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Demeter was the Goddess of agriculture, the harvest, and the fertility of the earth.  She was sometimes known as Mother Earth or Mother Nature, but I’ve also found that not really to be true.  Gaia was more deserving of those titles, but that’s not the interesting part.  The best story about Demeter involves her daughter Persephone, who was stolen by Hades to be his bride in the underworld.  Zeus was Hades’ brother, and totally allowed this to happen.  Cause that’s my bro, yo.  And Demeter got pissed and said bring her the F back, and she removes all the food from the Earth, so the people starve.  That’s cold D.  What did we do?  Zeus is like okay, fine, and goes to get her.  But before she leaves, she eats these pomegranate seeds that Hades gives her, cause he’s sneaky like that.  Check this out.  Hate the no foot block rule?  Well, feast your eyes on this crazy shiyat.   If you eat anything in the underworld, you’re like bound to it forever.  Damn!  Try to foot block someone, it’s just a foul for one point.  These guys go after your entire infinite soul.  Demeter gets all pissed at her daughter, cause she’s like “you KNOW you’re not supposed to eat that, you eeee-diot” and now Persephone has to spend four months out of every year in the underworld forever.


During that time, Demeter broods and everything on Earth gets cold, and that’s how the Greeks decided winter happens.

Because they didn’t know squat about elliptical orbits and axis tilt.  Dopes.

But anyway, Demeter is also probably the Goddess of the field.  Cause who else would be?  So anytime you get out on that beautiful green grass to play, give a little shout out to Demeter for makin’ it all happen.  (But when you’re playing on the turf fields for Summer League, that’s Chuck Bender.  Demeter had nothing to do with that.)

And here’s the recap of the game last night from Demeter’s Eric Brach:

RecapBrachOh man — if this game was any indication, summer league is going to be *great*. This matchup had it all: lead changes, momentum swings, strategery, tragicomic backfires, great spirit, new friends….

Demeter and Hera met under the well lit fields of Rancho Cienega. No one knew anyone… and it turned out there were two green teams there! No matter. We agrarians can smell our own. We found our fields, our teammates and our opponents, and all quickly agreed that we should get started after meeting our new teammates. No one needed time to warm up. Did we sign up for summer league to spend 9 weeks doing endzone drills? Hell no! Nuts to that. Let’s play.

Demeter went up quickly but couldn’t pull away — it was like that all game; lots of runs on both teams, with Demeter always up but Hera in striking distance. Demeter went up 5-2, then 7-4, but Hera made it 7-6 before half, and 8-8 coming out. Demeter pushed it to 12-9, but Hera went on a swing of their own, picking up a 5 point run to go from down 9-12 to up 14-12, game point! It was all early handler drops and throwaways, too — just Demeter’s first-game jitters at being close to the win, and Hera was happy to capitalize!

Down all game, Hera suddenly seemed poised for victory. Demeter, though, went on a run of her own, and pulled off a 4 point push to take the game, 16-14 in OT.

Some reflections:
– The gods did not smile on this game. Every time a team used its godly powers, that team turned it within the next 2 throws on its own end zone line and lost the point.
– The sub system is great. Hera had only 2 of their own women show up… it would have been no fun at all if not for the sub system to keep fresh legs out there.

And that’s the word from the goddess of the harvest. Next game soon!

Yep, the female sub pool is 21 women deep now, and we were fortunate to get three of them to the game last night to help out Pink.  Not having enough women has been a consistent problem for years, regardless of the gender ratio, and it’s great we can give a little help there.

Great game.  I love when Summer League scores are close.  And this week the average margin of victory was 3.6 which is pretty good.  In case you’re wondering, the average margin of victory from all games last year was 5.4

We’ve got another recap that came a couple days later from Stephanie Hicks of Hera:

RecapStephanieThursday night was an epic battle of two beautiful goddesses of wisdom and strength.

Hera is the Olympian goddess of women and marriage, both the wife and sister of Zeus and Queen of the Gods, majestic and crowned.

Demeter is the Olympian goddess of agriculture, grain and bread who sustained mankind with the earth’s rich bounty. Robed in dark Green and led by goddess & god Brach and Emily, they were truly a formidable foe with not a weak man or woman among them. [Seriously… they were kinda stacked…]

Unfortunately, Hera’s loyal ultimate frisbee subjects frocked in PINK were sadly lacking in female worshippers. But the god of the Bandits rained down his ultimate blessings on an injured goddess Steph (me) in the form of the goddesses Bacon, Snootch and Stephanie Schaeffer who joined the Pink goddesses Nahall and Drea. Were there Pink gods there? Yes. Will I speak of them… probably not [and especially not pink god Garrett] … because really the night was all about the goddesses.

The Pink and Green Gods & Goddesses traded a few points until Green pulled away 6-2. Then Pink went on a run, with disc after disc floating to Pink’s Snootch, Nahall and Stephanie Schaeffer–- a trio of tall goddesses — to make it a close game Green, 7 to Pink, 6.

Green took half 8-6. Then once again Pink worked it to their ladies over and over to bring it to Green, 9- Pink, 8. Injured-Steph (me) was ESTATIC – having chosen the goddess of Women – to have our first EIGHT goals of Hera’s Summer League 2017 be scored by women.

Green pulled away with some awesome run-through D’s by Green goddess C-Note, some end zone diving by energizer-bunny goddess Sully, chilly handling by the unflappable Emily, sweet grabs by cool-hands Greta, and the overall awesomeness of Rigby aka Stephanie #3.  [I mentioned Green was stacked, right???].

The score was 12-8 and injured-goddess Steph (me) feared that Hera was going to be overcome by Demeter but Pink god Nate was not going down without a fight! With the use of our tall goddesses in the cup, Nate led a zone defense on a SIX-POINT run to bring it to 14-12 [Pink to Green]. This was fueled by some awesome handling by Leland, a nice grab in the endzone by Isaac and sweet hucks by Nate.  At this point Pink was praying the lights would go off… but they didn’t.

Despite Steph’s promise to buy drinks for whoever scored the winning goal, Green fired back with a fierce zone of their own and after an unfortunately dropped pull by the pink-god-who-will-not-be-named, Green Demeter prevailed and won 16-14 and the exciting clash of the goddess came to a close.

Overall both the gods of Pink and Green’s use of their goddesses was exceptional with the Pink ladies scoring 10 out of their 12 goals. We celebrated by showering down spirit in the form of Disney Princess Stickers and crowned our Pink Spirit God & Goddess Leland & Nahall.


Oh, so the game ended on a dropped pull.  That’s pretty crazy, but certainly not the first time it’s happened.  In fact, in 2013 in the Men’s division, a drop pull happened on universe point to give Silver a 19-18 win over Black.



Date Time League Season
June 9, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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