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Day 7 – The Miracle Lefty Huck

Jun 16th, 2016 | By | Category: Game Recaps, Summer League

Wednesday night’s game between Clarence Boddicker and Dark Phoenix was one of the fun cases where you go power against power.  Let ’em battle it out.  Only one can be triumphant.  And it turned out to be a significant factor in the game.  Here’s Dark Phoenix’s co-captain Ethan Lacoe to explain:

RecapEthanThe game began with our team (Dark Phoenix) jumping out to an early lead and taking half 8-5, with the second half pull coming to us. After some back and forth, we ended up with a 10-6 lead, feeling like we were going to take the game pretty easily. We were really wrong.

Navy stepped up their game. They stayed patient and used their strong handling to move the disc and win a lot of hard fought, long points. They scored 6 straight points to go up 12-10. An insane turn of events. After trading points, with Navy up 13-11, whoever was on the line for my team (I’m calling you out, Spencer, Kate, and Dylan) decided to call our special power, which forces the other team to pull to us. The entire game, I told my team we can’t use our power first. It will trigger them to use their power, which will force us to play with our off hand the entire point. My thought was that I’d rather start on defense and have use of our good hand than start on offense and have to play with our off hand. I said they’d put a zone on us and keep Charlie deep, an improbable scenario to win against. That’s exactly what they did. When we decided to make this tactical “error”, I complained to everyone on the sideline who would listen to me. I figured they’d for sure go up 14-11 and that would be the end of it.

So here’s how it went. Navy pulled to us. We connect to Spencer Wu on the first throw off the pull. Spencer immediately faked a righty backhand and whipped it around his back with his left hand, sending the disc flying down the field. Dylan tracked it deep, but Charlie was in better position. Just when it looked like Charlie was going get the D, it cleared his head and was caught by Dylan for a score. It was the biggest miracle I’d ever seen, but we were still down 13-12. Was this the energizer we needed?

On the next point, we broke again, tying it at 13. Then we broke again to go up 14-13. Then we get a D and have a great opportunity to put the game away, but fall just short. Game tied at 14-14. We score again. 15-14 us. Then we get a turn and finish the game 16-14. It was one of the craziest games I’ve ever been a part of. Hats off to the entire Navy team for a hard fought game. They are definitely a team I don’t want to face again, especially if the conditions are even the slightest bit windy.

For Dark Phoenix, Jason and Mike made really good cuts to help keep the disc moving when we were having trouble finding open receivers. Also, Evelyn’s tenacity really helped the team from crumbling. We needed her heavily involved on offense and she was fearless. Lastly, Woody had one of the prettiest looking layouts I’ve ever seen. She flew across the field, sacrificing her body to play excellent defense. There is nothing I appreciate more than a determined defender.

Wow, that’s exciting.  Yeah, I thought that the powers might not be used as Clarence would hold onto theirs until Dark Phoenix used it, and that neither would end up using theirs, which is what happened the last time Clarence played.  It’s such a strong power (voted #1 power in last week’s poll) that it could stop the other team from hitting their Power button.  But that miracle lefty throw thwarted the evil effort.  I mean, let’s face it.  Even in the movie, Clarence Boddicker shooting off Murphy’s hand only came back to haunt him later when the hand was replaced by a metal arm. “Dead or alive, you’re coming with me.”

Now here’s the story from Clarence’s side.  This is co-captain Licious:

RecapLiciousTexas is athletic. They took half 8-5 playing solid, fundamental ultimate. They also have a lot of chemistry. We broke out of half but they continued to respond until it was 10-7 Texas. We shook it up and went on a little streak to make it 12-10 Navy. I think it was at 13’s when Texas called their power and forced us to pull to them. We also called ours. Too bad they have Spencer Wu who, turns out, can throw a huge lefty backhand huck. They scored. 1-0 Texas on power usage tonight. 14-13. Kate Ashton came down with 2 huge scores off deflected discs (nice D’s, Navy ladies!) for scores late in the game. Ethan also had a big layout score to make it 15-14. I kinda forgot who on Texas scored the last point, but they won it 16-14. Then we had a spirit circle. It was a super fun game, really competitive and hard-fought on both sides.

