Dionysus vs Apollo


The God of partying vs. the God of music.  Don’t these two just go hand in hand?  If you want to start a dance party, you really need both of these guys to show up.

Well, they did last night.  Let’s see how it went.  And was there any dancing?

Here’s Liverpool of Apollo with the story:

RecapDanielHThe game of Apollo vs. Dionysus started well before Tuesday night. Apollo was emailing each other about spirit-circle stuff and strategies, and I said something to the effect of “this should be nuts; not only is it Seth and Evans’ team, but they are Dionysus, God of wine, parties, chaos and drunkenness. Take that as you will.” Then, earlier in the day on Tuesday, Seth emails me and goes “so I take it you’ll be white and we will be dark?” We are literally WHITE TEAM on the schedule Seth. I was sure that he was just giving banter, so I responded with this:


The first thing Seth said to me on Tuesday night was “Wow! Your email was a psych-out!” Guess he wasn’t just giving banter.

Dionysus has a solid line-up, and being 2-0, I will admit a little uncertainty going into this game. Sure enough, Apollo started the game on Defense and could not get the turnover, and so Dionysus went on to score the first 3 points. Zazu injures her pulled hamstring from CalStates, she’s out of the game. Damn. Dio were looking solid, with fast players, schwifty throws, and on-average taller players than ours. We corrected a few issues with our stack, such as how far back we were starting and the continuations, and we brought it up to 5-4, Dionysus. Then we trailed again, with purple taking half at 8-5. My personal highlight at halftime was Jacob saying “Evan is ACTUALLY good,” as if there were some debate on that topic. We discussed poaching, dumping/handler movement, and – once again – valuing the disc.

The point after half was interesting. Apollo set to receive the disc, we call the Helios running power. Dio calls the time power for the same point, meaning once our runner is tagged, the stall count power takes effect. The pull goes out the side of the endzone. Kwok ambles over to take it up, walks to the corner, then freaking takes off in a wide arch across the field. He is tagged at about 1/3 down the field, meaning we have 2/3 to go with stall count of 5. You can see the handlers are a little anxious. It eventually gets thrown away. Dio picks it up and they are close to their endzone with 15-second stall counts. After some swinging, they make a long pass to the deep endzone that does not connect. Apollo picks it up from their endzone, and the play from here is just beautiful. Kwok, Amy, Xavier all slowly working it up the field swiftly and cleanly, stall count 5 the whole way (as if they needed that much). Then about 30 feet from the endzone Kwok gives a long pass to Sam. She catches it! Against some odds, Apollo gets this point. 8-6 Dionysus.

Purple continues to hold the lead throughout the match. 9-7. 12-9. 13-10. Deev was somehow D’ing all of our hucks, good for him, sucks for us. At this point Apollo decides to rally and go on a rampage. To be honest, our offense was really beautiful in the last points of the game, especially the Amy-Kwok handler combo with Xavier as the mid-dump. Apollo tied the game at 13-13, and then, for the first time all night, managed to take the lead. Finally, we ended the game, 13-15, Apollo! Kalicki also either caught or assisted the last three points of the game, major shout out to him.

I’m super pleased because Apollo has had three really great games thus far, each one better than the last. And our trend is looking strong. I am proud to be the team that breaks Dionysus’ record, and thank them for an excellent match. They did not let down one bit from my perspective. Also, major hype for the dudes practicing their drum skills on the metal stands for the last 15 minutes of the match, really added to the intensity of the game guys.

Evan IS actually good.  I don’t know where’d he go today, but before the Aviators existed, in 2012 I put out a poll asking that if a pro team came to LA, who would be the first person you’d sign to a three-year deal.  Evan was the odds-on favorite by a considerable margin, and the field was pretty stacked.  It even included Stig and Turok who were both early selections by the Aviators.

And I love it.  As best as I can tell, it’s the first time both the powers were used on the same point.  Bravo!

Not one person dancing according to this recap.  Sad.  And they even HAD music playing.  If you count drums as music.  Which you should.

We have another recap, this one from Seth Gillum of Dionysus:

RecapSethNice game by white. Congrats to all. Should have known the god of the sun couldn’t be kept down on the longest day of the year.

Sure felt like we had the game at 12-9. But then….

So it goes when you play big hearted ballers like Apollo.

And here’s some fun stuff.  We’ve got score sheets from this game.

I’m not really good at getting PDF’s into WordPress, but you can follow the three links to see it all.

Sheet One – Sheet Two – Sheet Three


Date Time League Season
June 21, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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