Retro vs After Party


Last day of the regular season.  It’s a been a great battle all year.  With lead changes and surprising twists.  It was really neck and neck the entire Winter.  Oh, I’m of course talking about the Stephanie Hicks vs. Joanna Whitney battle of the recappers.  Stephanie draws the last one of the year, but I think it’s too close to call.  I’m gonna need some Summer League recaps to really solidify the winner.

Stephanie2Retro had a full squad last night.
Everyone on After Party was like, “Oh shit! They massive and we tiny tonight.”
Traded points till 3s in a flawless display of athleticism by both teams.
Retro makes the first mistake, Kirkham connects with Steph to go up a break 5-3.
Offensively, that would be the last time After Party scored for a…

Very long time.

After Party crumbled under Retro’s defense as they run away with it, taking half 8-5.
Finally Nate showed up and we rallied to come back after half…wait…we didn’t…
Total domination by Retro to take it to 12-6.
Everyone on After Party was like, How’d we get so drunk so fast?
Retro doesn’t see it coming as…
Partiers PUKE AND RALLY in preparation to THROW THEIR ZONE.
Asses looking FLY as FUCK, Nate, Sam and Castro GO HAM.
Retro is SHUT DOWN as Bama scores Robin scores Sam scores Armand scores.
Time out called by Retro. How did After Party just bring it to 12-11?
Yearning for a victory, Retro’s Tiffany scores, but Kirkham hucks to Nate: 13-12.

Retro tries to break the zone, but the only one who breaks is Gryphon,
Everyone claps as he’s helped off the field his knee busted. 
Tearing away after a D, Robin (or Bama?) flies through the air and scores. 13-13.
Retro breaks the zone, Snootch scores. After Party fires back: 14-14
Over communication about Winter League rules happens. Win by 2, cap at 17.

Will the lights stay on? Can After Party get the break they need to win?
Impotent against Retro’s offense, Retro scores: 15-14.
No one saw it coming… Robin lays out for the score… but it’s just out of reach…
Someone hucks it to Retro’s Brandon. 16-14. Game over. Time for hugs. And Joxers.

That’s how the season should end.  Overtime.  Best ending ever.  I can’t wait to party with After Party at the after party.

AND WOW, I just saw the Acrostic that Stephanie made in the recap.  I am bowing down.  Bowing down hard.


Date Time League Season
March 3, 2017 12:00 am Winter League 2017


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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