Suicide Squad vs Rooks


Suicide Squad played Rooks Wednesday night in a make-up game.  They played it on Balboa I believe, in what might be the swan song game at Balboa.

Here’s Seth Gillum with the recap:

RecapSethWOW! Where to start. It was a hell of a game, and one of the grittiest first halves of ultimate games I’ve seen in a long time. Suicide Squad and the Rooks going head to head. Someone has to come up with the first win. First impressions. Was this the Rooks team that everyone else has been playing? They have some serious talent. Gritty D, sticky hands, bold throws. They came to play. The Squad’s specialty is D and running opponents into the ground. And every week, the O (and the bar attendance!) looks a little bit better. Our lockdown D made for some long points. And the first half of ultimate was some of the most exciting I’ve watched in a long time. Some points seem to be a battle of who would just get too tired to keep running first. Suicide Squad stepped up the hard marks and locked down on the handlers, making every throw from the Rooks contested. It’s funny how lockdown D works. It starts with two or three people on the line. Then as the game goes on, it becomes infectious. Either everyone steps up and there are no more easy throws, or people start slacking off and it all falls apart. The Squad, I’m proud to say, LOCKED IT DOWN. But the Rooks knew this was a game they could win, and they played just as hard and with just as much heart as Suicide squad. And I figured someone, somewhere would have to break. You just can’t keep that level of intensity up for a full game. But by half, it looked like I was wrong. After yet another marathon point, the Rooks scored to take half 8-7.

Suicide Squad made a few tactical changes at half, and were able to get a few defensive stops near the Rooks’ end zone which let us pull away and take the game 15-9. But don’t let the second half score fool you, there was still a bunch of marathon points and ridiculously amazing plays. If I had to guess, I’d say our superior numbers really helped us in that second half. But our 4 women still somehow managed to keep running all game long. Frankly I’m amazed at how they did it.

Too many great plays and players to mention. Next game, I’m going to try and give someone the mission of writing a recap that JUST mentions the great plays. But a huge shoutout to both team. An amazing game to watch and should either the Rooks or Suicide Squad bring that intensity to their next games, it’s going to be a show one should not miss!

Rooks already did play their next game.  It was last night against Tarmac, and I’m awaiting the recap of that.  Suicide Squad next plays Sky Life on Tuesday.


Date Time League Season
February 2, 2017 12:00 am Winter League 2017


Balboa Sports Complex

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