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We have the recap from Tuesday night’s game.  Not last night.  Last night’s games were rained out at Balboa, just reminding us of the superiority of turf fields.  Sure, if you lay out on a turf field, you will be wiping goo off your forearm for a couple days, and little black pellets will line the bottom of your shower, but you will run about 5% faster and you will never see a gopher.  And they will let you play when it rains.

Which is why tonight’s games at Culver and Jack Robinson stadium should be on tonight.  So let’s here now about the Retro/Sky Life game at Jackie Robinson Tuesday night.  This is Sky Life’s Chris Walthers with the recap:

RecapChrisWalthersDear evil diary,

Year 3, day 1. My plan to sabotage every team in LAOUT Winter League is going smoothly. With Huck and Chuck all shucked and plucked, and Kong gone kaput, it’s only a matter of time before my new team – Sky Life – is Sky LIMP!!! They have accepted me as one of their own, and so far they have no idea of my sinister machinations… ohhhh, the burdens of such brilliant schemery, it almost hurts to be this clever!

The new turf fields at Rancho Cienega are nice, there’s no doubt about that, Chuck Bender did great work. Still, already I can hear the dissenting voices – “Culver City is soooo far from Pasadena, it takes 2 hours to get here from Thousand Oaks, what about the Robinhood!” they snivel! I can work with this. Sharing the field with what appears to be a practice for a semi-professional football team will definitely create some much-appreciated friction throughout the year.

Our first game is against Retro – a familiar fiend. I mean… FRIEND, haha YES, that’s the word. With a combination of wily veterans like my father, the nauseatingly virtuous Ben Potash, and his sidekick Lance Larson, a sprinkling of lightning fast young-bloods like Dylan Patton, and a strong core of nasty women like Emie George, Drea, and Karen Chu, the future AND the past is Retro. This is a tough matchup to start the season… JUST WHAT I NEED TO PLANT THE SEEDS OF DISCORD AMONG THESE UNWITTING SKY LIFE FOOLS!

The game began with looming threat of rain but got off to a dry start. Both teams looked surprisingly smooth for the first few points – there were a few turnovers, mostly due to slightly over-thrown hucks or throws into the grass, but I expect they will trickle away by tournament time. Retro did well with their classic poachy handler defense – this may be a weak point for me to exploit on Sky Life. “Be more stagnant! Fewer cuts to the force side! Keep the disc near the sideline!” I’ll say as the frustration builds. Yessssss…..

Sky Life took half at 8-4 on the back of some strong play by… well, everyone. I’ve never seen such potent teamwork. Notably, Ethan ran down a long huck and made a sweet diving catch on one of those “nope, no way…. he might get close if he lays out… wait, really???” catches. JP seemed to always make the right cut to get the disc in the endzone, and Jim always made the right throw to get it there. Our ladies all played a strong game with Bubbles, Banshee, Magma, Kate, Lauren, Liz, and Qiao all playing well despite their kind of cool superhero sounding names. I’ll have to keep my eye on that…

And then came the rains. First in sharp, biting needles that fell at such a low angle it seemed to come from the other sideline rather than the sky so as to hit you right in your eyes as you tried to catch an in-cut or see the swing-person. Then the skies really let loose and the rain fell hard and cold in those big, smacking blobs that kind of made a soft roar as they slapped the turf. Could this rain expose the many truths of the mortal and corruptible?

The second half was stormy and cold and I tried not to remember it. Why does my dark heart crave an evil so outdoorsy? Turnovers increased in the rain and wind, with several dropsies and at least one huck that instead looked like a pre-game disc-flip from the thrower as the old ‘bee slipped out of a tight grip. Sky Life’s defense tightened further and suffocated a Retro team struggling with the elements. Final score 15-8 (?). Death to Sky Life has been swallowed up by victory… for now.

The core roster of Sky Life are good ultimate players and beautiful, oblivious fools… this won’t be easy but for now I have earned their trust. I mustn’t act in haste or my evil plans will be snuffed out. This weekend is the annual Sky Life Big Bear ski retreat. I do not look forward to the debauchery and uncomfortable eye-contact that will no doubt be required to “fit in” with these “friends”. I imagine it will require many Bud Lights to tolerate. Just remember the goal. One day my name will be whispered softly from lips trembling with fear throughout LA Ultimate. One of the greats – Caesar, Napoleon, and ME – Chris Walthers!!! Learn it well, for it is the name of your own doom, Sky Life!

Wow.  That was … evil.  I didn’t realize Chris sat on the sinking ships of two previous teams.  He hasn’t even been in LA that long.  That’s impressive work in a short period of time.

Last night’s games were cancelled as a I mentioned.  Tonight it’s Animal Style going up against the new team Tuskemen and Women.  And the free agent team, which doesn’t have a name so far, or may just always be the Free Agents, I don’t know, they’re going up against the other new team After Party.


Date Time League Season
January 11, 2017 12:00 am Winter League 2017


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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