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SUMMER LEAGUE!!!  It’s back.  This is the first recap of 2017, and I’m so excited, and that’s particularly surprising because I’m not even playing this year due to a stupid insistent groin injury I suffered at St. Pat’s Hat.


I’m mostly excited because the theme this year is Gods and Goddesses, and that brings me back to my childhood watching “CLASH OF THE TITANS”, which was one of my favorite films growing up.  Probably doesn’t hold up these days with the ancient stop motion animation effects.  But as a 9 year old when my dad took me to see it in the theaters, I thought it was the coolest thing ever.  Medusa gave me nightmares.  Pegasus was awesome.  And even though I was only 9, I had a huge crush on Andromeda, played by Judi Bowker.

Of course, they made a remake of it.  And it sucked in comparison to the original.  But that’s what old people say about all movies that are remade.  I’m sure people are like “the Leonardo Titanic is nothing compared to the 1953 film.”  Cause we walked uphill both ways to school and you didn’t.

An one way the original was better had everything to do with the game played last night between Poseidon and Zeus.  It’s the famous line where Liam Neeson says “RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!”

Here’s the clip from the remake:

And here’s the original, with Sir Lawrence Olivier.

Fine, Liam Neeson was more dramatic about it, but Lawrence Olivier looks way more Zeus-esque.  And he captures so much more emotion when he does the line.  Okay, that’s  enough movie talk.  Let’s get to what you really care about, the game.

Meanwhile, somewhere Nicholas Alexander is saying “did someone say my name?”

Here’s the first recap, from Don Macatangay of Zeus:

RecapDonIt was a spirited night of ultimate that started with the lights going off immediately but we patiently waited for them to return at approximately 8:20PM. Thanks Chuck Bender!

During the flip Poseidon won and chose offense… which makes you wonder what the hell are they up to!? Remy will tell you it wasn’t obvious, but it was! Poseidon got a quick score and immediately used Mnemosyne’s power and made us forget that they scored… but I remembered.

During the first half Poseidon was connecting early and I’m proud of our “young blood’s” playing defense during that first half but unfortunately we go down 2-8. The score does not reflect how we played and I would like to point out a defensive play by Jonathan Cotler who made an amazing effort on D while still avoiding contact with Sarah Gunn (editor’s note.  She’s now Sarah Woodard) from Poseidon (Sarah still came down with the disc though). #LetsMakeSummerLeagueSafeAgain

After half we came out swinging coming back 7-10. During this run Zeus ended up using their power on a Lu Wang (good ultimate player but bad summer league player) foot block on Spike (WTF is a Russell?) and turned the foot block call as not being a foot block? (Andy is this a legal use of the power?) After our run, Poseidon seemed to be too much for us and finally took it 10-15.

Poseidon’s spirit game consisted of dumping water (since they’re Poseidon) on who WE thought THEIR MVP’s were which was an amazing idea! Next game, Hades get ready to meet us in the parking lot to play Zeus’ spirit game with my car battery #Excited #Shocking #CLEAR.

That’s hysterical.  Both Poseidon’s spirit game and Don’s response.  And yes, overturning a foot block foul is definitely a legal use of the power.

They were playing the first day we’ve ever had at Sepulveda Basin, so I’m not surprised there was a little setback.  Glad it wasn’t too terrible.

And now, a recap from the winning side.  Here’s Poseidon’s Spike:

RecapSpikeHalf was Poseidon 8 – Zeus 2

Poseidon won the flip, took offense, scored, and immediately used the power.
Later, Lu foot blocked Spike, and overturned the ‘foul’ call.

The creature of the deep was the Seabass.


I didn’t immediately catch this.  But Seabass (Sebastian Chen) is on Poseidon’s roster.  Well played sir.  Well played.


Date Time League Season
June 7, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


Sepulveda Basin

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