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Suicide Squad vs Tarmac

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So the Free Agent team is now called Suicide Squad.  This continues a long tradition of Free Agent teams that named themselves.   From Viking Kittens in 2003, Feral Ultimate in 2004, Leftovers in 2005, Ligers in 2006, TBD in 2007, Curt Flood in 2008 and Chopped Liver in 2010.  Those are the ones I remember.  It’s been awhile since we had a Free Agent team.  I think the last one was called the Free Agents in 2011.  Some of these teams even stayed together after the year they were created.  Feral Ultimate actually remained together for three years.

And so last night Suicide Squad played a make up game against Tarmac for their rain out at Balboa.  They were on one of the two fields at Jackie Robinson field.  Here’s the recap from Suicide’s Randy Sanchez:

RecapRandySo, better cold and dry as opposed to cold and wet.
Our regular game with Rooks was cancelled at Balboa so tonight was the make up with Tarmac.
We have plenty of women on the roster with only 2 for the game.
I approached Tarmac and they said no problem, we will play 5-2 tonight.
This would set the tone for the evening. A hard fought game and spirit would rise to the occasion.
We had several rounds of names with 3 men making their first appearance.
Suicide started on O and was quickly trapped on the sideline.
We succumbed to growing pains and trying to establish chemistry so the cuts weren’t clean and throws were errant.
Tried to do too much too soon which put us in a hole quickly.
That being said our defense was clicking and we were getting turns.
A big huck went up from Tarmac and Suicide had two men make the read to make a play on the disc.
I was on the back side and decided to not make matters worse by making the bid. I had good position but the foul was called because there was some contact.
Friendly discussion led to a contested foul and play continued. Tarmac had good flow with Tiger and Brad working the offense. There was a toe the line play with a Tarmac woman catching the goal. Whether she was in or out was questionable, I was on the sideline and thought her first point of contact was out, but my team mate Steve over ruled since he had best perspective. Score the goal.
Tarmac had their huck working and next thing you know Suicide was down 8-2 at half.
After half time Suicide switched to Ho stack and as in our previous game, we made our push.
A few drops from Tarmac and some brilliant D and we had ourselves a game.
A lot of confusion about the score, but the game finished at 15-9.
Suicide is getting their game together and we played well.
Tarmac had enough women to allow one of theirs to play with us.
At times we had Sonja and even Broccoli played with us.

So that was a 7-7 second half.  Great job by the Suicide Squad to rally to make it a game.  And great work by Seth Gillum to help put this team together.


Date Time Competition Season
January 26, 2017 8:00 pm Winter League 2017


Team1st Half2nd HalfFinal Score
Suicide Squad279

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