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This is now the third game of the year for Hermes.  Will I finally get to find out why Klepto and Kumbha were so excited about getting the Hermes name?  We’ll see.  I haven’t read the recap yet as I’m typing this.

TOTALLY USELESS NON-FACT: I looked up Aries the Zodiac sign to see if there was any connection between that and the Greek God Ares.  Maybe one was named after the other.  I couldn’t anything that definitively tied the two together other than a couple sites that said the constellation of Aries, the Ram, was always closely associated with the planet Mars, which is the Roman name for Ares.  And that, ladies and gentleman, is a piece of information you will never ever use in any context ever.  But you’re still happy I told you, aren’t you?

We start with the first recap from Ares’ side.  This is Dan Perayha:

RecapDanPI suck at writing. I wanted to point out some highlights though.

The fog of war had descended on the field which was a good omen for Ares. Seriously, it was so foggy the far side of the field was hard to see.

Ares used the stall power on the third point. It worked. Hermes used the run power in the second half. It also worked… sorta. They scored, but it was just because they played good ultimate and not because they ran away from us.

Half was 8-6 Ares. Final was 15-12 Ares.

There were some sick plays on both sides. Jack from Hermes made an amazing grab over Ben “Chain” Aiga for a score. Johnny Lieske had an amazing trailing edge grab on a hammer and was probably the Ares MVP. Sober made several D’s for Hermes. Hermes ladies were either burning us deep or throwing it deep. I landed on a couple feet (sorry guys, I feel terrible about that). The quality of ultimate was top notch. The offenses were so smooth that we managed to finish our game at JAMS within the hour and thirty minutes. That was the fastest 15-12 game that I’ve been a part of.

I’ve got to say that this season the parity has been awesome thus far. Every game has been close and hard fought. Good job with the draft rules Andy!

Thanks.  Yeah, it’s true that so far this year has seen really competitive games.  In fact, we’re 17 games into the season including this one, and so far only one single game has the losing team failed to score in double digits.  By the first 17 games last year, that had already happened 6 times.

No Klepto in this week’s Hermes recap.  Just Kumbha this time:

RecapKumbhaAll right, recap time recap time. Lets see, we played Ares, the god of blood and war. This was my backup choice for jerseys and actually my favorite god in real life but the HERM in hermes was too strong a calling. Andy if you want the story, its only told in bars. No good cop bad cop today, just tired cop. We’ve got another game Thursday against Klepto and I’s arch nemesis’ Dot and Tat, so recap for that one will go back to the usual format.

some fun random quotes and things –
“frankie is only here early because the game starts half an hour later today” —–
[context – kumbha throws a DIME huck to her bb walle in the endzone, WUMPHA, klepto wanted in on the action and tried to run deep too], sober comes up to kumbha after the point and says “okay be real who was that actually to” HOW RUDE IS THAT. AS IF I DIDNT MEAN TO THROW TO WALLE.”
… “i walked onto the john adams middle school field and i was de-roused” – rachel chang
“can i take a photo with you guys” — small fang fangirling over the johns brothers


So…lets talk about JAMS. First off… it is a school that is policed (no alcohol)… and the dude who works there is a public official who is anal about exerting oneself on the turf before 830. I would understand it if there were other people on the field or something…but literally one entire field was abandoned…there was not a single person on it. So, a group of us had come early to throw/get in a workout – between both teams. We all ended up just sitting there for 80 minutes. If you play at JAMS, DO NOT GO EARLY. But, anyway Hermes did have some team bonding. We played a fun team game, see videos. I think its called Thumper, but its to the same beat as Big Booty so I thought of it as that. Anyway, so the team played thumper for a while – then we preflipped with vamp and dan and as soon as it was 830 we all took the field. I would just like to point out that then the soccer players were allowed to play on the unoccupied field, even though their permit time was up.

