Poseidon vs Aphrodite


There’s just so much to get though in this one, that I can even begin to give opening comments.  Let’s start with Meg Hofner of Aphrodite’s incredible score by score account of this game.  Easily the most comprehensive recounting of all the scores of a Summer League game I’ve ever seen.  And Meg is a first time recapper, so extra bonus points of awesome:

RecapMegAphrodite wins pull but uses power. Now we receive! And score!

1:1: meg predicts before the game correctly that ken MO is to show up late, botches first throw, then 2nd is epic huck for score

2:1: JakeP big huck to spike

2:2: ob pull. Dropped ez buck off good  broc throw. Blue up line but turn but good Remy d to make up for turn. Broc d. Later boy (ken Alex?) foul. “It might’ve been after but they hi-fived” (sideline quote). ob 🙁 Lish then score to guy in blue and orange cleats 

2:3: kumba run thru d!. Then they run thru us d in ez. Blue speedy throw to remy streaking yeah she caught it

2:4: soccer ball on field. devin hulk to kumbha grab in small crowd

3:4: soft toss score

3:5: poseidon throws z. Rent ds. Then broc almost bust must’ve dazzled Lish who threw ob. Pat good job converting from deep to popper. Lady score – kumba hammer to Erin

4:5: nice under d gretta! Nice no huck d Scott! Remy “but why was my girl on the ground [during pick call]”. “Devin you’re hot” “Sean you’re hotter” but I think a Callahan happened while I was typing that and then I also missed chuck saying hi to me – hi chuck hope you’re doing well.

4:6: d darn. Go Lish good throw. Lots of throws but they make it in. 

4:7: awww turn. We talked about knees on the sideline while stuff happened on field. Watching again Poseidon buck (dammit not buck huck!) (ed. I won’t fix it cause she said that) and broc great ez d. Red – huck to kumba bobble for score

5:7: are we red or orange or pink. Oh we are ZONE! They huck. Bladey but is it in? Question of the day : is “more blade less of everything else!” A good heckle (ken)

Poseidon takes half! (Meg quietly shouts)

Halftime huddle: Ouch our d suffered? Read up above! But yes blue can swing like crazy! Let’s do that too. Force more middle!

Handlers in a ho cycle out? Yes – bc this is ultimate 103. But we will show examples. 

Cheer time: “somebody touch me” kirkham. “My hand” …..: MIGHTY APHRODITIE!

“Do I want to go on the field?” Erin (she does)

Aphrodite power really kicks in and we get to receive again!

5;8: aww run thru d. Spike for the break throw score to Lish falling backwards on the catch (lead the runner)

5:9: nice run magma – good job not laying out on turf. Yay Brian got that run thru 

Meg break for a work call. Damn Quality being picky again. And making me miss Kirkham scoring. 

6:9: remy score. Meg still working

6:10: oooh nice wrap around d on the other field. Oh man Erin that match up grab on remy perfect read by both “don’t forget to add “to a roaring applause””. THEN, get this, Erin scores!!!

7:10: good spot magma. Kirkham d to devin on the line! Oops wait it is “100% out” according to blue – but now it is 100% IN! Chris on the second score

8:10: ken rip of a pull. “Way to get your hands in there Scott”. Kumbha seeing meg writing quotes “I’ll try  to Keep my mouth shut”. Oh we swing it – we swing it good! And Scott scores!!!! On the break side – so many break throws and as many high fives to match!!!

9:10: we throw zone – almost got the transition but a throw that was missed by target caught by blue in a probably gratuitous layout. But layouts are cool

9:11: and then the lights went out. At 9:35!!!! Lots of exclamations were had. But yelling doesn’t bring them back on (always level headed remy) but the other game has it set – they are in a huddle and turn their cheer into “Gosh-dammit” (but they didn’t say gosh). Someone breaks out the flash-flight (who brings those to grass games – this isn’t beach). 


Apparently devin claims to have worse depth perception in the dark. And megs hammers apparently get more accurate. 

This might be the game. Other field has thrown in the towel and done some cool down jogs.


We can yotally (that misspelling courtesy of Don) play with one light 🙂

Ken practices ground skips. Admits it’s more accurate than his normal throw. Oh that’s not the other team cooling down – that’s the football players that always coagulate our endzones. 

Wow just learned that this is Greta’s THIRD GAME this week. Lish ‘hydrates’ 

9:51 lights back on!!


Right after this photo Kirkham gets an ez line layout d. But throws it big into his mark’s hands 🙁 then blue swings to score

“Conservation of greatness in action. Laws of physics it was beautiful to see” – uncredited red player

9:12: but now we have fans!


Ken huck to kumbha for the score and finally huck is not autocorrected!

