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Marshall vs Retro

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Was I nervous when Retro was up 6-4 and had just scored 4 straight points and we were going upwind?  Yes, I was nervous.  On the sideline someone asked “When’s the last time Retro beat Marshall?”  And the answer was never.  So, I wasn’t excited to make history.  But it’s not like the games haven’t been close.  We won only 15-10 and 14-11 in the last two meetings, so yes, I was concerned.

Did it hurt when I banged my face into the back of Jeff Landesman’s head… before the game even started… and he wasn’t even on the team we were playing?  Yes, it was painful.  My advice is skip the line on the “Slam-Your-Face-Into-Jeff’s-Head” ride at Euro Disney.  It’s not worth it.


Today it’s not terrible.  A little red over the eye, but just perfect enough to hang out with my fiancee’s parents this weekend and blame her for domestic abuse.

Did I laugh when AJ dropped the pull?  Hell yeah I did.  But only cause we were up 14-10 at the time.  Otherwise it would’ve been tragic.  If you’re gonna drop the pull, do it on game point with a 4-point lead.

Was it awesome when Sophie jumped 27.5 feet in the air to snag a disc that had no earthly reason to be caught?  Yes, it was Blue Plate Special Gordon Ramsay Awesomesauce.

Was I happy when the lights went out at 14-11 and they had the disc?  Oh, you bet your ass I was.  When you have the lead, nothing spells victory better than time-cap.

Do I regret getting that third rum and coke at Joxer’s when I had to work today?  Are you flukking kidding me?  Flukk no!!!!

That’s all I got.


Date Time Competition Season
February 23, 2017 8:00 pm Winter League 2017


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  1. Also:

    Was I bummed there was no Retro video this year? Yes
    Was I sad Alison hurt her ankle? Yes
    Was I shocked Cubby threw a hammer to Lauren that landed 15 yards North East of her? No. Not shocked.

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