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If you’re not familiar with Dionysus, you need to know about this God.  Dionysus is not nearly as well known as some of his buddies like Zeus, Poseidon and Aphrodite.  But you may be more familiar with his Roman counterpart Bacchus.  From him, we get the word bacchanalia, which basically means orgies.  Let’s be honest.  The Romans knew how to party, and they did not fuck around.  I mean, they DID fuck around.  I’m sorry if any of your parents read these recaps.

(If you remember Bofa, his mother was an avid reader of my very early recaps, and I always felt embarrassed to write curse words because I could feel her reading it while I wrote.)

Anyway, Dionysus was da bomb, and every time you go to a kick-ass party, pour one for big D.  He made it all happen.

Seth wisely chose this God, and it could not be a more fitting pairing.  You young’uns think you know how to party?  You guys don’t come close to tearing it up like Seth did back in the day.

Seth also drafts really strong Summer League teams, and is trying to become the first captain to break though and win his third tournament title.  Right now there’s a 5-way tie with two wins.  Can Seth do it this year?  He’s already out to a good start, as Ethan Lacoe from Uranus explains in his recap:

RecapEthanReally fun game tonight. Both teams played really hard. Great athletes on both sides. And a really great defensive effort from everyone. Side note: If I wasn’t captaining, I’d love to play on one of Seth’s teams. He seems like a lot of fun to play for. Back to the game. Dionysus chose to receive. Similar to Monday, we decided to use the power to reverse the pull on the first point, something the captains discussed before the game this time. We used it successfully, scoring and going up an early “break”. After trading points, Uranus took a 5-3 lead. Dionysus tied it at 5s. Dio took a 6-5 lead. 6-6. Dio takes half 8-6. Somewhere in there I beat Evan deep for a score and I didn’t even wipe the disc on him.

The beginning of the second half was pretty much on serve. Both teams really tightened down defensively. There were a lot of mistakes this game (bad throws and dropped passes), but I really believe a lot of it was due to the incredible pressure both teams were putting on each other to make difficult and numerous throws in order to score. It definitely wore everyone out. Every time Uranus would get close to tying it, we would make mistakes and give the disc back. Finally we got a break, and tied the game at 11s. On the ensuing point, we forced a turnover on a nice D by KJ in the end zone and after a few throws up field, I made a bad throw and turned it over. I’ll be thinking about that for a while. 12-11 Dionysus. 13-11. At 13-12, Dionysus decided to use their running power. It led to an almost immediate turnover pretty deep in Dio’s zone. I picked it up. Hammer to KJ. Flick to KChu who made a great catch on a disc thrown behind her. Dumped back to me. Swing to Maggie. She threw to the end zone. Dropped. New life for Dio. They works the disc up the field and threw a huck. It’s well defended. The intended receiver touched the disc, but can’t secure it. It bounces the other direction. Before it hits the ground Evan bobbled it and secured it for the score. 14-12 Dio. The final point was one of many super long points tonight. Another point where Uranus worked the disc just outside the end zone multiple times and turned it over. Dio eventually scored. 15-12. Great game. Both team had missed opportunities. Ultimately Dionysus made a few less mistakes than we did. Hope we get a rematch in the tournament.

Hmmmm, another case where the running power didn’t do much, but the team scored the point anyway.  Will have to think more about this.  It was toned down last year cause it was too powerful, but maybe it needs another little tweak before next week.

And we add a recap from Seth of Dionysus:

RecapSethThings I learned about Uranus from last night
1) Uranus is young and strong.  We gave it to Uranus as hard as we could, but Uranus was always able to bounce right back
2) It’s important to lock Uranus down.  You want to dictate to Uranus, If you let Uranus dictate you it’s going to be a world of hurt.
3) You don’t want to go deep right away on Uranus.  Really work the under first.  If you just start deep, they will shut you down.
4) Uranus put some unbelievable stuff up and managed to make it work.  When I was watching from the sidelines, I was amazed.
5) Uranus got a little tight in the second half.  We worked hard to make sure Uranus didn’t have anything easy.  They responded pretty well to the pressure, but in the end it might have been a little too much for them.
6) Kate and Ethan are amazing at going deep for Uranus.  It’s really important to watch them closely.  They can lure you into complacency, then WHAM – they get you deep.

I’d love to play with Uranus again.  Hopefully our schedules will meet up.

Side note- Joxer Daly accommodates the underage (at least on their front patio)!  You can’t drink, but you can eat!

I’m looking forward to learning more things about Uranus as the season goes on.  Feels like there’s so much more of Uranus to explore.


Date Time League Season
June 15, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


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