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So much to get to in this one, so I’ll get right to it.  Another new virgin recapper.  Jane Carlen of Hephaestus starts us off:

RecapJaneJane here with my first(?) ever league recap.

It was a hot night in the valley. I’ve said before that the San Fernando Valley is the most romanticized place least worth romanticizing. What does that mean? Is it true? I don’t know, I just like the way it sounds.

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So it was hot, and we were a little short-handed. And speaking of short handed, my co-captain Grant was supposed to get his cast off today before the game but instead he locked himself out of his apartment and missed his doctor’s appointment. Watch out though, cause at our next game he will be *dominant* handed.

Spoiler alert: we didn’t end up winning, but we did figure out a couple new looks on O and D. I actually subbed with Hades last week, but i guess the intel I gathered (they play a vert stack and like to run, FYI) wasn’t that useful. Some highlights:

– Zenon’s D in the zone early on. I think she got the bookends on the point too. Let’s just say that she did. Anyway, she played great. (Did you know that Zenon is spelled with a Z? I looked it up.)
– Comet showing up at half time and offering to play their whole team savage.
– Grant’s new catch phrase; Just put it™. which he yelled at Comet to make her throw it up to him with a 1-1 matchup vs. fish in the endzone.
– Foo throwing to Drew because it rhymes, but really everyone throwing it high to Drew where only he can reach it for the no jump sky™. We will miss Foo when he’s in Bavaria for the next two weeks. I hope he writes a recap!
– Dune’s first game with us (graduation takes it out of you) and he brought his family to watch. He said it’s the first time they’ve seen ultimate. I hope that they will forever think that the rules of ultimate say that at one random point in the game one of the teams can run with the disc.

At the end of the game Joy put on a sports toga and made us pick something out of a black mystery bag. We got dark chocolate, but I wonder what else was in there. Licorice? Electric tape? Dress socks? I’ll never know.

Carlen out.

Oh man, I wanted to find out how Grant’s left-handed throws were.  I don’t know how many of you know this, but he’s in my Ping Pong League, and plays right-handed.  But throws discs left-handed.  As a strictly left-handed person, this boggles my mind.

Also interesting that Jane subbed with Hades, but then played against them.  As far as I know, this is a Summer League first.  But for all I know, it’s happened secretly and nobody told me.

Grant’s catchphrase reminds me of an old Caltech guy, I wish I could remember his name.  He was drafted by another Caltech guy, this is going back like 15 years ago.  He was remembered for a game where Seth Gillum was guarding him, and he was so confident with that match-up, he yelled “Just put it…..ANYWHERE!!!!”  I would love to look that guy up, but the website currently won’t let me find rosters prior to 2009 right now.  Spike, HELP!

I’m not surprised Joy had a lot of things under her toga.  She once came to a party where strip poker was played and wore like four pairs of underwear.  That is just not acceptable.

Speaking of Joy, let’s go to her husband Chris.  And by the way, she played that strip game long before they were even dating.  So it’s cool.

RecapChrisAfter bending my knee the wrong way last week, I was sidelined on crutches this week. I don’t yet know what the extent of the injury is, but the Orthopedic appointment is Friday… so I’ll find out then what I’m dealing with. The knee is still swollen, though. For now, my job is keeping score, taking notes, and telling everyone how tired they look out there and couldn’t they suck it up a little more.

We had some Hadies-Ladies come out for their first game of the season! Both Annie Ngo and Megan Timmerman missed our first two games, and I was hoping we could make their inaugural summer league appearance a good one. Welcome to the underworld.

Gutsy performance from Hephaestus with only 5 guys/5 ladies tonight. Yeah, they played a lot of zone with at least two ladies up front most of their D points, but they made stops and ran hard on O all night.

Anyway, the game…

Hades wins the flip and chooses defense to start. Heph announces they are using the RUNNING POWER right out of the gate. They got some good speed running side to side across the field, but we manage to hem in their runners each time and hold them from getting TOO much downfield distance, but they get little chunks until they throw it in for the score. Power successful.

0-1 Heph

Heph goes to a ladies triangle zone for their first D point. But Hades had that figured out… I guess because we played that D last week? Anyway, Annie slips open behind the defense for a short throw from Fish.


Bookends for Magic Mike – a big D in their endzone, followed (not immediately, but soon) by a sprint downfield for a huck from Armand.

2-1 Hades

Heph takes the next 2 points, but then Hades runs off 3.

5-3 Hades

Timeout Hephaestus. And at this moment, honestly they looked tired. But I think that was the last time I had that thought. I don’t know what they said in that timeout, but they came out stronger and consistently played uptempo the rest of the game – I don’t care what the score showed. Grant hits Foo (with the disc…in the endzone. not violently or anything).

5-4 Hades

Sadly, the comeback was cut short by 3 consecutive scores by Hades to take half 8-4. But two things to note during this run…

My favorite play in here was Eok uncorking the hammer to Armand in the endzone. Nevermind that it bounced off Armand’s hand! Nevermind that we turned it over… in the endzone! Eok… keep dropping the dimes! Armand will be there for you next time, I believe in all of us! Okay, whew. Anyway, we were lucky that team Hephaestus made an unlucky overthrow, and we got it into the endzone on the second try.

