Athena vs Apollo


When I think of Apollo, this is who I think of:


I mean, c’mon, he was in all the Rocky movies until he died, and even his son made it in.  Basically, any Rocky that was any good, Apollo or his son was in it.  I’m gonna go out on a limb here, and say he’s the greatest supporting film character of all time who was in a film named after the main character.  I’m not sure who the competition is though.  The James Bond villains would be good, but those films weren’t named Bond.  I’ll have to think about this.

The only other cool Apollo I can think of is Apollo Robbins.


He is the world’s greatest pick pocket.  If you’ve never seen him perform, Google him.  It’s pretty cool.

Last night it was the God Apollo playing against Athena.  And here’s Apollo’s Brian Kuhn with the recap:

RecapBrianK“Kissing Your Sister”

When games end in a tie in sports other than Ultimate, peeps get way upset. But when Apollo & Athena knotted in a 12-12 draw at the EnormoDome in Santa Monica on Wednesday evening (attendance 9 – including birthday-boy & Zeus Captain Don Macatangay) it felt just fine. When the lights went out (with the score tied at 12-12) the after-game feeling was Genuinely sweet & spirit-like.

Apollo’s team trait/trend after two games… Jump out to a sizable lead in the first half. (Happened in both games). And lead late in the second half 12 to 10 but neglect to hammer the nails into the coffin (letting opponents bounce back at game’s end). (Happened in both games, thus far).

Knowing in advance that playing time would be limited at JAMS in Santa Monica from 8:30 to 10pm, I urged that both teams conduct the pre-game stuff (flipping for offense – spirit circle – etc.) in the holding/picnic area while we were all biding our time waiting to be let onto the field. I urged also, that both teams be prepared to have first pull sometime between 8:30 & 8:35 so that a full game might be fit in before the lights were turned off. All the necessary pre-game rituals were taken care of in the holding area. Nice! But then both Captains decided to conduct pre-game end-zone drills. As a seasoned veteran of 113 consecutive years of summer-league play, I tried to talk the Captains out of conducting the pre-game drills and instead to begin play cold. (The 8 minutes utilized for pre-game end-zone drills would have come in ever-so-handy for any and all players/Captains wishing to avoid a tie, or to play a full game to 15). But, again, the tie felt genuinely sweet.

The moral of this story? If your team is scheduled to play in Santa Monica this summer, know that game-time (so far) has been limited from 8:30 to 10:00pm. Should you wish to play a full game to 15 at the Santa Monica site, be prepared, Captains, to have first pull at 8:30pm (or as close to 8:30pm as possible) as the lights will be turned off at 10pm, or just a couple of minutes after 10pm.

Back to the game… Apollo v Athena… A young Athena Dude-ish named Paparazzi was pretty damn unstoppable… Lady-Sam (Kelly) of Apollo has some serious f***ing wheels. (I’m guessing 4.17 forty.)… Apollo’s Amy Halverson is, and will continue to be, more than problematic for other teams attempting to contain her. Amy is an outstanding handler, and is regularly able to pull the disc down in testosterone-filled situations without hesitation and without difficulty… Apollo’s lady-subs contributed Mightily tonight. Greta is an outstanding Ultimate player, and Sully straight-up is a difference-making Shredder.

It should be noted that Athena was missing some big guns… Absent were Doctor Rosen, Chris Weyers, and Captain Renfroe. With any or all of those gentlemen on hand the outcome would most certainly have been a fair deal more favorable for Athena.

Guess the cat’s out of the bag on the 8:30 thing at JAMS.  I’ve been quietly telling captains but not everyone for fear that if you tell people the game starts at 8:30, then the game will invariably not get going until after that.  And Brian’s right.  In order to get a full game in, you’ve gotta start at 8:30 on the dot, which means still getting there for the 8 o’clock scheduled game, and prepping to start at 8:30.

Here’s the scores from the game as kept by injured Zazu, but written by Brian.

Kwok to Andrew 1-0 White — Zazu & Captains, please correct me if this is incorrect… After scoring the first point of the game Apollo uses the power to make Athena pull to us, but…

Claw to Luigi 1-1 — Apollo’s power does not work – Athena ties the game up.

Brian to Sam 2-1 White

Tait to Greta 3-1

Jacob to Andrew 4-1

Paparazzi to Luigi 4-2

Orbit to Tait 5-2

Paparazzi to Eric 5-3

Sully to Joel 6-3

Claw to Paparazzi 6-4

Mike to Paparazzi 6-5

Kwok to Orbit 7-5

Snacks to Stephen 7-6

Snacks to J.B. 7-7

Joel to Andrew (bookends for Andrew) 8-7 Apollo-White


Snacks to Claw 8-8

Amy to Sully 9-8 White

Kodomo to Stephanie 9-9 — (Johnny Lam arrives to the field for Carolina)

Snacks to Mike Zurer 10-9 Carolina

Kwok to Sully 10-10

Joel to Sam 11-10 White — Before White pulls, Carolina announces that it’s going to use the power to run with the disc. White pulls, and Carolina moves it about halfway up the field before tossing an incomplete pass, White picks up the disc and converts – Andrew to Dylan. White gets the score = Carolina’s power fails, making the score… 12-10 White.

Johnny to Claw 12-11

Johnny to Claw 12-12

The teams line up for the pull, but the lights go out at 10:03pm before Carolina can pull = 12 to 12 draw.

Thanks again, Zazu, for keeping score!

Johnny to Claw back-to-back to tie it up.  Damn.  Good for those guys.  I hate ties too.    When nothing’s resolved it’s unsettling.  Like imagine you were listening to the Star Spangled Banner at a game, and they got to “and the home of the…..” and then never said the last word.  Oh, that would eat me up forever.  I’m getting the shakes right now thinking about it.  That’s what a tie feels like to me.





I had to.


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