Poseidon vs Demeter


These two.  Poseidon and Demeter.  Not a very good history.  For those who read the recount of Demeter’s daughter Persephone getting stolen into the underworld by Hades (maybe I think last week’s Demeter recap?), here’s a little more of that story.  So Demeter was all pissed off about losing her daughter, as you would be, and she took the form of a horse and hid away for awhile, just to get away.  Apparently Gods are really big into taking the forms of animals.  I feel like one of the Wonder Twins used to do that all the time on the old Justice League.

So Poseidon, deuchebag that he was, turns himself into a stallion and rapes Demeter.  And she had two kids, one being an actual talking horse named Areion.

In Yorktown, VA, there’s a Summer Camp at a place called Areion Equestrian.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and wager a guess that zero of the kids who have gone to this Summer Camp, or their parents, know the name Areion comes from a horse born from a rape.  Not an actual rape, of course, because none of this stuff is real.  But still, I find it interesting.

It’s also really interesting to find out how many companies are called Areion, a name I’ve never heard of in my life until this morning.  Here’s some of the logos:


Am I the only one fascinated by this?  Probably.

Okay, let’s get to the game.

First from Spike of Poseidon:

RecapSpikeDefender of the Deep: The Rainbow Trout


Spike said this stuff was just for me, but I am a sharer, so you can know that Demeter was on D and used the 15/5 stall power, they countered and used the running power to promptly run it into the end zone.  Second time this week both powers were used on the same point.

Now we have Demeter’s Eric Brach:


RecapBrachHa I thought that Poseidon’s plan was funny.

The game was great, though. Poseidon scored the first two and held a 2-pt lead the whole way. Then at 10-8, either Poseidon really stepped it up or Demeter really start focusing on the Daily Pint, ‘cuz Poseidon scored 5 out of the last 6 in a breezy run to finish out.

I’m just guessing here, but although he wrote Poseidon’s plan, I think he meant Poseidon’s plant, which is wild celery.  So I think this is an above ground photo of wild celery.  If not, then boy did I totally misread that one.

If I nailed it, then yes, that is funny.

And finally, here’s another recap from Poseidon’s side.  This is Alex “Pete” “The X-Factor” Carey:

RecapXFactorOh What a day, what a lovely day.

I feel terrible right now, poseidon played Demeter last night, demeter is the god of music, or at least thats what ive surmised after last night. It was a really good game. Final score 15-10 but it felt close all the way through out. Highlights I remember was Brachs layout D, Sarah macs it to herself into the endzone, warren wells looks like muffin, luckily hes good but not as good. Brad Ross still has really big pulls, Shaun won the battle against chuck laforte, rigby now throws hucks as well as controls offenses, its probably not worth trying to play dump D on ed wu, spike throws a lot of scoobers, poseidon likes to throw blades to one person but get caught by another. Demeter had 1 or 2 pull drops which we capitalized on. Demeter also does this thing where they clap their hands, its hard to describe, but it pumped me up.

But really no one wants to hear about the game, they want to hear about the bar. Demeter has an excellent post game presence, try as I did though, they really wanted to go to the daily pint, i mean i get it, its super close to the JAMS fields and its got the suffleboard thing. So we went there first, and it was good, but I had an itching, it was wednesday night…wednesday was my old karaoke night. see back in the day, before present day alex, whos mostly lame, there was 2011 alex. the glory days, when finding me holding a champagne bottle in each hand was a likely occurence. Wednesday night, meant karaoke night.


Looks at him, hes glorious, but lets not forget that these days also included.


So bar 1 was quieting down, most of the folks had left and I was itching to sing. I’m trying to text people at the other bar but getting no response that anyone is there. Finally steve says they’re still going, he sends a picture of Don and Steph on stage. Its all i need to kick into gear. Shaun, Jake and I head to joxers around 11:30 to continue the night, because its only just started.

The smoothe stylings of don and steve, man they know how to make some magic.

They even try to hit some of those high notes.

So then i met this dude who looks like another ultimat eplayer, david goluskin who no longer lives in la. He was ok, not as much fun as pajama man or romper lady from last week.


ok so im mid way through writing this and i realize i have like another 20 videos to post, and thats a lot of work for andy. so maybe just go to the link. link below


Closing down the bar, was don, steve, other steven, jake and shaun. Then don and I stood outside the naughty shop for an hour or two, sobering up and talking.


I got home around 3:30 or so, showered, and ended my night like I end all of my nights, with an episode of star trek, TNG, some rice and fake chicken and an assortment of hot sauce.


Good night Demeter

In future, if you’re gonna do karaoke at Joxer’s, you MUST call me.  I will get over there.


Date Time League Season
June 22, 2017 12:00 am Summer League 2017


John Adams Middle School

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