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After Party vs Suicide Squad

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Sorry for the lateness of the recaps from Thursday.  I was in Big Bear this weekend.  But I’m back, and let’s get to it.  We haven’t had a free agent team in some time.  But Seth Gillum did a lot of good work to get us one this year, and he was even on hand to watch them play their first game at Jackie Robinson stadium against new team After Party, captained by the 2016 Cute Couple of the Year award winners Stephanie Hicks and Nate Warden.  Steph is actually a writer, like gets paid for it and everything, so here’s her recap/script from their first game of the year:



It’s a dark and stormy night. Literally. Luckily the rain abates and the clouds part giving way to a full moon.

Gold and silver balloons glint in the stadium lights as KATELYN (20s, blond, team-mom) carries them across the field to STEPHANIE (30ish, generally a shit-show) who admires Katelyn’s purple shiny tights and stripped socks. Damn, Stephanie laments, I was so busy baking cupcakes I didn’t even think to dress up.

But her captaining duties call and there’s no time for outfit remorse. For the first time, AFTER PARTY meets and greets, led by birthday boy NATE (20s, ridiculously –good-looking-stud). Stephanie is supposed to be helping, but she’s distracted by how good Nate’s hair cut looks. Problems. Little did she know that much larger problems were right around the corner…

Wait. I thought Don was on our team? Says one of the many men on her team whose name Stephanie will get wrong that night. She thinks it was probably ADAM (20s, doesn’t remember his last Halloween costume). Stephanie’s eyes narrow as she stares across the field to where DON (20s, Filipino, handsome devil) warms up with the opposing team: The Free Agents. He defected. Stephanie informs Adam, not without a little bitterness. Little did she realize what Don’s defection was about to cost them…

AFTER PARTY took the field on offense to face the FREE AGENTS defense. Two untested Winter League teams, neither of which had played together before. After Party worked the disc up the field, and SPENCER (20s, Asian model) hucks it to KIRKHAM (30s, who Spencer dubbed the “tall, good-looking dude with tights”) only to find Don FLYING THROUGH THE AIR and getting massive D… ON KIRKHAM???!???!

WHAT THE F$#@?!?!! Stephanie curses. But she couldn’t help but be impressed. This will be one of the many FREE AGENTS’ displays of athleticism that impresses her tonight. The Free Agents work the disc down and score, using a few of their many excessively tall and fast gentlemen whose names Stephanie definitely doesn’t know. She realizes that with two new teams, tonight’s game would come down to which team gelled the fasted. Which unfortunately did not happen on the next point.


Fifteen minutes later: Point #2 rages on and Stephanie is fairly certain that she’s about to blow chunks out both ends and is feeling every bit of her holiday laziness in her screaming muscles. There’s been at least six turnovers, half of which she’s thrown. Luckily COGS (20s, crazy tall, crazy fast, slightly resembles a Muppet) calls a time-out and After Party finally gets their shit together and scores.


After Party huddles up and Nate congratulates them on taking half 8-2. Despite tons of turnovers by both sides and JESS (20s Asian, young and speedy) going down with an ankle injury, After Party has managed to go on an 8-1 run and best of all, they’re having a great time doing it. Even injured-Jess is grinning and Stephanie takes advantage of huddle-time to give Nate’s cute ass a few squeezes.

Stephanie tears herself away from Nate’s ass to warn that despite the lead, Free Agents are a great team and After Party can’t let up the pressure and unfortunately she’s right. The Free Agents come out after half with a fire lit under them and go on a 4-1 run taking the score to 9-6. The Free Agents are aided by the fact that most of the After Party roster have forgotten how to catch, including Katelyn dropping a pull. But damn she looked good doing it in those shiny pants.

But their luck turns around as CLINT (30s, Steph’s roommate) gets two massive D’s that they convert into scores, and GRIFFIN (20s, boy-wonder) breaks his own epic dropping-spree with a Callahan. After Party goes NUTS… except Stephanie who gives Griffin a lecture about how we don’t spike the disc, ever. Stephanie then apologizes profusely to Free Agents and Griffin explains that he was mostly just rejoicing that his hands were no longer allergic to the disc.

The two teams trade points and the FREE AGENTS have momentum on their side as their ladies, BEV, DEBI, GRETA and CASEY, despite having only one sub, are unstoppable.

But the After Party ladies including SAM (20s, former glee-club-member and dog-lover), RUTH (20s, hair model), JUDGE (20s, Birthday Girl), TIDAL (20s, the shit) and DIESEL (20s, a tank) battle back with their own lady-dominated scores.

Then Kirkham decides to get his huck game back and connects a few times with Nate to bring the score to 14-8. [Stephanie takes the opportunity to admire Nate’s ass as he sprints to the endzone.] Then the D-line gets a turn and ROBIN (birthday-boy #2) gets the final score to win the game.

And finally they get to the part of the night which is the whole reason Stephanie plays. The AFTER PARTY!

Cupcakes are shared. Balloons are awarded to the THREE birthdays peeps and the Free Agents ladies… and Don. Even though he defected.


I feel like I need to start staring at Nate’s ass a little more now.  I didn’t realize how much I was missing.

No games tonight because of MLK.  Next games are tomorrow night.  Sky Life (1-0) faces Animal Style (0-1).  They played a great game last year that Sky Life won 16-15.  And Retro (0-1) meets Tsukemen and Women (1-0).


Date Time Competition Season
January 12, 2017 8:00 pm Winter League 2017


Team1st Half2nd HalfFinal Score
After Party8715
Suicide Squad268

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