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Normally I would start off my giving an intro of at least one of the Gods from the game, but there’s so many recaps for this game, I don’t want to bore you with my stuff.  Plus, Chris Walthers of Aphrodite gives a fantastic background on his Goddess in his recap, so here you go:

RecapChrisWalthersScholars say that the name Aphrodite means “she who shines from the sea foam” which seems like a lot of meaning from four syllables, but the Greeks also invented Geometry so maybe they were ahead of the game there. Anyways, Aphrodite was born from the severed loins of Uranus which were cast into the sea, which foamed for a long time before becoming a woman. That is metal as fuck and though I am not an expert in these things probably a metaphor. Anyways it is really curious how the Greeks and Romans differed. The Greeks loved a good tragedy and always focused on negative elements of their Gods and Goddesses, while the Romans were more inclined to venerate their Pantheon. Most of us are more familiar with the Roman “Venus” version of the Goddess of love – generous with her coochie, beautiful, bangin’ bod. The kind of chick who swipes right. Portrayals of women were not really that great back then. You have to love the Greeks though because they keep it real. Aphrodite is beautiful, but in a totally vain way, and totally manipulative. Kind of a diva. So our Aphrodite summer league team is carrying thousands of years of that history on broad, sexy shoulders, which is fine because we are humble and totally don’t stop and check out our hot butts in the mirror when we get out of the shower.

We played Hades in our first game of the year appropriately because he is the God of dead shit and I’m not going to say Hades is ugly but between the two of our teams we probably averaged a 6 and it wasn’t our fault. Maybe we could give them a few pointers on presentation. Right at 8pm the lights went out and we had to wait 20 minutes or so for them to come back on, sparing us a prolonged exposure to Hades’ busted face. Nothing lasts forever though, and Aphrodite started on O and right at the line Hades immediately used their power to reverse the pull and receive. You didn’t have to be Janus to see that coming! They were able to score the first point, making their power a success. If the powers didn’t expire after two weeks I would imagine this would be the power everyone would try to use – an extra possession is pretty valuable. Anyways, I don’t remember a ton of details about specific points, though I do remember the game being tight throughout. Hades took a quick lead and hung on by about 2 points throughout most of the first half. After a long while, the game was tied at 5-5, which prompted groans from players who were already tired and dehydrated in the hot dry Sepulveda Basin air. Aphrodite in particular was short a bunch of players and got tired early, though we managed to fight through it and pull ahead before losing half 8-7.

Some more of the critical details. Hades ran their offense through a seemingly tireless army of the undead. Their cutters never stopped getting open under and they also took a few successful shots deep, in particular to Armand. Jason Jones also had two goals in the first half/early second – his first ever – which elicited a lot of excitement. Fish did Fish things. JP is still underappreciated as a player, even after winning a championship with Dark Phoenix last year. He does everything well and is smart enough to recognize the exact right places and plays at any moment. I don’t know who the lady handler was who was mostly running their offense but her relentless break throws and disc movement kept their offense chugging. On the Aphrodite side, big throws from our handlers Kirkham, Justin, and Devin were very successful. Meg Hofner is such a solid handler and caught a couple goals for us – her knee is banged up but hopefully she is ok. Erin Childs was unguardable and probably caught 5-6 goals. Claire and Laura both made huge catches and played well as deep cutters for us. In general, we chose Aphrodite to be a veteran, well-balanced team – to share the love, if you will (AND I WILL) – and it showed today. Everyone made key plays on defense, in the air, cutting, and throwing and that will definitely be a fun aspect of our team – I could go on about them all, but vanity isn’t really our thing.

