Marshall vs Ninja Squirtles


Marshall and Ninja Squirtles met for the 10th time in our histories.  That’s now tied for the second most games we’ve played against an opponent.  In the previous 9 games, we won 4, lost 4, and tied once.

Marshall 15 – Squirtles 7
SEMIS: Squirtles 11 – Marshall 7

Marshall 15 – Squirtles 12
Marshall 16 – Squirtles 16 (tie)
FINALS: Marshall 17 – Squirtles 16

Squirtles 15 – Marshall 8
SEMIS: Squirtles 13 – Marshall 3

Squirtles 15 – Marshall 12
SEMIS: Marshall 8 – Squirtles 7

Interesting, I didn’t know until doing this just now that we’ve faced the Squirtles in the tournament every single year since their inception.  Obviously we’ve gotten to know each other really well.  They know our tendencies.  We know theirs.  In a way, it’s cool when opponents have played each other this much.  It makes it as much about the chess match of strategy as it does skill and ability.  When we talked in the huddle before the game, we knew what they wanted to do, and so it was just a discussion about switching things up to try and combat the things they’re best at.  I know I heard them on the sideline talking in the same way about our players.  (Actually, a couple of them talked about how to stop Cubby’s throws.  You can’t stop Cubby!!!)

Squirtles was in a tough spot cause they only had four women out there and we had six.  Two of their injured women, Scrappy and Rigby, came to cheer their team on.  But the fact they couldn’t play made it especially exhausting for the four who were out there.  We took advantage of that by running the offense almost completely through our women cutters and they were all exceptional.

This was a back and forth score to start, where Squirtles went up 1-0, 2-1, 3-2, 4-3 and 5-4 before they took their first two point lead, but Marshall roared back to score three straight and take the lead 7-6.  After which Squirtles recaptured the lead and took half 8-7.  Squirtles doesn’t play a hucking game much, but they did last night, sending several huge bombs to Box alone, as well as to Biclops, Cortez and Brandon.  It felt like they weren’t missing much on their long shots.  Almost all of them working out.  Our hucks weren’t as strong, and we tried to take advantage of their poaching when we could, and again, basically just let our female cutters run the show.  Zazu, Connie, Sophie, Emma, Lauren and Sweas must all have touched the disc 20-25 times.

Coming out of half, we tied it at 8’s, and then again at 9’s.  But then Marshall started to pull away a little bit.  Some surprising turnovers by normally solid throwers on their side helped, and some really strong defense by Marshall forced them into a lot of difficult choices.  The best of the best might’ve been when Biclops made it all the way to the goal line on a huck, but then even though the mark didn’t come on him for a few seconds, he couldn’t find any open receivers and was forced to float a prayer shot up on stall 9.  That kind of shut down D really pumped us up and we used that momentum to win 15-12 over a very talented, but understaffed Squirtles team.

Our first win of the season.  Man, I did not want to start the defending title season 0-3.  Only once in our history did we open the season 0-3, and that was our very first year in 2000.  We were pretty bad then.


Date Time League Season
January 27, 2017 12:00 am Winter League 2017


Culver City High School

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