Animal Style vs Rooks


Lots of games last night.  This is the third one I’m reporting on and there was even another one I still have to get to.  Was it Party Friday or something?

Here’s the recap from Animal Style’s Joanna Whitney:

RecapJoannaSince the game last night was short. Like under an hour short. I’d like to take this chance to do a PSA on eating plants.

You all remember those “this is your brain on drugs” commercials right? The ones with the eggs?

Well this is about your body on plants.

Last night Animal Style saw just what it means for one of their very own to switch to vegetarian. Now we may all think he’s a little crazy, I mean look at him:


It’s ok, he’ll probably never even read this anyway. BUT Andrew Goh was pulling down ridiculous catches that looked like certain drops and threw up a few high level throws, even assisting for a score or two!! The words “where did this guy come from?” may have escaped my mouth at one point.

He was all over the place showing off his skills. They were always there, but I’m pretty sure his crazy meatless adventure has finally crossed the line into something that, just maybe, isn’t as miserable as we all thought it would be.

So moral of the story, you could potentially elevate your frisbee game by only eating plants and giving all the meat to your girlfriend and be Andrew Goh playing frisbee happy. OR you could be Jeni Kwok eating sushi and KBBQ happy:


Your choice, but I think you know what the right one is.

(It’s the meat. It’s always the meat. I mean just look at her face.)

Half was Animal Style 8 Rooks 1
Final was Animal Style 15 Rooks 4
Followed by a fun game of weird offensive plays and crazy defense with a point of “No flicks and no backhand throws”. Yeah, that went about as successfully as you’d expect.

Yeah, I’m probably not going to eat only plants.  EVEN THOUGH I saw the film Forks Over Knives where I learned that eating meat is basically making us all sick, and slowly killing us.  EVEN THOUGH I saw the film Cowspiracy where I learned that eating meat is basically causing droughts and global warming, and slowly killing us.

If I get a shock every time I eat bacon, and it feels like a hummer every time I eat cabbage, I’m gonna……………. wait, actually let me think about this.


Yeah, bacon still wins.


Date Time League Season
February 24, 2017 12:00 am Winter League 2017


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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