and OddJob that went down to the wire that was filled with some fantastic spirit and a multitude of upside down throws. The score and the conclusions for OddJob will be at the end of the post, warranting some reflection on the season thus far. OddJob had much better numbers this week with three new dudes showed up making their first appearance of the season and playing quite well to say the least and the women coming out in force and making a statement once again. Following a spirit circle Oddjob started off with a break point to take the lead with a long huck between the Twin Towers Austin Ambrose and Kyle Stewart, and yes, they’re getting that nickname as they are both tall, young, wear backwards trucker hats, and play with similar styles. After that Pinky took the next two points to take the lead 2-1.

The next point was scored by OddJob after a great give-and-go from Austin to Leland Waters and back to Austin with a sweet forehand to tie the game. After a few more points a new player in a black shirt and cleats threw himself into the O line without as much of an introduction and we had to ask if he was an OddJob and he insisted he was and it turns out he, who turned out to be Ken “Dolla Billz” Billington, made his presence known quickly throwing a hammer for a score on his first point and two points later making a trailing-edge-one-handed-back-of-the-endzone catch to contribute another point for OddJob; welcome! The next number of points were exchanged relatively evenly but Pinky had the lead, up as much as three as OddJob had a ton of unforced errors coming from throws to the endzone that were just slightly off but were aesthetically pleasing to watch; hopefully playing together may help that, who knows!

Approaching the half OddJob made a comeback with a great endzone D from Andy “The Other” Leinbach that was quickly sent downfield with a great catch by Sam Edwards which she eventually got to Laura Schultz who then called a timeout. After the timeout she sent a fantastic forehand flick to the back corner of the endzone to Kyle to bring the score within 1 at the half. After the half points were exchanged but once again Pinky took a few more than OddJob and gathered a bit of momentum with their special power coming into play as Laura was playing stifling D close to the endzone and one of their star women (sorry I don’t know your name!) called their special power into play and the stall count was reset and they were able to bring the disc back to the middle of the field; great timing!

OddJob also had the opportunity to use their special ability in an extremely entertaining way, but not sure of it’s overall effectiveness though; we should probably come up with a planned “Hat-D Play” in our holster. As OddJob set up their ability to use Hat-D’s for an entire point everyone had their hat on and the sideline had their hats ready to use. Kyle started off the point by throwing his hat but missed, which got the disc to the sideline in the middle of the field which sparked a flurry of hats as a sideline throw was made up line. As the disc approached and moved up the sideline hats were thrown at the thrower, and as the disc moved up the sideline multiple hats were thrown into play but none making contact. None were successful but the point was fun!!

Towards the end of the game it got close as OddJob became ferocious on D with a stall turnover by Austin and great marks and contests by Andrew Schwartz & Cliff Manahan. On the other side of the disc our women came up strong with great handling by Alison “Buster” Yoho, a great open side cut and an even better high catch by Theresa “Word” Edwards as the stall count got high on Andrew, and a fantastic up line cut by Megan “boots” Mullally which later resulted in a clutch score (By the way, I must have crossed up Buster and Boots’s names multiple times tonight, sorry!). OddJob went on a 3-1 run to make the score 14-13 as 10pm approached. After multiple turns, a few great D’s by both teams, and two contested end zone calls on each side Pinky got the win with a great endzone breakside backhand. It was a well-contested and extremely fun game, I think both sides enjoyed the evening.

While OddJob lost their second game we are quite sure that we are leading the league in multiple categories: having the most fun, the most upside down throws through two games (with only one in two games being turned over), and most quality beers consumed post-game; In my eyes, three very important categories!! I mean, c’mon, how many teams have an established Post-Game-Post-Beer-Buddy-System two games into the season?!?!

That is a good point.  That may be unique.  Well done.  I also love that the person you had to double check was on the team was Ken Billington.  That just makes me laugh after hearing all of the chants they used to have for him on 7 Figures.

Power-wise, although the center-reset was used, as John mentioned, Pink didn’t score the point.  So the powers went 0-2.  That’s 11-7 and 4 unused through 11 games. Pinky’s power has a 50% success rate, and Odd Job’s is still an ofer.

Pinky is 2-0 and takes on Azazel (2-0) next Wednesday.  Odd Job is 0-2 and plays Clarence Boddicker (1-0) next Thursday.

The other game was between Poison Ivy and Darth Sidious.  Let’s get right to it.  Here’s Ivy’s co-captain Joy Park-Thomas:

RecapJoyHaving six women to a roster with three absent due to injury, illness and work, with a fourth coming late I groaned, “I am NOT in shape for Savage.” Sigh. On the bright side, most Green men were a go. Charcoal on the other hand, had five of their six baller women, but fewer male subs. It was a shaky start for Green, down 1-3 with a few missed connections. Charcoal ladies Enway, Hoover, Creamer and Elmo handled relentlessly, breaking the mark with quick swings and up-the-lines. That Creamer-Hoover baggage with first overall pick Biclops/Enway was showing its strength off the bat. It took Green a few more points to settle into our game to tie it up with two scores in a row by James. After trading points for a while, Green pulled ahead to take the half 8-6.