The end.

P.S. Cedar showed up thinking he had a game. He didn’t. This is probably his captain’s fault.

Ooh, calling me out.  I’m his captain.  Wait…. Woz is also his captain.  I’m throwing her under the bus.  She sent out the team email this week.  YES!  Not my fault.

Dark Phoenix is now 2-0.  They will take on Danzo Shimura (1-0) on Monday.  Clarence Boddicker drops to 1-1.  They play Odd Job (0-2) next Thursday.

The powers went 1-1, and now stand at 13-9 with four unused after 13 games.

On the other field, it was T-1000 against Count von Count.  Here’s T’s Spike with the short recap:

RecapSpikeCount up 8-7 at half

Count came out and tried to double their 0 point directly out of half. T-1000 shot Evan and got the break. (so count didn’t complete power, t1000 did)

T-1000 (or as we call ourselves, tee one – triple – uh!) wins 15 – 11or12

So it’s another case of power on power.  That keeps the Special Ability record at 50% through 14 games.  14 successes.  10 fails.  4 not used.

Here’s Evan from the Count’s side:

RecapEvanWe spent the majority of our half time talk going back and forth on whether or not we should use the power first point out of half. There were many pro using it and a couple against. We decided to do it, and then decided against it last minute, but then got re-pressured into doing it again! (chanting always works)

12, we were keeping count 😉

CvC highlight: Spike cut deep from the handler spot – Victor had a pretty sweet sky. Spike made up for it though by playing the rest of the game as though no one was guarding him. Reminder of why I usually try to play on his team…


Sonja and I were the only 2 folks out of all 4 teams to make it to the bar. Frownie face. Hope to see some friendly faces next time!

That is a true frownie face.  I’m proud to say I drafted a Robin Hood team, for the record.  Screw winning games.  Who’s coming to the bar after?

T-1000 is now 1-1 and plays Calvin (0-1) on Monday.  Count von Count drops to 0-2 and will see Poison Ivy on Thursday.


Ooh, this is a good one.  Calvin (0-1) plays Copycat (0-0-1) tonight.  Since Copycat mimics the power of their opponent, that means both teams will be using a small round flat plastic object in their game to replace the disc for two total points.  Will Copycat just use one of the ones that Calvin brings to the field?  Or will they bring their own?  So far Broccoli has scored the only point with a non-disc.

And it’s Danzo Shimura (1-0) against Professor Zoom (0-0-1).  Professor Zoom’s power has been augmented because through the first week it looked like by far the weakest power of all.  Originally only the person who received the pull could run with the disc until touched.  But after both they and Copycat used the power last week, and both receivers got only about 5 or so yards before getting touched, it’s pretty obvious the power was significantly lacking.  So now, Zoom gets to use their power for an entire possession.  Anyone on the team can run with the disc after catching it until touched, even running into the end zone.  Should add a more inclusive element for the team, and gives the power more oomph which was necessary.  Danzo did not get to use their power to overturn a call or contest last week because Calvin never called anything.  Didn’t see that coming.

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  1. We need advanced analytics on the powers. Simple success/fails doesn’t capture the quality of powers. Simple advance would be success unopposed/fail unopposed and success opposed/fail unopposed. Some powers are better suited to neutralize opposing powers, some powers are more immune to opposing powers. I know Andy wants to create an excel spreadsheet (or probably just create extra columns in his existing excel spreadsheet) and share this information.

  2. Andy – can teams change their line after a pre-pull power has been invoked? (e.g. Phoenix switches pull, then other team swaps out for better defensive players)

  3. That’s a good question Justin. No, they can’t. Once the line has been established, you can’t swap players after the power has been declared. I think a strategy of teams should be to look at the line when deciding to call their power. And I wouldn’t want that diminished by the other team being able to swap players.

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