Tsukemen and Women vs Retro


The first game of the year at Balboa was played last night.  Remember that gopher infested place?  Tsukemen and Women met up with Retro for the first time.  Here’s Andrew Bustle, T&W’s captain, with the recap:

RecapBustle2Playing at Balboa after playing on a beautiful turf field in Culver City was rough. It really makes you thankful for finding those turf fields. It was pretty chilly, pretty wet, and little to no wind. Tsukemen and Women started out on defense and quickly rolled off four breaks in a row. We were rolling with a strong defense and some smooth offense. Retro fired back with three breaks of their own coming off a huck from Ben and deep cuts from Dylan. Tsukemen and Women stiffened up and took half 8-3.

In the second half we came out on offense. Alex Chin made a beautiful deep cut for the first score of the half. Retro answered back with a score of their own. We got rolling again after that with Retro trying a few different things to spark them including a zone-man hybrid defense, switching the force, and going to a vert stack. It was not enough to slow our momentum and we finished the game 15-4. Shout outs to Monkey for a solid game of cutting, Claw for excellent defense and cutting, and Thomas “T-Tom” Lin for his excellent play even while being sick. You know, I’ve been told that the T in T-Tom stands for T-Tom.

So it’s T-Tom-Tom?  What’s the T stand for in that?  (Who’s on first?)

Retro with two big losses to start their season.  It’s going to be quite a challenge for them to win B Division this year.  Their 5-straight B titles is on the line.  This also means that with Dynamic Scheduling, it’s going to be nearly impossible to imagine how they’re going to find their way to playing Marshall this year, which means we may be missing out on another amazing video from them.  They’ll have to find another team to try to terminate, or father new children of, for 2017.

New team Tsukemen & Women on the other hand pulls together another blowout win, and is proving to be too good for the middle tier teams, and may find themselves in some much better competition against teams at the top.  Very curious to see how those games play out.


Date Time League Season
January 18, 2017 12:00 am Winter League 2017


Balboa Sports Complex

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