Ares vs Demeter


Ares and Demeter were two of the Tuesday match-ups that saw both teams who had won their first game squaring off.  Here’s the recap from Demeter’s Eric Brach:

RecapBrachDemeter enjoyed another excellent Summer League game at Rancho Cienega last night.

Demeter, Goddess of the Harvest, met up against Ares, God of War. Everyone was there early and ready to play. (Although this time, one of the teams did run a warm-up drill. I won’t say which.)

The game started off with Ares scoring three straight breaks, as Demeter had a few unfortunate drops that Ares was all too happy to capitalize on. The teams traded for the rest of the half, and Ares took half 8-6. Demeter spent their half-time not strategizing, however — they just sang songs *about* getting pumped up and excited, and that seemed to translate to results. Demeter quickly brought the score to a tie at 9’s, and then even went up 11:10.

Of course, ultimate is a game of runs, and Ares was not going to give up without a fight. (What kind of God of War, after all, would give up without a fight?) Ares slapped on some good D and forced quite a few turnovers out of Demeter — more than once, Demeter earned a D of their own, only to find themselves unable to get the disc off a trapped sideline on the first throw of their possession. So it goes.

Ares took it to 14-11, game point, but just like Demeter the goddess wasn’t going to leave Persephone alone in the Underworld, Demeter the team wasn’t about to leave any points on the field. They scored two back-to-back to bring it to 14-13, and with momentum on their side, it looked like they might go all the way… and then, the lights went out. Final score: 14-13 win for Ares over Demeter — pivotal point, and the disc didn’t even get off the line for the pull!

In large measure, it was a great team game. Players ran their hardest, played their hardest, threw their smartest — members of both teams commented on how intense it was. It’s really one of the best things, not about ultimate but all competitive sports: having an opponent give you their absolute best and make you rise to play your best in return. This was one of those games. And for the most part, it was a very positive experience.

I’m withholding comments from this game for now.  But I’m sure there will be an email coming at some point, maybe next week.  Ooh, mystery.

I heard that Demeter “used the tag power first. Who knows why? One throw in from the pull, someone ran a few yards and got tagged. It was lame.

I don’t remember if the other power was used but the other team. Maybe they didn’t, because it might have been noticeable.”
Anyone remember is Ares used their power?


Date Time League Season
June 14, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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