10:12:  “it’s hard to remember that I have to keep keeping score” 

But they are using their power!! To run. I wish I had that power right now 🙁 sigh (stoopid knee). “Why didn’t you pull it out of bounds” Alex runs. Greta tags. noooooo spike has it and spike runs!!!!! But controversial call as broc tags his shirt. Is that part of his body? Decided it goes back. Phew bc he ran to ez line! Buuuuit then it’s thrown for the score to Sarah (aww not run in)

10:13: oh they are soccer players not football players sorry. Sheaun spells his name with an ‘h’. Red goes something or another after a call and score on breakside broc assist to justin!

11:14: Foul. (Edit: on me! Shame for giving blue two points here!!!) Pick. Work it to the ez line. But nice mark stopping easy options for finally a score.

11:15: ummm I think this is an extra point …. shouldn’t the game be over by now. But blue just d’d us in the ez so I think that’s karma that it should be. Remy has 10:14 – this is why I don’t keep score!!!! Lots of turns but Erin throws to broc for score. I’ll fix this!

I found my mistake! It is now 12:14. I won’t give the other team two points. Big broc d in ez Big huck and we get d’d.  Remy to Scott now it is game.



Ooh a post game game 🙂

“I’m working on the dialogue I’m not a writer”

Chris and kumbha! Vs bk and loho

Make it in the bucket.

Bucket1  Bucket2

But Chris shouldn’t play basketball. Stick to ultimate. You’re a great captain!

Aphrodite pays out in candy hearts.


Red gets dumped on.


“Good game Aphrodite – we both get people wet. (‘You guys get it?’)” yes, yes we do.

“You’re either upper clam or lower clam there is no middle clam” – broc 


(Yes that’s a clam)

Yay Erin and Scott for great game mvps!!!! For real!

Swedish fish hearts were had. 

“I still feel that hand block man – there’s gonna be a mark for a while.” – blue 🙁

I do not feel like editing this. No this is not competing against the drunk recap – I’m sober. I just have to work at 5am. Go watch Alex live feed and weigh in. 

No worries about the editing Mef.  I got you on the more obvious mistakes, but kept it real for the most part.

That was IN DEPTH!!!  Damn!  I’m not even sure what to comment on.  There’s so much.  Awesome post game by Poseidon.  That’s really cool.  Reminds me of Potlatch.

This also makes me wanna go out to a game, and do some stats.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done that, and Rancho Cienega is so close to me.

Here’s a slightly shorter recap from Poseidon’s side by Spike:

RecapSpikeCreature of the deep: Riff Fish (he got his First Callahan ever!)

I love that video.

After hearing about this game, I’m going to make ANOTHER amendment to the Running power before next week, and Mnemosyne’s power will also be revised by the tournament.  We’re constantly evolving.

But wait, there’s more.  Some of you watched this Live Recap by Alex Carey last night.  If not, you can watch it here, as well as on Facebook.

I tried to get Licious’ Live Feed from the bar last night, also with Alex learning about rompers, but I can’t seem to be able to embed that one.

There is also a written recap from Alex.  Here you go:

RecapXFactorJournal Entry 2: I have a lot to talk about. First up, my new nickname! “Pete!” or onion Pete cause I ate Tim Teitsworths onion for his burger, they literally gave him a slice of red onion an inch thick for his burger. But lets talk about my nickname. We met this dude at Joxers last night. Btw, I gotta agree with a lot of the Joxer comments. I don’t love the place, its very loud, I bought a pitcher for 22$, they give you some dumb number card thing you have to carry around the entire night in exchange for your credit card. What? you want me to carry around your little token? im lucky if i dont lose my phone, i dont want to hold onto that thing?. Luckily I took a picture of it with my phone and I didnt lose my phone. So we met this dude last night “Awesome dude”.


So this dude is playing pool by himself, hes mostly using 1 arm to play, missing almost every shot. He is wearing pajamas and hes holding 2 beers.


its hard to see but hes literally drinking from both beers at the same time. Hes glorious. But we are in his way while hes trying to do all those 1 armed shots. So im like, yo man, you seem like a nice dude, ima gonna move our tables for you so we dont accidentally improve your game, we dont want you making too many 1 armed shots. BTW i have a great 1 armed break. So I move the tables, and this guy is now in love with me and he wants to guess my name. So he thinks really quick and is like “PETE!” and i play it cool. I’m like, wait really? how did you know, did you ask my friends while I wasnt looking and ur just playing a trick on me. So i’ve got him fooled, im like morgana to his merlin. So the story of my nickname pretty much ends there, i think if I had had enough to drink I coulda kept it going, but it was a little early in the night to get too crazy.

Flash forward 30 minutes, we meet Romper girl. So double fister has vacated for the time being, he found some dude who bought him a beer and hes no longer playing pool. but now we have a new group. 3 burly looking fellows and a blonde wearing a romper. The blonde seems friendly enough but the burly gentlemen not so much.


