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After undefeated teams Sky Life and Tsukemen&Women battled Monday, we had another match-up of the lossless when After Party took on Tarmac last night.  Here’s Stephanie Hicks from After Party with the story:


As COGS takes his seat in row 15A his long legs rejoice that he scored an aisle seat for his flight to San Francisco, excited for his last LA After Party. GRYPHON and BRONSTEIN take their seats next to him and the three discuss the party in First Class that they just passed while boarding. It looked awesome. They flag down Flight Attendant BRYANNE, smoking hot in her bright pink uniform and white mini skirt and they ask her, “How do we get upgraded??” She rolls her eyes and sneers. “Aint gonna happen sweet cheeks.”  Cogs sighs: Looks like we’re in for a bumpy ride. HOOVER – since she wasn’t even supposed to be on this flight – steals a pink crew uniform and slips into the First Class cabin.

Over the PA they hear: This is CAPTAIN CIFUENTES and I regret to inform you that we will be delayed on the tarmac indefinitely. Please stay in your seats. The After Party Crew GROANS. This sucks!! Stuck in coach, they can all hear the party raging in First Class.  Gryphon makes a quick dash up the aisle but the Tarmac Flight Crew – in matching bright pink shirts – takes up position in the coach cabin and stares down the After Party passengers. The challenge is clear. To enter the First Class party, you’re gonna have to get past the Tarmac Crew.

STEPH and NATE rally the Partiers: “This is Cogs’ last after party in LA guys. We can’t let him down. We are getting him into First Class!!! The After Partiers cheer, SHOTS!!! And then slowly work their way up four rows of seats before the Tarmac Crew pushes them back two rows not without a little help from the unstoppable duo of JOEL and DREW.

Steph tries to distract them by flirting shamelessly with Bryanne, but her advances are rebuffed so she sends Sam-One in [Sam-One’s Ass was looking hot in her purple tights]. Sam has more success and they advance four more rows, while only getting pushed back two. [8-4].

The Tarmac Flight Crew makes them take their seats for drink service and then the After Partiers are back at it, working their way to First Class row by row. There are some epic match-ups between the Partiers and the Tarmac Flight Crew. Robin has a massive layout-D on Drew, who answers back with an end zone D of his own. Judge and Hoover battle it out, as Judge foot-blocks her. Tarmac Crew Member THIES shows up late and is suddenly everywhere and with veterans JOHNNIE and DOUG, the After Party isn’t getting anything past them.

Nate makes everyone regroup and rallies the team: “Remember, we are the After Party. And we never get turned away at the door.” They’d been pushed back seven times that night but the After Party was on the brink of First Class. Just one row stood in their way. [14-7]

But the last row proves to be the true battle ground. Kirkham hucks it to Cogs. But Tarmac D’s it. Again and again, the Partiers are rebuffed by the Tarmac Crew. Until finally Clint floats one in the air and Cogs comes down with it. The Partiers go crazy chanting Cog’s name.

Then the Partiers kneel before the Tarmac Flight Crew and offer them a cooler of beer for admittance to First class — they are baby-birded-shots — Steph kisses Bry. Bry kisses her back. And thus began a long sequence of hugging and ass grabbing as the Partiers enter First Class.


In First Class the party rages as they have a proper send-off for Cogs. As with any good party, people start hooking up.  Stephanie had recruited Gryphon, Nate had recruited Bronstein, and they smiled happily as they watched the two love-birds link fingers and skip off the plane.

Photo Credit: Ryan Castro.


I’m assuming that’s from Wayne’s World?  Nice pull.  And of course, I expected nothing less debaucherous from these two groups.  Nate’s ass didn’t get mentioned though in this recap.  I think Steph is slipping.

After Party is now 3-0 and they’ll be moving up in class for their next couple games.


Date Time League Season
January 25, 2017 12:00 am Winter League 2017


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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