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Summer League has always had Fridays, for as long as I can remember, and of course we parlayed that into Party Fridays the last couple years.  But amazingly, because of how we were able to book the fields we got, we just didn’t get any Fridays this year.  Well, we got one, and that was the one that just happened.

So here to talk about that one lone Friday game is Artemis’ Joanna Whitney:

RecapJoannaOh man, where do I even start?  I don’t think a better Friday night was going on anywhere else in all of Los Angeles.  Definitely not in Koreatown.  We had the cops called and a birth ON THE FIELD all happen at Culver City High School.  Can you say that happened where you were on Friday night?

The NoHo carpool rolls up at 8:00 to a small but mighty gathering of anxious frisbee friday-ers.  I had gotten an email at 7 that the gates weren’t open yet, but figured by 8 we’d be fine.  Nope.  I see a few frisbees flying on the field and inquire about how they got in.  They jumped the fence, proving just how versatile ultimate athletes are.  We may all have to start following suit if the security guard doesn’t show up soon.  A phone call is made and security says he’ll be there in five minutes.  He was on break and didn’t know the game was happening.  Look buddy, you should always assume there is a frisbee game going on.  If not on your field, somewhere else, and you should probably want to take part because have you seen us?  We’re pretty awesome people.

As we wait for Slow Poke McGee to come unlock the door we see a couple and their tiny dog on the phone telling someone that there is a group of people hanging out by the fence.  They’re probably just telling SP to move a little faster because Culver City needed its Friday dose of ultimate to get started.  After about fifteen/twenty minutes, SP rolls up and saunters over to the gate.  We check with him that he is also the man who will work the lights because at this point the sun was fading, and I mean we’re good, but not that good we can get a game in in less than 20 mins.  He confirms he will be lord of the lights for the evening and oh by the way, someone called the cops on you.  It was those damn Beverly Hills wannabes and their purse dog!  I was hoping for some full on cop cars busting down fences and driving on to the field action, but good ol’ SP talked them down, so no visit from LAPD… this time.

We warm up, meet our sub Tahlia for the night, introduce ourselves and decide that our entire team all play handler (yes, deep handler is now a position), flip and decide we want to start on defense.  This is strategic after reading the recaps all week and how the powers have been used.

Now here is my side tangent about powers:  I’m not a fan of being able to use this power to reverse on the first point.  There is no point to have forgotten, but I used this tactic based on what other teams did all week, and not getting flack for it, simply because I didn’t want it used on us.  So it was more a defensive strategy than offensive.  Maybe we should’ve talked it through beforehand, but we didn’t think about doing that.  It definitely came up again at half when Grant tried to smooth talk us into letting them start on O for the second half.  He claimed that the power would mean the team forgot the flip since there was no point to forget, but then that would just have rendered us as not having a power at all and just picking O on the flip, so I def didn’t agree to that, especially not after trying to make the running power that they got stuck with more fair.  Which, since I mentioned it, I also don’t like, at least not as written, because it can be rendered useless if you pull out of bounds and tag the person as soon as they bring it in on the sideline and tap it in.  So we decided they’d be allowed a regular pass before running so that they’d have some space to actually run.  (If Grant had somehow sneakily won the argument to start half on o I would have taken that compromise back, but as you’ll see it wouldn’t have mattered).

Anyway, rant over, I think the powers need their own rule book to really start getting into the details of their use.  The game starts and by reversing the pull we get first point.  I think this power is fun (when used not on the very first point), but I’ll be glad to see it go next week.  Both teams are looking sharp, but Artemis pulls ahead 3-1.  Hephaestus doesn’t like that and brings it back.  Somewhere in here Felix puts up a long huck to Banshee (or maybe it was Aimee?) for a score and we realize that by missing Snatch, Cedar, and Cubby, we still aren’t missing all of our crazy throwers.  Hephaestus tries to throw zone on us to mix things up, but whether it’s T-Tom throwing up what I like to call his “I don’t give a fuck, my teammates are so good they’ll catch this” throws, Eby-Mac and Tiger working our poppers without even a drop of sweat falling from their brows, or Tahlia’s long arms catching anything thrown within 100 yards of her (yeah, I know what I just said – she’s that sticky), it couldn’t slow us down.  I was having so much fun watching from the sideline nursing a sprained ankle that’s been sprained now for over two months.  When I did go on, I would saunter down the one sideline and without even needing to move from my straight line we would score.  This team!  And to think Snatch didn’t want to have to do the draft at first.  WE ARE SO GOOD AT IT!

