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Rooks finally took the field last night.  They got rained out in their first game, but it’s good to see them back.  And they took on new team After Party, who have cool After Party jerseys that I only know about because their team was well represented at Joxers afterward.  They’re living up to their name for sure.  Here’s After Party’s Stephanie Hicks with the recap:

RecapStephanieNate checks his GPS as he peers up at the dark front of the imposing structure, rain pouring down his windshield. Where the hell am I? Culver’s house wasn’t easy to find, but luckily he spies the car of his fellow Partier, SAM and parks behind her. Sam ushers him into the car where she’s hot-boxing and they enjoy a pleasant high before he gets Stephanie’s text that the party is out back and she’s brought Captain Crunch. Sweet! Captain Crunch is the best. Steph is the best. Tonight is gonna be the best!!!

Out back the party is in full swing, Spencer and Tidal take turns at the keg. Judge, Castro, Ruth and Steph have started a massive dance party. And all is well until some thugs from a rival gang – The Rooks, led by Colin – show up trash talking the After Party gang claiming The Rooks are the ultimate partiers. Nate scoffs: Our name is After Party. Bring it. And they challenge the Rooks to a beer pong match for the ages.

Fifteen cups are lined up on each side. Both sides first shots go awry. Balls bounce off the rims. Miss the table completely. Rebuttals were fumbled. Then Nate lobs one in (to Robin) and The Rooks drink. Beer pong is on.

SIDE NOTE TO THE READER: Stephanie is an utter disappointment at this party being that she has a cold and sits out on the action because she’s contagious. She sips beer with Tidal who’s forgotten her cleats. The ladies are thin tonight so they use the new party-pool of designated drinkers and land Adair, Alison and Hoover. Stephanie is very grateful.

Spencer misses twice in the next round but so do the Rooks and Spencer redeems himself, grabbing a bounce ball and then sinking it in (to Judge). Cogs shows off his fresh-out-of-college beer pong skills as he defends the ball away from his own cup and sinks one in.

Everyone starts enjoying a pleasant buzz. Judge catcalls Ethan who’s way late to the party: “You do you baby boo!” Tidal and Stephanie finish their sideline beers as four more cups disappear. Then Chuck and Kale from the Rooks answer back and sink one in, putting the Rooks on the board and the Partiers drink. Unfortunately the Rooks have to keep drinking and drinking until Rooks have drunk 8 cups to the Partiers 1 and they take a break to re-rack.

The Rooks come back strong after the re-rack with CJ laying out across the table to swat away a rebound, but Spencer is on fire and sinks one in (to Alison). Ruth comes on strong- sinking in two balls. Allison, Hoover and Adair continue to be clutch.

The night becomes blurry as both sides get trashed as the two rival gangs trade shots across the table. Nate and Ruth get the pot-munchies and pound some Captain Crunch. Then Nate starts chanting Captain Crunch, Captain Crunch, Captain Crunch. It doesn’t take.

Jordan, Kale, Eddie and Colin shows off some killer form, but by now the Rooks have consumed way too many beers and while they have some beautiful arcing lobs across the table, they keep bouncing off the rim in tragic misses. And alas, the Partiers are just way too good at drinking games (hence their name) and soon there’s just two cups left across from the Partiers, but they miss the shot multiple times giving the Rooks room to sink their 2nd cup of the night and the Partiers (happily) drink.

Nate, despite his mouth being full of Captain Crunch, sinks an easy shot and there’s just one cup left on the table. The Rooks circle up to talk strategy as the rain pours down.  Ruth shrugs off her last few missed shots, brushes her stylishly-cropped hair from her eyes, takes aim and lobs her Ping-Pong ball through the air, and sinks the last cup and the After Party claim their title as the best partiers. But in the spirit of a good party — they put their beef with the Rooks aside and celebrate the night with shots and drunk hugging… and Captain Crunch.

I don’t have my Beer Pong to Ultimate translator button with me, but I’m pretty sure that means it was 15-2.  Good start for After Party with two big wins.  They started in the lowest pool of teams, but I can see them rising pretty easily with some of the players on that roster.

This weekend is Lei Out y’all.  Rest up tonight for there shall be drinking aplenty, and then rain aplenty on Sunday.


Date Time League Season
January 20, 2017 12:00 am Winter League 2017


Culver City High School

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