Hades again pulled slightly ahead in the second half, though the game was tied at 13s I believe before it was all over. Hades stumbled a bit when their captain and fearless leader Chris hurt his knee – hopefully he is ok. Aphrodite ran a stifling zone D for a few points in the 2nd half that earned us several goals off of short-field turnovers. At 14-13, Aphrodite took a nice shot deep and Hades made a close, goal-saving D in the endzone. They then were able to march down field and score, ending the game at 15-13, but it was that close. Alex Carey has talked about this before, but those hard-fought, well-spirited close games where both teams play really well but one team just plays a hair better are what summer league is all about. I’m really excited for the rest of the season and getting to “know” the rest of the team (the way Adam “knows” Eve in the Bible). The only thing that would have made it better would be a win, but alas, Aphrodite will live to bang another day.

Are you saying you intend to sleep with your entire team Chris?  That’s what I’m getting from that.  The family that sleeps together, wins together I guess.

Now here’s a word from the winning side.  This is Joy Park-Thomas.  Before the recap though, here’s a fantastic photo of Joy in her Black Hades outfit.  When we have the end of season toga party (likely the week before the tournament) I think Joy and the rest of her team should be allowed to wear black togas.


RecapJoyA first game of the season is always full of anticipation and mystery. How well will my team play together? Will the result of this match set the tone for the season? How do I pronounce “Armand?”  (“Ar-moaned,” apparently!)

Black won the flip and chose to start on D, only to invoke the Power of Mnemosyne to make Aphrodite forget that detail and pull to us instead. Our evil plan succeeded in scoring the first point! But Aphrodite’s love of the disc was not defeated so easily and the two teams traded points until Hades took the half 8-7.

The minions of darkness were heartened at our first half victory, and vowed to up the pressure on D where we had been jogging to the mark and not staying behind Aphrodite’s deep threat, where their big throwers, Kirkham and guy-in-trucker-hat had been hucking to women mismatches or to Scot Shinderman, who should never be overlooked. In fact, Hades captain Chris jumped a hair too early on just such a throw because he knew Scot could get up there, and the throw sailed over Chris’ hand to land in Scot’s. Aphrodite mixed up their D with some zone, but Reed and Fish crashed their chalice, I mean cup, and kept the disc moving upfield for scores.

But the most exciting point of the game came right out of halftime, when Aphrodite again pulled to Hades. The minions of the underworld worked the disc up the field and threw an angled backhand to Armand who was wide open in the end zone for the sco…. I mean drop. And from the way he looked at his hands, Armand may have been doing the same double-take as everyone else. Aphrodite took advantage of getting their hands back on the disc by promptly throwing deep to their woman in the red zone. Black’s JP was the first to catch up to her, and began stalling while the rest of her teammates sprinted to catch up and their sideline called for her to burn one, which she did, but alas for Aphrodite, at stall nine. After the time out, the Black sideline scratched its head in confusion: after the offense had set up in the end zone, Black had set up a cup around the thrower. A zone D right in front of the goal line? The gods must be crazy! But the stall count was at nine, and JP’s arms are a formidable barrier against a shorter thrower. With a second to decide, she threw upfield, where Black’s Fish caught the D. Ivana threw to Armand in the end zone for the redemption score.

Two points later, Aphrodite called to the heavens to invoke the Power of Helios, and sprinted with the disc until tagged. And though Hades too was swift of foot and quick to tag, Aphrodite scored easily. At 11-8, Hades’ Chris made an open under cut that torqued his knee, and he had to be carried off the field. At 13-13, the game was anyone’s guess. But Black’s David Reed threw to Fish to make it 14-13. On the next point, Hades caught a break and Magic Mike threw to a lady streaking toward the end zone with a poachy Red man hot on her heels. She came down with the disc and threw to JP for the final score, 15-13.

Though Hades was victorious in battle in our first match of the season, David Reed made all gods equally welcome at the Barrel, where he had arranged for discount pitchers and ordered pizzas for all four teams that played at Sepulveda. All hail spirit of the game and after game parties!

Indeed.  Huzzah!  (Actually, that might be the wrong theme.)  Speaking of Reed, you know no game with Reed is complete without the complete unreadability of a Drunken Reedcap.

It’s all a little too long to put here, so I’m giving it its own post, which you can read HERE.


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June 14, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


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