Artemis takes half 8-4.  Pretty solid lead.  AND we get to start with the disc again.  Sorry Grant, I live with Snatch, my ability to stick to my guns in an argument has only increased.  I’m pretty sure we scored that point.  Then Hephaestus starts to get that fire in their bellies going.  The disc goes up at one point, Tim taps it just enough on D, but it’s floating.  A player on Hephaestus lays out to catch the leftovers just outside the end zone.  One more throw and they’re in.  The fire is raging back.  12-9 and Artemis is receiving the pull.  Chicago calls his fellow handlers off so he can catch the disc.  Drop.  Right in the end zone….  Too often I’ve seen this be the turning point for teams.  We’ve come so far, we outwitted the cops dammit, this can’t be how it plays out!  Hephaestus sets up an end zone play when right as they are about to start we hear someone yell “wait!”  There’s a bird just hanging out in the end zone.  Sonja and I walk over to shoo it away when we see its wings puff out. She’s not going anywhere.  She’s protecting the egg she just laid in the blue turf grass.  Why she thought that was the best place, I’ll never understand.  Or do birds just pop out eggs all of a sudden, like when they poop because they can’t control it.  Someone look that up.  Well she’s certainly not going to move, so we shift the field down 5 yards to accommodate the new mother.  Hephaestus scores.  12-10.  We’ll blame that one on the bird.

But, now that I think about it, we are the goddess of animals, so maybe that bird was sent to inspire the team.  Our defense stepped up from that point on.  We shut down dumps and blocked off passes.  The handlers on Hep struggled to do more than last ditch passes to each other.

At 14-10 we checked in if Hep would be using their power to run.  It’s now or never.  They call it on the line and I remind the team that we agreed they don’t have to run right as they tap it in if it pulls out of bounds, which it does.  Pass goes up to a wide open player to gain at least a few yards with the run, but alas, bird inspired defense is too good and it’s dropped.  Power squelched.  Arty goes on to win 15-10 and the bird nods in approval, as does her unborn chick.  Her work here is done.

Now the night is in the hands of Joxer Daly’s capable but grumpy staff.  Beers and food are consumed to the melody of a tiny band of minstrels on the stage.  Don doesn’t even know what he missed.  Kinda like last weekend where he missed out on Andy dancing on tiny chairs and Clint and Drea dancing with walls and taxidermied animals.  But I guess that’s what happens when you try to plan something without me and then also steal my tacos.

Artemis IS the goddess of the hunt.  You might want to be careful.  Just putting that out there….

Glad she clarified the birth thing.  I spent the whole recap glossing over the important stuff to see when she’d mention who gave birth.  Because that would DEFINITELY be the Moment of the Year award winner for LAOUT.  Still might be.  A bird giving birth on the field is pretty fabulous.

Surprised she want with Hep instead of Heph, which I would assume is the nickname they all used back in the Heavens.  But maybe that sounds too much like the Playboy guy.

Yes, the running power is changing for next week.  Everyone was right about that.  And at the tournament when all the powers are available to be used, the Reverse the Pull power will be changed, so it won’t be able to be used until someone scores.  I’m amazed that didn’t come up last year.  We had a whole year with all these powers last year, but these issues weren’t raised.

Here’s a couple images Joanna included from last weekend at Clifton’s downtown bar.  First is Drunk Drea, second is birthday boy Clint Wehling and friend.




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