Marshall vs Skeeter


Well played new commissioner Dan Perahya putting the rematch of last year’s finals on opening night.

Well done LAOUT Field Coordinator Chuck Bender for booking the turf field at Culver City High School; which is to Balboa as a shiny new Lexus is to a clown car.  Hi, I’m Rob Lowe and I play at Culver High.  And I’m Donald Trump supporter Rob Lowe and I play Balboa.

Well played Skeeter, proving that the wind might have played a factor in the outcome of finals.

Well done Jeff Landesman for creating more of you and getting them on the same team.  Of the “elite” teams in the league, Skeeter now has both the oldest AND the youngest player.

Marshall vs. Skeeter.  The grudge match of that crazy windy 10-9 game last March where all 19 points were scored downwind.  On the new Culver High field, which is freakin’ beautiful, by the way, there was no wind at all.  A little crisp, but I couldn’t ask for better conditions to play in.  Chuck came out to the field to set up cones for the first game, and see how it went.  That’s how you Field Coordinate.  He acted like a proud papa and he should be.  It was huge coup to get this field, and it all came through literally in the last week leading up to this.

Skeeter struck first with a really quick point, and then with a ludicrously long point.  The signature moment was Danny Landesman foot blocking a huge huck attempt by the Cannon.  Yes, foot blocks are legal this year.  And Danny, who hasn’t had to suffer through leagues where foot blocks are removed, and thus isn’t timid about whether or not he can do it, was in rare foot blocking form.  He also got AJ later in the game, although AJ called a foul on it, and I did hear at least one Skeeter player grumble about him calling a borderline foot blocking foul on a 15 year old who just received the Spirited Player of the Year award.  Touché Skeeter.  Touché.

After their 2-0 lead, Marshall struck back against their zone, which they ran quite a bit throughout the night, probably because of low numbers.  Although Skeeter IS a team who was put together last year with low numbers on purpose.  Marshall did pretty well against that zone, and they abandoned it later in the game.  Skeeter played a spread offense which gave us a lot of trouble.  It opened up deep cutting lanes where they could put it to their fast players, who often took advantage of our older slower guys.  Young people suck.  We were constantly having to make small adjustments on D to prevent that.  And they also have a lot of great throwers who aren’t afraid to go over the top with scoobers into the middle of the field for short gainers, or send high release flicks around defenders on the sideline.  It presented multiple challenges, but that’s no great shock from a team who’s so stacked with talent.

Marshall tied it up at 3’s.  They went up 6-4.  We tied it again at 7’s.  They took half 8-7.  It was tied at 8’s and 9’s.  You know, all the stuff you expect with evenly matched teams.  They took another 2-point lead.  At around 11-9 or 12-10 we did an old school Marshall line with our four oldest guys, and MER, our oldest lady, whose average age between the 5 of us is around 42.  They called a time-out, which was hilarious.  Afraid of the old fogies Skeet?  I guess they should’ve been cause we scored probably our fastest point of the night.  I am brimming with pride.

But Skeeter pulled ahead even more and brought the score to 14-11.  With us backing a couple of their players, they played mostly underneath and scored with a lot of throws.  They played really tight efficient offense.  Remy scored several of these critical points late in the game, as she does.  Stig did a great job as a hybrid handler/cutter.  He seemed to own a roughly 10 x 10 yard box in the middle of the field.  Also, Swayze was relentless with her constant onslaught of in cuts.  Jane, just off of winning Player of the Year honors, played an unsurprisingly excellent game.  And Mingo, well, you can’t stop Mingo.  Please.

At 14-11, while we were on the line about to receive, Gary asked me if I’d scored yet.  It was a very nice gesture cause it was my birthday.  Gary’s a really sweet guy.

I had already scored, which I was glad about.  I didn’t want them to feel any need to give me special treatment on that point.  I just wanted Marshall to come back and win.  14-11 is not over at all.  And we did score.  And scored again.  AND got the D again and had the chance to tie it at 14’s.  We got pretty close to the end zone, but Stig ended the game with bookends.  A typical MVP point for him.

15-13 Skeeter.  Great game.  What did you expect?  It was a perfect night of disc.  The rain held off.  The field was amazing.  And most everyone made it over to Joxer Daly’s, the bar that’s like 4 minutes from the field.

Oh, let me tell you about that, cause that was funny.  We HAVE to go to that bar all the time after Culver City games.  I wish there were more games at Culver.  They serve food until 11.  The place was mostly empty, so there was plenty of seating.  But the best thing was the people who run the place (apart from a little attitude from the bartender.  But we get that all the time from the waitresses at the Robin Hood.)  On one of their TV’s they were playing the Culver City Council Meeting.  I thought that was an odd choice, but they made a great game out of it with Skeeter.  At the bottom of the screen, it said they were on like agenda A-1.  It was on A-1 for like the first hour we were there.  If it went to A-2, shots!  Sure enough, it finally hit A-2 and they rang a bell and gave their whole team shots.  And then about a half an hour later there was a highway chase on TV, and the manager or owner or something yells “HAPPY HOUR PRICES UNTIL THE HIGHWAY CHASE IS OVER!”  I f*cking love that bar!!!

That’s all I got.  Now here’s another recap from Marshall’s side.  This is from Seth Gillum:

RecapSethI learned a lot of new things last night.  I learned you can’t be rained out on Culver City HS’s Turf fields!  I learned that you can’t put a 10 year old under contract, and I learned you can’t promise Andy Bandit a win for his 45th Birthday.

First up, the field was amazing!  I know some people prefer grass to artificial turf.  But a pristine turf field compared to Balboa… There is no comparison.  It was magnificent.

The game got started a little after 8pm, a rematch of last years finals.  But unlike the finals, the weather was perfect for frisbee.  No rain, and unbelievably still air that made all but the worst of throws look amazing.  Lost a break early, and first game sloppiness really showed on the second point, where there was a dozen turnovers before Marshall finally punched it in. After that, everyone seemed to settle down and while we had a game with a fair share of turnovers, there weren’t many breaks.  Half went to Skeeter 8-7, Skeeter receiving the pull.  And that’s how the game finished, 15-13 Skeeter.

Noteworthy was Daniel Landesman’s first winter league game, where he shined.  In addition to catching the game winner, he got a mean footblock on a Joe Forbes huck and played strong throughout the night.  about 5 years ago, at Sunday pickup Aaron Jacobs threw a tough cross field hammer that Danny slid to catch.  After the point, AJ asked “are going to play for Marshall?  There’s a spot for you when you are ready.”
The answer may have been yes, but I guess you can’t put a 10 year old under contract.  Somehow he’s playing with his father instead.  How did I not foresee that?

Also noteworthy was Dominic’s continued commute from San Diego to play with Marshall, Jane’s nice layout D, Marshall trotting out its “Old” line for a score, and solid play all around.  There was a strong post game turnout at the bar, which serves a mean burger and seems to offer happy hour prices during televised car chases.  All in all, a fine way to start winter league.

Yes it was.  And I forgot about that.  We almost had Danny.  Damn!

Finally, here’s a limerick from Victor Smith of Skeeter:

recapvictorThe uncoverable captain of Skeeter
Had gas that one cannot meter;
He cut while he farted,
And defenders all parted,
But you really shouldn’t follow that leader.

Tonight is the first game at Jackie Robinson field in Mid-City.  It’s Sky Life vs. Retro.  Excited to hear how it is at that field.  And it’s so close to my house, I could walk there.  I’m giddy.


Date Time League Season
January 10, 2017 12:00 am Winter League 2017


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