Green tried to use our Power on a disc that bounced out of the endzone to score, but I believe Charcoal pointed out that the Green player who picked it up would then have been out of bounds. So our Grass Control power went unused, and the turn over stood as normal.

At 6-6, my tired brain thought I had an opportunity to use The Power when an incomplete Charcoal pass left the disc in what I mistook for the endzone. I picked up the disc (Grass Control must be used within three seconds, so I had to make a quick decision). THEN I asked if I could use the power to score. Someone pointed out that the disc wasn’t even in the endzone. And it wasn’t a Green incompletion, so I couldn’t have used The Power anyway. By the time I’d figured all of that out, Enway was on stall 5, and I started to panic. I called out to my team that the stall was going. That I needed some cuts. That I needed some cuts NOW.

Understandably, my team had no idea that while my tired brain was processing my gaffe, I’d burned most of the stall count without even letting them know the disc was in play. Now I was in full-blown panic. I think my next words were, “Someone fucking cut!” Did I mention I was panicking? To my relief, Jenny broke out of the stack to score the point, and I apologized profusely to everyone for my bad, not-very-spirited language. As a captain and official purveyor of SOTG, this was embarrassment central.

Fortunately, recently-engaged Megan Sweas had arrived to give us ladies a sub. Until Charcoal went 4/3. So, still savage ladies for Green. But with five baller Charcoal ladies itching to get on the field and fewer male subs, 4/3 only made sense. Charcoal captain Creamer had mercy on our savage ladies and went 5/2 somewhere in the second half, for which my tired legs were grateful.

Tim on Green scored out of the half, but Biclops on Charcoal continued to do that reset-and-huck thing he does so well. At mid-field, Jenny got her first-ever hand block on Hoover, who had been punishing us with her quick moves all game. Jenny went on to throw the score, widening our slim lead. A point or two later, Paul on Green sent a big huck downfield for Ryan but overshot him by a few feet … so Ryan laid out within 3 seconds to scoop up the disc sitting in the endzone. GRASS CONTROL for the score! Third time’s the charm.

Charcoal immediately busted out their own Power: Conversion To The Dark Side to steal Pink player Ed Wu from the adjacent match between Pink and Black. Two Eds? I smelled a huck-to-deep Ed connection coming. Bustle was able to contain Wu’s deep threat, though another Charcoal man busted long for the play. In the endzone, Bryce on Green went up for the D and the disc came back in our direction. Somewhere in there, Enway lost a contact lens when she and a Green man got tangled up and Hoover came in to replace her. After play resumed, a Green pass from Paul to the endzone was tipped by the Charcoal defense, but still caught by Green player Bryce. It was an epic point.

Three points later, Green closed out the game 15-7. The score may not reflect it, but it felt like a close game the entire match. By the way, spirit circles rock and Don Macatangay makes great banana bread.

Very interesting that the failed attempt at Green’s power almost cost them a point.  The powers can be tricky.  If used incorrectly it can be detrimental.  But Green is now 2-0 with their power.  And Darth Sidious is 1-1 with theirs.  After 12 games, the powers now stand at 12 and 8, with 4 unused.  So that means through 6 days of play, the powers have only achieved a 50% success rate.  So to this point, they haven’t been a huge advantage overall.

Congrats to Sweas on her recent engagement.  I think I saw on Facebook 3 engagements this weekend.  Elmo and Matty Ice got hitched as well.  And a non-Ultimate couple.  But do they even matter?  Not even a particularly special holiday weekend.  June 11 IS Kamehameha Day in Hawaii, so maybe that’s what they’re all celebrating.

With the win, Poison Ivy is 2-0 and atop the leaderboard.  They will play Count von Count (0-1) next Thursday.  Darth Sidious falls to 0-2 and currently sits in last place.  They will take on Time Trapper (0-2) next Wednesday.


Dark Phoenix and Clarence Boddicker are both 1-0.  Last week Clarence used the threat of their off-hand power to keep Purple from using their 2-pointer.  I wonder if they’ll have the same effect on Dark Phoenix who has the ability to switch the pull.  I’m certain that Clarence will wait until Phoenix uses their power to force them to play off-handed.  And would that make Dark Phoenix reluctant to use it.  We’ll see.

T-1000 and Count von Count are both 0-1.  Poor Evan.  I’m pretty sure he can bank on getting killed on the line by the Terminator.  Very likely at the moment that they call the 2-point play.

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