So this is almost exactly what she is wearing, I didnt really notice the intricacies of such attire, but Jake, Lish and Tim started talking about how you pee. And now that I see the attire, I realize thats a great question. Does the lady get fully naked in a bathroom bar just to pee? is there some sort of flap. I personally didnt think this was an offensive topic, so i stood up and was gonna go ask, but our collective group was like, alex, ur gonna get beat up. i hesitated, much like a player hesitates to throw a dump and then throws a turn. After a minute of discussion and my asking whether or not jake and tim had my back in a fight, (they didnt, but lish did) I decided to sit down. but not for long, i waited a few minutes til she was far enough away from the bros, started my conversation with a small compliment and then said, “how do you pee?”. She totally understood where i was coming from and immediately walked over to our table and yeah, she basically gets naked. I did not get beat up and she seemed happy to talk. I tried to limit my eye contact with the bros though.

A good way to learn about your teammates is finding out the first CD or cassette, or whatever device existed before that, that they ever bought. Mine was a Weird Al, Running with Scissors, which is why I know all the words to the star wars remake of “American Pie”. Ill always contend weird al’s version is better. Little known fact, he wrote the song before the movie came out. Thats some impressive foreshadowing. Second CD “Chocolate covered starfish and the hot dog flavored water” by limp bizkit. Ask your teammates, its a good discussion to have at the bar. I forgot my teammates responses.

Alright, back to the game. It was a good night of ultimate, we played red, aphrodite, captained by Chris Walther, Manos, Claire and Kirkham. Lets talk about female subs. It is a strict 4/3 gender ratio this year, to help facilitate this there is a sub pool. My consensus is that the pool is largely made up of women who are likely to go in the first 3 rounds. That makes replacing later round women more difficult, so often a team short on people may get a skills upgrade. I think in general this is ok, its a better option than having women play savage or down. But man, it can be really tough to see Khumba show up and put up a bunch of bombs to their dudes. dang. but overall i think its a positive thing.

Lets talk about the nitty gritty, drama, foreshadowing, literary nuances, all that stuff. I got a bad knee, I didnt captain this year because I didnt want to take myself in the first round, last week that made total sense, I played very poorly, including 2 turns on the endzone line which they converted. If anyone has any doubts i also resigned my club spot this year, partially because I didnt think I could compete at a high enough level. This week was a lot better though, I was moving a little more quickly and I was actually able to complete some hucks. but i still contend im a risk to take in the second round. I have high injury potential, my defense is piss poor and throws deep to me have to be perfect. Lets talk about spike and my preconceived notions, much like lu wang ive often considered spike to be a soft first round pick. Generally when ive played against him hes been timid as a handler. Man, my opinion is getting blown out of the water this year, hes throwing big break throws, lots of hucks, taking good risks and keeping control of the offense, especially when it get stagnant. Major props. ok, so question, what do most players prefer, perhaps polling this is a good idea. Would you rather have an excellent regular season and lose in the first round of the tournament, or a lackluster regular season but make like semis at the tournament. My own priority would be winning the tournament, but if im not gonna do that, im happy to lose in the first round and just have an awesome regular season. 10 awesome nights versus a poor performance and early drinking at the tournament sounds like a fun day. Back to the game, we lost the flip and they chose defense, then they used their power and reversed the pull. This still seems like a weird use of the power but i think it was decided in other recaps that this was an acceptable use of the power so we are gonna roll with it but to pull the specific verbiage from the powers list last year “So Texas has the ability to force their opponents to pull the disc to them after they score. Meaning that when Texas scores a point, they can force their opponent to pull to them once in the game. This can even happen at the mirror half if they like. (Note, because this came up. When Dark Phoenix forces you to pull to them, they can change the gender ratio, as they are now on offense.)” After they score being the pertinent phrase, but its ok.

So Poseidon won the bar for sure, we were the last team there, and the bartender asked us to leave. He also asked us for the schedule of when teams will be there so he can make the cooks stay later so we can order food, thats pretty sweet of them.

I think the parity this year is a lot better, so far almost all of the games have both teams in double digits. I think that trend is likely to continue. On paper there are no teams way better or way worse than other teams, i think everyone will win games. Lish put out a secret power ranking grouping the teams. She did an ok job, but the official power ranking will come out in week 6.

I have so much more to say, but i’m tired, and works wants me to actually work, lame. we’ll talk more next week. bye journal!

I didn’t see the girl get naked in Lish’s live stream video.  Or maybe she edited it out.

Definitely win the tournament and lose in the regular season for me.  Because when my team does really well all season and tanks the tournament, I’m so frustrated I remember that for years.  If we did terrible in the regular season but pulled out a crazy tournament run, I’ll remember that for years too.  I guess it’s short term memory vs. long term memory.

I’m revising the Reverse the Pull power for the tournament to only be able to be used after the completion of the first point to eliminate this controversy.  And the Running with the Disc power is also getting a revision for week 3.

I’m not sure I’m ready to start calling Alex Pete.  But X Factor never really lasted, so maybe it is time for a new nickname.

Speaking of Nicknames, on August 25-27 Major League Baseball will let the players put their nicknames on the back of their jerseys.  I’m super pumped about this, because I’m in huge support of nicknames.


Date Time League Season
June 16, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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