Animal Style vs Sky Life


With rain looming in the forecast tonight, threatening to cancel the games at Balboa, it’s nice to be reminded of the sweet turfy fields we get the other half of the time that won’t get rained out.  (Although tomorrow will certainly challenge that assertion.)

After battling to universe point last year, Animal Style and Sky Life went back at it last night at Jackie Robinson stadium, and Animal Style’s Joanna Whitney brings us the Shakespearean recap:

RecapJoannaDrove to a town I’ve never been to
The car next to mine was broken into

Walked to the fields that were really busy
Found the few who were throwing Frisbees

Animal’s teammates all had colds
They also think they’re all quite old

Sky Life was ready, kicking their feet up
Animal had to remember to lace their cleats up

Sky Life’s Team set the pace
Ethan laid out on his face

Animal struggled to connect
Throws and drops we didn’t expect

At half the score was eight to one
We needed a cheer to bring it on

Drew put a few up to our women
Then Scrappy yelled “That’s my husband!”

Dan tackled at least three humans
Sky Life rolled right through them

Cedar handled like a veteran
Animal scored a point again

Finally we were looking quite strong
Until Sky Life got the score wrong

Hands were slapped before I could argue
Straight to the bench our teams went to

Tim and I chatted, it’s only 14-5
One more point, Animal? No, we have a far drive

We agree to their score of 15-6
Lei Out’s this weekend, everyone heal quick.

Another blowout win for Sky Life and another blowout loss for Animal Style.  This begs the question, which one of these things is most real?  Is Sky Life taking a step up this year?  It’s quite impressive, especially with the loss of Keith Gibson to a shoulder injury at Aviators tryouts.  Or have injuries and illness ravaged Animal Style early in this season?  Remember, Animal Style started last year with six straight wins.  And here they are at 0-2 without playing any of the top teams.  This is proving 2017 so far to be a very different season.


Date Time League Season
January 18, 2017 12:00 am Winter League 2017


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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