Animal Style vs Tsukemen and Women


Sorry for the lateness of these recaps from Thursday games.  I was in Big Bear for the weekend.  And while I was there, I learned the game that Joanna Whitney of Animal Style will be referencing below.  So let’s get right to her recap of Animal Style vs. new team Tsukemen and Women.  Here’s the winner of the 2016 Recapper of the Year award.  And she doesn’t disappoint with her first one for the new year:

RecapJoannaTo explain this recap, you need to first understand the game Codenames that Don brought to Joxer Daly after the games.  Here are the rules:

And again just in case:

This game is a slightly larger version of the board with a few alterations to the game: No neutral squares (innocent bystanders) and I’m going to take some liberties with the one word rule.  There is still one Assassin card and it’s because it’s the card the person picked the most often when we were playing.

Blue Team = Tsukemen and Women

Red Team = Animal Style

The Board:



First Point – 3
Bustle – 3
Rob – 4
Jenny – 4
Footblock – 3
Halftime – 2
Exhaustion – 1
Run – 2
Noodle’s Zone – 2
Tsukemen – 3
Buster – 2
Final – 3
Birthdays at the bar – 3



First Point (4 – Rob, Joanna, 1-0)
Bustle (3 – Boxes Out, Ballantine, 1-1)
Rob (4 – Huck, Reed, Just over defender, 2-2)
Jenny (4 – cuts off, Chicago, score, 3-3)
Footblock (3 – Johnny, attempt, flying shoe)
Halftime (2 – 4-8, RaMen and Women)
Exhaustion (1 – Animal Style)
Run (2 – Noodles, 4-11)
Noodle’s Zone (2 – Broken, 5-10)
Tsukemen (3 – Young, Athletic, Energy)
Buster (2 – Red Zone, d)
Final (3 – 5-15, Tsukemen, cheers)
Birthdays at the bar (3 – Judge, Nahall, Nate)
Robin (Assassin Card)

I hope you played this at home with a group.  I personally found out I’m not so great at this game.  Especially when I’m drunk and I completely ignore my team’s wishes.  No bueno. Joanna also threw in a photo of what happens when you lay out on turf.  This is Tim Teitsworth and Johnny Lam.


Looks like Tim got into a fight with a vicious kitty cat.  Or he likes it rough.  I don’t know.

In case you didn’t quite follow what happened in Joanna’s recap, Andrew Bustle has a more straightforward one for you, from the winning side:

RecapBustle2I’m always so excited this time of the year because it signals the beginning of winter league.  And last night was a great start on a chilly night at Culver City High School (side note the field is pretty great).

We got rolling around 8:15 with pretty equal numbers.  We started off on defense and we traded points until we were something like 3-3.  Animal Style had some deep throws going with a couple good connections to Reed.  Good hucks were going up from Drew all night.  After being at 3’s Tsukemen and Women turned it on with a decently flowy offense.  Tsukemen and Women end up taking half 8-4.  Second half we ran zone a few points with moderate success.  But the second half went the same way as the end of the first with Tsukemen and Women pulling away to a 15-5 victory.  Shout outs to Bryce for a sick layout D in the zone and follow up layout score from a huck, Claw had some very good deep cuts and had some nice deep D’s, and Jenny for getting into a real game for the first time since injuring her shoulder and getting right back into great form.

Wow.  Okay, this new team T&W looks pretty good.  Animal Style was no slouch last year, so not only will T&W be interesting to watch going forward this year, but I’ll also have to learn to spell their name correctly, since it’s wrong on the standings and scores pages.  Gotta fix that.


Date Time League Season
January 13, 2017 12:00 am Winter League 2017


Culver City High School

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