okay, but anyway, the frisbee game. we lost… we were down by 2 almost the whole game, i think the final score was 12-15. the game actually was kind of odd, it felt pretty high level, but the fog was just rolling in. in another world we all would have been killed with the city official man locking the gates, and one by one we would disappear into the fog. but that didnt happen, so we started playing – were still missing the dynamic duo MATT BURKE and SPENCER GOLDMAN, but we did get two new players come out last night for the first time!! one Small Fang!! who did amazingly, he even kept pulling the toughest matchup with cody johns, and clarasophia – who was instead nicknamed coleslaw, but i am still confused why. both of them slayed, clarasophias getting open on all the unders and throwing hugeeee lefty fakes, and matt, who literally has never played frisbee before, was smoking his dudes and catching everything thrown his way – he even had a layout! most importantly, when we were teasing him and asking him what he does once he catches the disc…he on cue recited “i am not a handler, so after looking upfield for 1 second i turn to dump the disc” — if only all cutters had that mantra… jk jk jkjk. but his older brother, our rock in the backfield – justin jfang fang has taught him well.

so last night, nothing too exciting happened, cody johns was getting big gainers under, marcus johns threw a few hammers, dan caught multiple scores, some older dude in pink had some throws and skies – vamp slayed the game as a reliable dump, who then would fake the shit out of her mark and get nice IO throws in, adair was another reliable handler in their backfield who we kept trying to deny the disc to. jordan balagot showed up late, then proceeded to catch many unders and distribute the disc beautifully, one flick huck in particular was drool worthy.

the hermes team showed up to play, but a few throws and catches didnt fall in our favor – jack briskie finally proved to me he can jump and roofed some dude on the other team, even with no meniscus, justin fang finally threw a huck, and sober is always just slaying everyone hes up against, literally fuck all the haters out there who shat on us for taking him first round – he also brought ashley his lovely girlfriend who was watching the game in her blanket was very invested. weve had the same male core for the entire season actually, who are always exactly what we want them to be, frankie, austin, james, jack, sober, jfang, max, and darren blessings to all of you. james was in pain last night, so he only played a few points, but the ones he played, damn – unders are sexy. max continued to show everyone his speed and just wreck people deep, which i think is sexy but sober doesnt. shoutout to our ladiesss – judge handling and cutting for us, viv, always bloody from her dirty layouts, clarasophia summer league 2017 virginity gone, and my bbs walle and klepto.

headline for the week – stated in a more objective, factual manner.
lance mcnicoll yells at girl for fear of killing her

what happened: someone threw a not good throw to lance, and our hermes girl viv was going towards the disc too – lance yelled at her for being in that space, because hes 220 lbs and could have killed her, and then he would get yelled at for hitting a girl, he claimed that she should have known that the disc was a dud and stopped running for it, and thats on her

my take on it…

so i am 100% glad that lance is all about safety. like thats what should be prioritized for sure, i dont think it was cool the way he was yelling at viv and putting the blame on her. like first off, i dont think its up to her to read the disc as a dud disc and stop running for it, just because he told her to…he obviously didnt think it was a dud disc because he kept running to make a play on it too, and as a 220 lb 6 foot however many inches dude, she would have no reason to expect he couldnt catch it from the angle she was at. ALSO it just wasnt cool how all the blame was put on her, but he was probably yelling because he was scared of hitting her, but then he more verbalized that what he was scared of was his rep if he hit a girl, anyway – the situation escalated surprisingly not due to me, but it was fine, and then the game ended and whatnot and the city official dude hovered until we left the field. i then proceeded to do another wildfire body workout thing with cortez who drove to jams, and then i skipped the bar and went home. all in a nights work.

kumbha out, see you thursday

Ooh boy, that Lance situation is not good.  I can see where he’s coming from, but it’s also not right to yell at Viv for trying to make a play.  I want to remind everyone that we should all be as cordial as possible in how we deal with things like this.  If anyone thinks the situation was worse than described here, and worth further discussion, please let me know.

Man, that is pretty lame about what happened at JAMS with not being able to get on there when the field was empty but the soccer players being on the field past their permit.  Very inconsistent.  I’ll see if we can talk to the field about that.

Guess I’ll have to wait for the bar to find out about the Herm.  Can’t wait.

The “I take one look upfield then dump” (paraphrasing) is kinda funny.  It reminds me of Sam Regnier when I did stats for Monster at Nationals in 2006.  He played an entire tournament and threw the disc 15 times, and 11 of those were dumps.  He was young then.



Date Time League Season
June 20, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


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