My second favorite play in here was Chuck Bender getting his long arms out for a fingertip block of a disc in mid-flight. Ivana pulled down the tipped disc, and we worked it down to score to end the half. Yeah, old guys D!

So, Hades receives the pull to start half #2, but Heph’s 4-person cup zone gets a turn. I hear later something about how Fish’s no-look hammer to Annie downfield was planned, even though he overshot her by maybe ten yards or something. Must have been the excitement of seeing her completely wide open? Of course not – RE: “no-look.” Heph converts to score, Boortz to DCon.

8-5 Hades

Hades scores on the next possession, then earns a break with another set of bookends… this time from Annie’s breakup of a deep huck into the endzone followed up later with a scoring catch from Armand.

10-5 Hades

Looks like Hades is running away with this one, but not so fast. Heph is about to go on a 3 point scoring run…

Comet catches a deep downfield pass, but HESITATES when she sees Grant streaking into the endzone with Fish trailing but closing fast. But when your team may be tired and a little behind, you have to take your shot when the window is there. Grant knows this, and he wanted Comet to know this, too. And when your captain yells at you, “Just put it!” That’s what you do. Nice throw from Comet toward the back of the endzone.


Then a break for Hephaestus. Jane Carlen to DCon. And this is DCon’s third score of the game barely leaving the ground, just reaching up and catching the disc before our leaping defenders have a shot. I mean, DCon’s tall, nobody’s saying the dude’s not tall. But is he THAT tall? I don’t know, we might need to get a measurement on the arms to see if they’re within legal specs.


It looks like Hades just broke Heph’s zone, and Annie throws downfield to Eok (also wide open)… and Grant flies across the field to snatch the disc out of the air. Where the hell did Grant come from??? Immediately hucks to Foo.


Timeout Hades. Y’know, just to break the momentum… hopefully.

But on the next pull, here comes Heph’s zone. Fish makes a throw up the middle, and there’s Jane for the cup-block giving Heph a short field. No no no no no, I’m thinking, please don’t let this momentum run get out of control! Then fortune smiles and Heph gives us the disc right back on an overthrow. Fish finds redemption in scoring off a pass from Megan. Momentum broken.

11-8 Hades

And (not to pile on the up-and-down thrillride that is the man-we-call-Fish, but…) the next point had a little bit of crazy. Hades gets a stall D down near the enemy goal to take possession. Somewhere at mid-field, Fish overthrows Reed streaking up the sideline (and Reed’s fast, not easy to overthrow Reed). Then, when someone on Heph winds up for a big huck to one of their women running free downfield, Fish (I don’t know, 10-15 feet from the thrower) springs up with a two-handed block. He picks up the disc hucks to Annie in our endzone. ‘Cause, y’know, it’s a Tuesday. Whatever.


Hades invokes the STALL COUNT POWER. I guess it worked, because we got a turn pretty early. Maybe the thrower was rushed to make a throw? Nonetheless, we work it down nicely and score, Reed to Fish.


More about DCon. Specifically, about DCon catching high dropping passes over Fish’s head (who really jumped high enough to force DCon to at least lift his heels off the ground this time) for scores. Fish comes off the field saying, “I don’t know how to stop that guy! Why don’t they just do that all the time?” Friendly feedback… just think about it, Hephaestus.


Not much to say about the next possession, except that apparently Nay had her eyes closed when she caught the goal. To be fair, there was a Hephaestus guy sprinting hard toward her who we thought might have made a bid to block but the pass just snuck past his fingers. Armand to Nay.


Hephaestus takes the pull and works it down well. It looks like they’re about to score with a short pass up the sideline to the front corner-cone, but Fish makes a great break on the play and snatches the disc away at the goal line. Immediately calls TIMEOUT.

Ah, the time-out. That moment at the end where the game is on the line, carefully crafted plays are discussed, and solid plans are made. Team focus and determination is at its peak. Supposedly.

I’m not really sure I can recount the series of turnovers that occurred next from both teams. We gave it back to them on their endzone… then they threw it away (I don’t really remember how)… then we got it downfield, and threw it away… then somehow got it back again. Were there two more exchanges? Maybe. Maybe not.

Anyway, do you guys know Celine? Probably not. Celine has not been playing very long… about a year. She just moved to town LAST WEEK and was looking to play more ultimate and develop as a player. She reached out to the women’s team Reign and is going to be playing with them until she has to go back to school at the end of the summer. Someone on Reign suggested she put her name in for the women’s sub-pool for summer league to get even more playing in. So she did. Tonight was Celine’s first game as a summer league sub, and she was great to have on our team.

Celine to Eok for the win.


I should note that DCon is 6’5″ Drew Conley.  At first I thought he meant Aviators owner Dave Conlon, and I was like, damn, you need to PLAY for the Aviators.  But then realized Dave Conlon is DC.  And Drew Conley is DCon.  So there you go.

One of these days I swear I’m gonna keep stats for some team where I track turns off time-outs.  I am totally convinced it is higher than the average turn rate.  Don’t know why.  You’d think it’d be the opposite, but although I have zero concrete evidence to back up that claim, I just know it in my heart.

And the Summer League first time sub throws the final score.  Boom.  Literary.



Date Time League Season
June 21, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


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