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Tarmac vs Suicide Squad

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Look at this, despite the incredible amount of rain we’ve been having this year – an amount that already topped the previous five years before February even began, and then February had the “Storm of the Season” – we clearly picked the right year to move to the turf fields.  No doubt last night’s games would never have been played at Balboa after all the rain we had over the weekend.  So…. duh, winning.

Last night the free agent team Suicide Squad met Tarmac for the second time this season.  Last time they met Tarmac won 15-9.  But Suicide Squad has been getting progressively better as they get more experience together.  So how’d it go this time?  Here’s Suicide Squad’s Spaz with the recap:

RecapSpazS__ squad vs Tarmac

3 ladies with a fill by Zoe to make 4. Thanks Zoe.

Squad started in a familiar pattern of dropsies: Receive, turn, opponent score, repeat. Tarmac scores first 3.


My first three O-points featured a combined single team-wide completion.

tarmac dominated us early on D and we couldn’t stop their mad Huck skillz

3-8 half, tarmac

Halftime pep speech from Cap’n Seth. Featuring team secret: “plan A”

Inspired, we scored the first two out of half with a genius plan of catching our throws.

We added to this “catching on offense” plan with a super secret “play defense” plan. Leading to a huge run. Thanks D players!

With everything suddenly coming up Milhouse, Squad goes on a massive 6 pt run to take and hold the lead.

Injury to Briggs. Hope she’s ok!
13-11 10:02pm, “wonder how long the lights will hold”
15-12 10:32pm

Highlights, abbreviated:

Kacie, d super star, including poaching deep to steal a huge huck from a Tarmac dude. And then doing it a second time.

Tarmac’s Jonnie catching up by 3 body lengths to stop a gorgeous Huck to Marcus. MAD SPEED.

IO FLICK SCORE: “best iO i’ve thrown in years. So let’s say pretty good. Rather pleased” — Marcus

Cheers: Tarmac First Class upgrade vs TSA freedom massage.
Cheer Winner: tarmac

Post game:

Don skipped the game and went straight to the bar, fielding us a powerful squad of 12 at Joxers to throw down with After Party. With Only half of LAOUT’s cutest couple “StephNato” in attendance, they started with a strong party lead, easily taking the first half. Yet here we are at midnight with 8 on the line and no After Party to be found. FULL POINT: Suicide Squad!

Don’t call it a comeback, we been here for years.

Are you telling me that After Party left the after party early?  What are you, Alessia Cara?  That is no good people.  You gotta live up to your name.

Also, great comeback for Suicide Squad.  The win gets them to 3-4 and if they beat Rooks next week they’d finish the season even at 4-4.  Pretty damn good for a free agent team, I must say.  Here’s the final records of 1st year free agent teams I remember from the past:  (I bolded the team if they came back again the following year.)

2000 Free Radicals 1-5
2001 Free Agents 1-3
2002 Free 2B Free 1-6
2003 Viking Kittens 3-3
2004 Feral Ultimate 1-5-1
2005 Leftovers 1-5
2006 Ligers 1-7
2007 TBD 0-7
2008 Curt Flood 3-1-1
2009 Free Agent 0-9
2010 Chopped Liver 4-3

I think 2010 was the last team we had an official free agent team until this year.  So Suicide Squad next week can tie Chopped Liver’s mark for most wins by a free agent team.  Pretty cool.


Date Time Competition Season
February 21, 2017 8:00 pm Winter League 2017


Team1st Half2nd HalfFinal Score
Suicide Squad51015

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  1. Greta in the red zone with a sick thread the needle forehand between two defenders for the score.

  2. Whoa whoa whoa. You can’t say you beat After Party at the after party if the only person on your team to do a Fireball shot took the shot WITH After Party. For the record, we had 100% team participation for those Fireball shots (yes, all 9 of us that made it to the bar. #teamshotzzzzzzzz The bartender loved us). 122% if you also count shots taken by our wonderful sub, Joanna, and the not-after-party-winners Don.

  3. Honey Badgers of 2011 was a free agent team.

  4. You know, I thought they might have been, but I wasn’t 100% sure on that.

    Honey Badgers went 3-5-1 in 2011.

  5. I love you all.

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