Athena vs Aphrodite


Aphrodite always reminds me of the scene from The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, a film that only two people actually saw.  It was me and whoever I was with that night.  Don’t remember anymore.  And they don’t remember either.  Our combined $20 was the only revenue they generated.  I’m sure of it.

It wasn’t Aphrodite in the scene, it was Venus.  But whatevs.  Samesies.  It was a young Uma Thurman.  She was 18 at the time (maybe even 17 at the time they shot the scene) and one of her first movies.  The first time I remember seeing her for sure.  Kind of made an impression.  I was 16 at the time.

Good film.  Highly underrated.  Completely bombed at the box office.  But if you were a Monty Python fan like me, you’d appreciate it.

Okay, and now to the important stuff.  The game.  Here’s Buster of Athena with her Bustacap:

RecapBusterBattle of the Goddesses, each looking for their first win of the season: Athena vs. Aphrodite.

The game started a little after 8 with both teams having very good numbers! Athena finally had almost her whole team there with finally meeting our other Captain James, Dr. Brad, and our top 2 ladies, Ace and Zion.

The game started out with Athena and Aphrodite trading points all the way up to half, with Aphrodite taking half at 8-7. After half, Aphrodite got a few breaks and the score was 12-9. Athena got her shit together and went on a 5 point run to make it 14-12 Athena. Aphrodite score the last point to make it 14-13 and the lights went out.


Aphrodite used the stall power but it failed and Athena scored that point.

Athena’s power went unused, She was going to use the running power on the last point but the lights went out.

Shout outs for Athena:

Johnny had a really nice pooper scooper catch in the end zone to take the lead from Aphrodite.

Jeni then had also had a really nice pooper scooper catch in the end zone on the very next point! Like Husband, like wife!

Snacks had a nice hand block on Ken.

Buster had a really nice layout score thrown by our fearless captain James.

Butters had 2 awesome one handed grabs in the end zone!

Overall, this was a great game and Aphrodite was a lot of fun to play!

Athena is the only team in the league that hasn’t successfully used a power yet.  5 of the 16 teams are perfect on power usage thus far.

Athena does get their first win of the season though after a win and a tie.  They’ve been cut short twice by the lights.

I was slightly thrown off by the Buster followed by Butters lines.  See, Crunchy.  A lot of people talk about themselves in the third person in recaps.


Date Time League Season
June 21, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


Sepulveda Basin

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