Zeus vs Hades


Zeus and Hades were brothers.  But man did Hades get royally screwed.  After the Gods overthrew the Titans, then Zeus, Poseidon and Hades drew lots to see which world they’d each get to rule.  And Hades got stuck with the underworld.  That’s how they decided it?  Total random chance?  It seems a little too big a deal to just pick a straw out of a hat.  I would’ve done that basketball game 21.  One-on-one-on-one.  That’s a good game.  Or even Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock.

Hades, you gave in too easily dude.  Or maybe they should’ve waited until 2017 for LA Summer League to decide it.  Let’s see what would’ve happened.  Here’s Fish of Hades with the first recap:

RecapFishKing of the Gods versus King of the Underworld. One would expect an epic clash when these two meet. It certainly did not disappoint tonight. Hades won the flip and chose defense. Then immediately used the power to receive the pull instead. We worked it up the field until a throwaway in the endzone. Zeus worked the disc up the field with ease (the theme of the night) to get a break on the very first point. Power unsuccessful. Both offenses were incredibly efficient the entire game with no point having more than 2 turns by each team I believe. We got a couple breaks in the first half and took half 8-6 I believe. Second half was more efficient offense and the two teams basically traded out to end the game 15-13 Hades.

Zeus used their power at some point midway through the 2nd half with Don trying to make a run for it but didn’t get very far (personal note: I think the running power is not that great if only lasts 1 tag. You’re already expected to score while on O, so you don’t gain that much of an advantage running, while receiving the pull gains an extra possession.)

For Zeus, Lu was almost unstoppable, getting the disc in powerful Lu ways. Don was the sneaky handler that kept giving and going. Hoover found the endzone several times. Erika as always is a quiet but very big threat. Papa was a great handler throwing a lot of IO breaks up the gut. Cable? was really fast. Watch out for that kid.

As for us, that was the most complete game I’ve ever been a part of in summer league. Everybody played an unselfish role and did great things. The disc never seemed to stop moving and we constantly attacked the break side. Huge shout out to our ladies (Hannah, Nay, Emily, and Jane) for playing almost savage and still ramping it up as the game went on. Their adjustments on D basically won us the game. Eok’s timing was great tonight. Derek is incredibly fast and got a couple Ds I thought he had no shot at (boy was I wrong). Mike and JP both made very nice catches throughout the game. The game ended in what seems to be the style of the team this year. A break swing to a break throw to a break throw for the final score.

Yeah, people have been saying that about the running power.  For next week I’ll revise it to keep the power intact until either a score or a turnover.  That’s probably the better way to do it.

See, if the Gods just waited a few years, maybe Hades is on the heaven throne.  Patience is a virtue.

And here’s a recap from Zeus’ side.  This is Don Macatangay:

RecapDonTo start the game, Hades won the flip and said they wanted to be defense AND THEN THEY USED THEIR POWER AND MADE US “FORGET”… WHAT A SURPRISE!! We got roofied before the game started… whats up with that? Unfortunately for them they turn it and we score. So can you say “wasted power”?


I love comedy. But then we lost half 8-6. Hilarious, I know. Also Fish is a dirty player, I’m sure he hasn’t showered for weeks. Just look at him. He looks like he’s holding in his breath in account of himself and smiling at his “accomplishments”.


Once 9-7 hit we decided to use our power and I ran it down for a few yards and we worked it up for a score, 9-8. So successful use of the power?

But for the rest of the game Hades just had our number and wouldn’t let any breaks happen. It’s like they wanted to win or something? They end up winning 15-11 right before the lights went out at 9:30PM (Don’t worry they got the lights back on for the other game by 9:40ish).

Overall it was a good game with minimal turnovers. It was probably the cleanest game I’ve ever played in summer league (also extremely spirited) and you’ll hear the same from everyone else that played that game. Would I play Hades again? Only in hell… because that’s where he lives and I enjoy warm climates.

But all I want to say is that…
Armand is pronounced are-mand.
Jane smells like turds.
Reed wasn’t drunk.
Alex Carey plays as if he’s Derek Zoolander.
Lish is Elite.
Russell Gaskamp isn’t a real person.
And everyone that isn’t playing Friday night should go to the KTown night market so Joanna Whitney feels major FOMO.

Next week we play the good ole ball and chain, Hera. Let’s not talk about how she’s our sister too. ROOF. #KeepItInTheFamily



Classic disagreement on score.  Fish says 15-13.  Don says 15-11.  We’ll call it 15-12 to split the difference.

Who’s Russell Gaskamp?

Wait, Joanna’s not going to the KTown market?  EVERYONE’S GOING TO THAT!  Oh, that sucks for her!!!


Date Time League Season
June 16, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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