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Ninja Squirtles vs Tsukemen and Women

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A game I was really curious about.  Tsukemen and Women and Ninja Squirtles were neck and neck in RRI coming into this game.  Here’s T&W’s Andrew Bustle with the recap:

RecapBustle2It was a cold, windy night at Rancho Cienega.  Tsukemen and Women won the toss and decided to start on defense.  And I have to admit that I am getting worse and worse at remembering game details.  I know Squirtles scored the first point and we scored the second.  I know that my computer autocorrects Squirtles to squirrels.  Squirtles scored the next three pointsish.  Somewhere along the line Squirtles scored more and I believe half was at 8-4 in Squirtles favor.  Tsukemen and Women have had a tendency to come out of half strong and we rattled off some more points.  At some point we narrowed their lead to 9-8.  We also have a tendency to fade a bit after that.  Squirtles went up to like 14-9.  We found our game again and pulled in closer at 14-12.  Ultimately we fell short losing 15-12.  Tsukemen and Women have had troubles when we get close to the end zone and turned more than our fair share, which lead to our troubles.  But kudos to the great defense and game played by Squirtles!

Pretty close.  As expected.  T&W doesn’t fade as much as other teams.  The teams so far that have done the worst in the second half compared to the first so far are Tarmac, Retro and Ninja Squirtles, the very team they beat.


Date Time Competition Season
February 23, 2017 8:00 pm Winter League 2017


Team1st Half2nd HalfFinal Score
Ninja Squirtles8715
Tsukemen and Women4812

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