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Marshall vs Dumbledore’s Army

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Ugh, that feeling when you know you just lost a first round bye.  I don’t go through this a lot.  Since I’ve run a lot of tournaments, and helped out a lot of others, the term First Round Bye doesn’t usually apply to me.  I’ve earned a few.  I just don’t get to experience the benefit of it.  I’m just saying, it would’ve been nice to have a rare sleep-in day.

But alas.

Marshall finishes 3-5, which is only the 2nd time in our 18 years of playing Winter League to finish with a losing record.

Marshall also sets the record for the worst finish in Winter League by a defending champion.  The previous low was Ninja Squrtles’ 3-4-1 in 2014.  The only solace I can take from this is Ninja rebounded to win the tournament the next year.  On the other hand, Ninja did not have 6 players on their roster at least 40 years old as Marshall will have in 2018.

Last night was a close score the whole game.  Nobody had more than a 2-point lead at any time.  The best situation we had was 11-9 with the disc.  But to Dumbledore’s credit, they refused to give up, making several great D’s and putting in that extra effort to snag quite a few discs just a hair off the ground.  Most notable was Alex Howard’s score when he was forced to change direction and reach behind him to make an incredible catch.  I gave him a standing ovation.  I was already standing, but still.  And Licious caught a tip by Megan Sweas for a score.  We debated at the bar if it counted as a layout but there was no question it was an amazing grab.

I wanna say there were at least 6 great catches just off the ground by Dumbledore alone, and I can’t remember all of them, but there were at least that many.  We had a few ourselves.

In the end, Marshall’s miscommunication cost us.  The last two turns alone came from throws to players who cut the other way as the disc was released.

I’ve run the numbers on several scenarios for Thursday’s games, and unless Ninja Squirtles loses an upset to Sky Life by a considerable margin, the RRI is pretty much gonna finish Skeeter 1, Dumbledore 2, Ninja 3, Tsukemen 4 and Marshall 5, meaning I’m getting ready to spend 75 fewer minutes in my bed Saturday morning.  I hope you feel REALLY bad for me.  😉


Date Time Competition Season
February 28, 2017 8:00 pm Winter League 2017


Team1st Half2nd HalfFinal Score
Dumbledore’s Army7815

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